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This article is about a character in Umineko When They Cry.

Shannon (紗音), also known by her real name Sayo (紗代), is a maid working on Rokkenjima and the love interest and fiancée of George Ushiromiya.


A young, but experienced servant.

She's normally calm and performs her job efficiently, but she messes up when she gets nervous.

Furthermore, Shannon is nothing more than a pseudonym that she uses when on duty, not her real name.



Shannon is a teenage girl with short brown hair that hangs on the left side, blue eyes. She has very large, voluptuous breasts. Her servant wear consists of a white beret cap with a maid outfit and the Ushiromiya crest tattooed and visible on her left thigh.

Shannon's casual wear consists of a white shirt with a brown dress, black hat, brown shoes and a brown bag.


Shannon is a kind and gentle girl who is also clumsy and shy most of the time. She is sometimes teased by Kanon.


Shannon can create magical barriers that can repel almost any attack. Her bond with George also allows her to bestow him with a counterattacking shield. Shannon is even capable of creating an omnidirectional barrier that’s capable of atomizing anything that comes in contact with it.

Despite her magic being primarily barrier-centric, she is also capable of spirit particle attacks, such as a shock wave that disrupts spiritual powers for targeting and shooting to overload and malfunction.

Shannon is stronger when with Kanon as they were originally one piece of furniture. She can also link up with Kanon to deploy a magic interference field, as shown in Alliance of the Golden Witch when they use it on the Chiesters.


Shannon was an orphan raised in the Fukuin House. She was created by Kinzo as one of his furniture, unique in that she has a heart. When she grew older she started working as a servant for the Ushiromiya family. Before 1986, Shannon was ordered by Beatrice to destroy a mirror in a shrine limiting her power in exchange for a golden brooch to help her guarantee George Ushiromiya's love. After doing such, Shannon and George had a good relationship.

See Yasuda's page for more information.



Ushiromiya Family





Kanon sees her as a big sister and deeply cares about her. He also envies her because he isn't able to show his affection for Jessica in the same way Shannon does towards George. Kanon is normally reserved, but when someone attacks Shannon he can get very angry and will do anything to protect her.


Shannon is one of the few people who actively stands up to Beatrice, and so Beato likes to insult her love with George and is always reminding her that she's furniture. Although Shannon was willing to work for Beatrice by destroying the spirit mirror in exchange for a butterfly brooch which can guarantee true love when she started to doubt her relationship with George. Beatrice and Shannon would later often have tea together.

Eva Ushiromiya

Eva is aware of Shannon and George's romantic interest in each other and strongly disapproves of their relationship, primarily due to the fact that Shannon's status as a servant of the Ushiromiya family would cause many complications for George if he were to become the future family head as she intended. It is unknown if she is aware that they are dating, but she tried to pre-empt that possibility by highlighting George's marriage meeting to Shannon and warning her that she is far less suitable in status and capability than her pick for George. She also sometimes picks on Shannon in an attempt to undermine Natsuhi's position as host for the family conference by suggesting that she had improperly prepared her servants for the job.


Legend of the Golden Witch

Shannon is first introduced when she goes to the Guest House to call the cousins for lunch. She is one of the longest employed servants of the Ushiromiya family, despite her age, second only to Genji and Kumasawa. Since she is about the same age as the cousins, she has always had a friendly relationship with them since childhood. Shannon catches up with Battler, who has been missing from Rokkenjima for 6 years, and it is shown that she shares a sibling-like relationship with Kanon. After lunch, Shannon and the cousins go to the beach where they talk about the witch's epitaph and the Golden Witch Beatrice. Shannon is one of the few who genuinely believes in the witch and her curses. As a result, she is always careful to show respect towards the witch's portrait and to never talk ill about her. On the night of the first day, George proposes to her with a diamond ring, asking for a response within his two days of stay on Rokkenjima. Embarrassed, Shannon takes the ring and goes back to work, her heart beating out of her chest. That night during her shift, she believes to have seen a golden butterfly fly around the corridors.

She is found dead the next day in the storehouse with half of her head split apart. George, who can't stand to see her in that state, asks his father and Nanjo to check if she is wearing a ring on her hand. The response is affirmative: Shannon was wearing the ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

Her corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. It seems the side of her head was smashed after her death.

Don't worry. Everyone will be revived in the Golden Land.


Turn of the Golden Witch

She, George, and Gohda head to Natsuhi's room to retrieve her spirit mirror to try and fight Beatrice. It's revealed that Shannon is high-quality furniture just like Kanon, being able to create magic shields. Unfortunately, it is not enough to defeat Beatrice, and she is murdered alongside George and Gohda.

Died in Natsuhi's room, with her her forehead pierced by a weapon shaped like a stake.

At the fourth twilight, gouge the head and kill.

She spent her last moments with her beloved.


Banquet of the Golden Witch

Was murdered in the first twilight as part of a series of locked rooms.

Her corpse was found in the parlor on the first floor. The weapon used on her is assumed to be a gun or a spear-shaped object.

Let Shannon have the parlor, with its wonderful view of the rose garden on sunny days.


Alliance of the Golden Witch

She was captured by Gaap and sent to the underground prison in Kuwadorian. After watching George fight, her bond with him helps him create a counterattacking barrier. She soon stages an escape with the other prisoners and is murdered by the Chiesters.

Her corpse was found behind the mansion. About half of her head was destroyed. It's probably reasonable to assume that she was murdered with a powerful gun or something similar. A demon stake had fallen near the body.

The witnesses at least realized that the stake wasn't what killed her.


End of the Golden Witch

Alive by the time of the game's suspension.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

As part of the love trial, Shannon targets Maria. While Maria is immune to attacks due to Sakutarou's diplomatic immunity, Shannon defeats Maria by expanding her defensive shield, crushing her against the wall.

In the later parts of the trial, Shannon fights Kanon in a shootout and wins.

Requiem of the Golden Witch

In Bern's fragment, Shannon and Kanon take turns manning the reception desk inside the chapel. Lion doesn't seem to remember their names. After meeting Shannon, Willard asks her to call Kanon so that he can interview them together, and a strange look appears in Shannon's eyes. She asks if Will really wants her to call Kanon, and Will backs off after changing his mind.

In the Tea Party, Shannon is ordered by Natsuhi to guide the cousins to the Guesthouse after Maria reads the Witch's Letter. Later, Shannon and George meet in the Rose Garden arbor, where she accepts the engagement ring from him.

Twilight of the Golden Witch

During Bernkastel's game, she is killed on the fourth twilight.

Other Appearances

Golden Fantasia

Shannon is a playable character, capable of creating barriers. Her special ability is "Auto Guard", which automatically blocks attacks when possible. She has story modes with Battler, Black Battler, Kanon, and George.


  • Shannon and Kanon were originally going to have the last name Ronoue, implying they would've been Genji's children.[2]
  • In an interview[3] with Ryukishi07, it was revealed that Shannon's breasts are fake. It is later shown in the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga that they are nothing more than breast pads she wore to simulate large breasts due to the fact she never grew any. The same interview reveals that Shannon cannot bear children, as Shannon has a body that cannot make love, and "George’s idea of their future after marriage might have put severe pressure on Shannon."
  • Sayo can be read as the number 34 with Japanese numeral play, as "sa (三)" means "three" and "yo (四)" means "four". It may be a reference to the witch guardian of Beatrice and to Furfur's rank in the Ars Goetia being 34.