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Shuuichi Arimori (有森 秋一 Arimori Shūichi) is an aspiring artist who became Higanbana's friend long ago, He appears exclusively in the Second Night story Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed.


A former student of the school. He is a very sensitive boy. Being as gentle as he is, the chaos within the school made him an easy target for bullying. He has a strange power that allows him to visualize emotions, and he has made it his mission in life to draw pictures of the scenery he sees. The reason that he is able to converse with youkai is because he has a similar wavelength to them. Even now, he is one of the very few humans that Higanbana respects.

The blind master pianist. He utilized his great sensitivity, and transferred his representation of the world from his sketchbook to the piano. As a graduate of the school, today he has been invited to give a speech to the children. It's a mammoth of a school, so it's not far-fetched for a few prominent figures to have graduated from it over the years.

(Translated by Spider Lily Translations)



Shuiichi is a very positive person, able to find the good in things despite what he goes through.


Shuuichi became friends with Higanbana when he was just a student. >After being bullied and beat up to the point of going blind, he went on to become a pianist.



Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ni Ya

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed

Shuiichi meets Higanbana at school and becomes friends with her.

Some bullies gang up on Shuiichi because of Reiko's influence and beat him up, making him go blind. This makes Higanbana develop into the cruel youkai she is in the present.

Many years later, an adult Shuuichi returns to school and reunites with Higanbana, having become a successful pianist.


  • Shuiichi's body sprites have wanyans attached to the neck stumps.[1]


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