Plot Summary
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Chapter List

Chapter Name (Japanese) English (Translated)
山中の不審火 Suspicious Fire in the Mountains
転校生 Transfer Student
佐伯病院 Saeki Hospital
進路面談 Career Interview
あれ…? Huh…?
雛見沢村ガス災害 Hinamizawa Village Gas Disaster
オヤシロサマ Oyashiro-sama
殺人事件発生 Murder Case Reported
自傷行為 To Hurt Oneself
雛見沢の人間 Hinamizawan
初デート First Date
裏切り者 Traitor
オヤシロサマノタタリ Oyashiro-sama’s Curse
終劇 Drama’s End

Suspicious Fire in the Mountains

Transfer Student

Saeki Hospital

Career Interview


Hinamizawa Village Gas Disaster


Murder Case Reported

To Hurt Oneself


First Date


Oyashiro-sama’s Curse

Drama’s End

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