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Shingidan Yumeinochi Classics (進戯団 夢命クラシックス Shingidan Dreamlife Classics) is a Japanese theater group that has produced stage play adaptations of several 07th Expansion works. As of now they have held 7 collaborations with them.

07th Expansion Collaborations[]

Notable Members[]

This section lists all members from the group that have been involved with more than one works related to 07th Expansion in some way. Note that all actors involved in Hinamizawa Bus Stop also voiced their corresponding character in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou (console).

Kyoko Namekawa[]

Japanese name: 滑川 恭子
Twitter: @namekyon

Also voiced Saku in Symphony of Catbox and Dreams and Organics Automata K. in Haworthia.

Suzu Maihara[]

Japanese name: 舞原 鈴
Twitter: @suzu8602

Also voiced Organics Automata S. in Haworthia.

Takahiro Katoh[]

Japanese name: 加藤 隆浩
Twitter: @katohtakahiro

Rio Yazawa[]

Japanese name: 矢澤 梨央
Twitter: @yazawa_rio

Koki Toyoda[]

Japanese name: 豊田 幸樹
Twitter: @1022toyochin

Makoto Koichi[]

Japanese name: 小市 眞琴
Twitter: @koichimakoto

Masami Ito[]

Japanese name: 伊藤 マサミ
Twitter: @masami820703

Ryo Serizawa[]

Japanese name: 芹澤 良
Twitter: @s_ryo_syu_syo

Seira Yamada[]

Japanese name: 山田 せいら
Twitter: @seira_moon24

  • Olivia (Rose Guns Days)
  • Butterfly (Umineko no Naku Koro ni)

Takuya Tsukamoto[]

Japanese name: 塚本 拓弥
Twitter: @t2t2_TOYOSU

Also voiced Witch Hunter Mikami in Umineko console releases.


Twitter: @mio_abp


Twitter: @yae_abp

Mari Shibata[]

Japanese name: 柴田 茉莉
Twitter: @_mari_shibata_

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