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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.
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Shingo Fujita (藤田 慎吾 Fujita Shingo) is a detective for the Kakiuchi City police department. He first appears in Someutsushi-hen.


He's a detective in the Kakiuchi Police Department and a sergeant in the First Division. He's used as an errand boy by Tomoe, who is the same age as him, but together they have one of the highest arrest rates in the prefectural police.

He has a wife, but he is rather fearful of her. Tomoe has many weaknesses, and he can't wrap his head around them at all.

(Translated from Entergram's Higurashi Hou website.)


Fujita has black hair and wears a black suit with a blue-cyan striped tie.


Fujita doesn't seem very smart, but he takes his job seriously and has a strong sense of justice. He's very afraid of angering his wife however, which is often exploited by others to lead him around.


At a young age, Fujita watched detective dramas and was inspired by the justice portrayed on them to become a detective himself.[2] He later attended police academy with Hanada and formed a good bond with him.

Fujita married his childhood friend Yuko, though she sometimes causes trouble for him because of her extreme jealousy.[3]



Tomoe Minai

Fujita has been working under Tomoe for a year. At first he was prejudiced since Tomoe was a woman working in a male-dominated field but came to appreciate her intelligence and willpower.[4] Fujita is intimidated by Tomoe a lot, but he gets worried about her at times and will go behind her back if it means protecting her.

Role in the Story


Fujita is first introduced. He and Tomoe are called to the scene of a fire, where a woman's burnt corpse was found in an oil drum. However, the body was located in the jurisdiction of another police station, and so Tomoe and Fujita cannot do any real investigating of their own for concern of being written up. They leave and go to eat some burgers, still pondering the state of the corpse.

Sometime after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Tomoe and Fujita head to Saeki General Hospital to speak with Kazuma Hatakeyama, whose family they learned moved from Hinamizawa. Fujita stands guard near the door as Tomoe begins her interrogation.

After Kazuko Yamase's murder, Natsumi becomes distraught over seeing her corpse and panics. Tomoe orders Fujita to restrain her and knock her out, willing to take responsibility for it. In the TIP "Investigation Has Begun", Tomoe and Fujita are suddenly called out to investigate the Hatakeyama family when a murder-suicide incident is reported at their residence.

At the end, Fujita watches Tomoe's anger at being unable to prevent Natsumi's suicide. In the final TIP "Kindhearted Older Sister", Fujita and Madoka talk about Tomoe and how compassionate about others she really is.


Fujita helps control the scene of Kazuma Hatakeyama's murder by Kiyoshi Obata. He later works with Tomoe alongside Kuraudo Ooishi and Mamoru Akasaka in investigating the families in Kakiuchi that came from Hinamizawa.

Fujita pages Tomoe about a murder-suicide at the Hatakeyama residence. Later, they secretly talk about the Hatakeyama crime scene, with Fujita horrified to learn that the young girl Aoi was responsible for killing her family.

After Tomoe's murder, Fujita and the group swear to catch her killer. They receive a belated letter from Tomoe, who mailed them the results of the Hatakeyama pill analysis before her death. Fujita then explains the truth behind the Hatakeyama case and that the pill matched Natsumi's medication, which contained a lot of substances used to treat mental illness.

When Chisato is attacked by Natsumi at the hospital, Fujita and Akasaka go to handle the scene. They later arrest Natsumi whee she attempts to kill Chisato on the hospital's roof. Fujita hears Natsumi's confession that she was involved in killing her parents and grandmother and is disturbed.

In the final TIP set three years later, it is mentioned that Fujita caught Tomoe's killer.


In 1982, a lifeless Fujita and Tomoe return to Kakiuchi Station from a case gone wrong. They were staking out at a cafe when Tomoe leaned in to whisper something into Fujita's ear. Fujita's wife, who was getting suspicious of him for always coming home late, suddenly walked in and assumed Tomoe was Fujita's mistress, taking out her rage on her. During the chaos, a key witness they were waiting for also walked into the cafe and bolted when Fujita accidentally said "stakeout". Fujita's zombie-like demeanor was because of the massive scolding he got from his wife.

Fujita, Madoka, and Tomoe join Yamaoki in his office, where he gives Tomoe notice that she'll be traveling to Tokyo for an interview, and she can't refuse. Tomoe gets angry that the chief decided this without her, and Fujita holds her back. She tries convincing him to do something about Yamaoki, but the chief threatens to cut Fujita's pay and references the recent incident with his wife. Fujita has no choice but to side with Yamaoki and tell Tomoe to do the interview.

After Madoka's car explodes while she and Tomoe are out, Fujita meets them at the hospital. Tomoe has him take her back to the explosion scene. Fujita mentions that many strange car accidents have been happening that day, like a case of a girl being hit by a truck at Oumaki Station when she was apparently sleeping in the middle of the road. Hearing that the victim was identified as Nagisa Ozaki, Tomoe tells Fujita to take her there instead.

As Tomoe stomps onto the scene of Nagisa's murder despite it being handled by Second Division, Fujita tries to stop her. Tomoe despairs at the sight of Nagisa's corpse and gets riled up when some Second Division officers taunt her. Fujita tries to defuse the situation but Tomoe punches one of them and is soon dragged off the scene.

At the station, Fujita hands Tomoe a letter addressed to her from Nagisa. He also relays Nagisa's autopsy report. A joint investigation will be carried out between prefectural HQ and Kakiuchi Station, and Fujita figures Tomoe will want First Division to get involved. Tomoe says the investigation will be fine, which surprises him.

Fujita and Hanada ultimately don't make much progress on Nagisa's case after the joint investigation ends. They begin getting used to life at the station since Tomoe got transferred, but she suddenly shows up again and has them unpack some things for her.

Miotsukushi-hen Ura

Fujita and Hanada give Tomoe some updates on the Nagisa case. They were unable to learn any more, as many people connected to her were refusing to reveal anything else and blaming the police for bringing misfortune to them. They reveal some additional details about Nagisa's death that were kept out of the previous report, namely that her shoulders were dislocated and there were signs she was moving around before ending up in the spot where she died. They also found a bag of her flower seeds near the road where she died.

Hanada mentions that he encountered Rena and told her what happened to Nagisa but she seemed very apathetic. He mentions that Rena's fingerprints were found on Tomoe's car, making her the likely suspect for draining it of gas, and Fujita says they should bring her in for questioning but Hanada discourages it.

When Natsumi tries to choke Tomoe to death, she recalls a Fragment taking place in Kageboushi-hen's world. Natsumi was taken to court after her murder of her family, and Fujita was defending her. He claimed that she was not in a right state of mind because of the medication that was prescribed to her, and Natsumi is found not guilty. After the proceedings, Fujita told Natsumi that Tomoe was always looking out for her and even gave her life to get the medicine analysis results.

Fujita tends to Tomoe after Natsumi is subdued. He's surprised that Tomoe won't press charges despite being assaulted, but Tomoe assures him that Natsumi was definitely not in her right mind, beleiving it was because of her medication.

At some point, Fujita tells Yamaoki about Tomoe's secret investigation into Nagisa's case, worried for her safety. He wants the chief to convince Tomoe to step down from the case since she might die.

Tomoe obtains the results of Natsumi's pill analysis and shows them to Fujita, who is floored that any kind of hospital would give out drugs like this: unlicensed, addictive drugs meant to increase mental processing speed with the downside of creating a dark split personality within the user's mind. Seeing that the medicine is connected to Lowell Inc, Fujita wants to raid the hospitals that prescribed it but Tomoe shuts him down since that would mean getting the Narcotics Control Office involved and complicating things due to their bad relationship they have with the police. Fujita later explains the circumstances behind Tomoe's attempted murder and learns of Hanada's betrayal. Fujita goes to report this but Tomoe punches him first, as payback for leaking the case to Yamaoki.

After Tomoe and Tsukada escape from Hanada's trap, Fujita greets her when she awakes in the hospital. He says that forensics has pulled up Tsukada's car from the harbor and is investigating it now. Seeing Tomoe walk out of her hospital room despite her need to rest, Fujita goes to get the doctor's permission to discharge her.

Tomoe, Fujita, and Madoka start packing up case materials to hand them over to the Nagoya District Prosecutor's Office. When Tomoe reaches an epiphany regarding her father's memo, she asks Fujita to investigate the histories of Central First Airlines and Loberta Airlines. Fujita says Loberta Airlines doesn't exist anymore and merged with Central First 12 years ago, becoming just Central Airlines; and that Central holds air shows every June at Kakiuchi Airport. Tomoe happily hugs her two colleagues, having finally pieced together the mystery behind Yuusuke's note. The prosecutor Sorimachi then arrives from the Tokyo DPO and asks for their cooperation. Fujita shares his uneasiness but Tomoe is willing to trust the man despite his sudden intrusion and lack of a warrant. She sends Fujita and Madoka down to the mail room to mail some materials to the Tokyo office.

Later, Tomoe and Fujita watch on TV as investigators from the NCO raid Gogura university hospital, robbing them of their chance to get their own evidence for Akihiko Chiba's arrest. Fujita finds it strange that the NCO had intel on what the hospital was doing even through Kakiuchi Station's investigation was conducted independently from them. Tomoe deduces that there's another traitor in their midst, which turns out to be Oouchi.

When Tomoe prepares to head off by herself to raid Kakiuchi Airport and stop the Placil shipments, Fujita and the rest of First Division join her. They're all taking a big risk by joining Tomoe's raid despite their lack of a warrant and might be fired, but they're all willing to support her. Tomoe orders everyone to move out.

During the raid, Tomoe plans to drive into Hanada's airplane by herself and stop him. Fujita and the other officers yell at her on the radio to stop, but she ignores them. Fujita later tends to Tomoe when the plane crashes and she survives, but on Yamaoki's orders he lets go of her and hands her a set of handcuffs, enabling her to arrest Hanada herself.

As a result of the raid, Fujita receives a three-month salary reduction. Seeing that Yamaoki was forced to resign and is now cleaning out his office, Fujita asks why. Even though the airport incident was a success, it was still illegal. Yamaoki doesn't mind, as he can still retire on an orchard farm. Fujita offers to visit him with his wife sometime.


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