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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

Shino Kimiyoshi (公由 志乃 Kimiyoshi Shino) is an ancestor of the Kimiyoshi family and was one of its leaders. She appears exclusively in Kotohogushi-hen.


The only daughter of the Kimiyoshi family, on of the Three Families, and the village mayor.

She's been Riku's good friend ever since they were kids.

Shino is a cheerful person with a strong heart and is not shy, and she's a good mother with two kids.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Shino is a very caring and understanding woman. When she discovered Hanyuu's horns, she immediately understood what was going on and kept them a secret from everyone else in the village and never treated Hanyuu any differently.

Over time, Shino puts on a facade of pretending to hate outsiders to save face with the villagers, resulting in many arguments with Mao.


Shino is the only daughter of the Kimiyoshi family. She had two sons with her husband Ryou named Shouji and Kazuya.

After Ryou's death, Shino becomes the mayor of Onigafuchi in his place. She adopted Ouka after her parents' supposed death and became her mother-in-law when she married Shouji.



Hanyuu/Hai-Ryun Yeasomul Jedha

Shino is Riku's childhood friend, called in to help teach Hanyuu how to do housework. Shino at first believes Hanyuu is just a foreigner. She accidentally discovers Hanyuu's horns but is completely undisturbed by it and keeps it a secret. Hanyuu and Shino become very good friends after that, bonding over dissing Riku's maid fetish.

Riku Furude

Shino is Riku's childhood friend and acted like a big sister to him. Shino and Riku are the few people who are aware of Hanyuu's horns and keep it a secret.

Mao Sonozaki

Mao and Shino frequently bicker whenever they're together, ever since Shino tried to interfere with Mao's marriage.[1] Shino often loudly vocalizes her dislike for Mao due to her being an outsider, but secretly she wants to accept Mao and is afraid of standing up to the villagers after the incident with Riku and Hanyuu.

Role in the Story


Shino is introduced narrating the story of how Onigafuchi was attacked by demons in the past and were saved by a horned god.

Shino is summoned by Riku to help Hanyuu learn to be a housewife after Riku and Hanyuu get engaged. Shino accidentally discovers Hanyuu's horns one day but says nothing and keeps it a secret. After the wedding, Shino and Hanyuu bond over mochi when Hanyuu suddenly throws up. Shino says this is morning sickness and congratulates Hanyuu on getting pregnant. Months later, Shino and Riku help Hanyuu deliver her baby.

When the villagers start suspecting Riku of marrying a demon, Shino refutes their claims and defends her. After Riku and Hanyuu's supposed deaths fighting off bandits, Shino cries and regrets not doing more to save them. Shino adopts their daughter Ouka and raises her for 10 years, sadly bidding her farewell when Ouka moves out to live in the Furude Shrine.

Approximately 10 years later, Ouka and Shino discuss a recent epidemic that has spread across Onigafuchi and killed many people, with Hanyuu eavesdropping. Shino fears they may have to abandon the village since there's no hope for a cure. Ouka however saves the village with Hanyuu's help by distributing "demon medicine".

Ouka summons Mao and Shino for a meeting regarding the recent theft of a chest full of demon medicine. As the Three Family heads are the only ones with keys to the warehouse and had the ability to steal the chest, Ouka wanted to clear up any suspicions. Mao and Shino argue over the latter accusing her of being involved, but Ouka gets them to shut up after voicing her trust in both of them and making them realize the gravity of the situation. Shino apologizes when Mao reveals what she knows about the black market medicine.

The group lays a trap for the bandits by putting another chest full of medicine in the warehouse and standing watch at night, expecting the thieves to return. During the stakeout, while Mao's away, Shino confesses her true thoughts about Mao to Ouka, regretting that she can't accept her as a villager properly.

The group witnesses three men trying to take the chest (taking advantage of the warehouse being left unlocked by Ouka's daughter unwittingly), and swiftly beat them and tie them up. The next day, Mao puts the thieves on display in front of all the villagers and gets them to confess who ordered them to steal the medicine. Ouka and Shino are speechless as they watch Mao threaten to torture the men and are shocked to learn the feudal lord ordered the theft.

The family heads meet again, learning that the feudal lord wants the prescription to the demon medicine so he can monopolize it. Ouka is conflicted and asks to have more time to decide. Later, Mao and Shino try to take matters into their own hands behind Ouka's back and talk, with Shino wanting to stockpile demon medicine in a neighboring village just in case. Hanyuu eavesdrops on their conversation and hopes to convince Ouka to leave the village.

Hanyuu goes on a murderous rampage through Onigafuchi and sets the village on fire. Shino rushes up to Mao and her men as they're trying to evacuate villagers, hysterical since Ouka and her family are nowhere to be seen. Shino hears that they were last seen at the Furude Shrine and begins to head over there when Mao stops her. Mao tries to persuade Shino not to throw her life away trying to rescue Ouka, but Shino is unwilling to break her promise of never abandoning loved ones ever again. Mao reluctanctly knocks out Shino and carries her off with the other survivors.

Once the fire subsides the next morning, Mao and Shino reunite with Ouka and her family at the shrine.


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