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Seven stakes manga

The Seven Sisters of Purgatory as they appear in human form in the manga. Their names from left to right: Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, and Belphegor

The Seven Sisters of Purgatory (煉獄の七姉妹 Rengoku no Nanashimai), also known as the Sisters of Purgatory, or the Seven Stakes of Purgatory (煉獄の七杭 Rengoku no Nanakui), are furniture used by Beatrice. They typically appear as human girls and use blades of purple light to attack their enemies. They can also transform into stakes to bounce off walls and objects to attack from any direction. It is nearly impossible to escape them unless the target has strong magical resistance. The seven sisters are magical beings bound by the contract of the witch alliance of Mariage Sorciere and adhere to its rules and regulations.


Seven Sisters Anime

The sisters as they appear in the anime

There are seven Stakes of Purgatory, each named after a demon and representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins. They include, from oldest to youngest:


The Stakes are frequently seen in their object forms stabbed into the victims for the second through eighth twilights.

Turn of the Golden Witch[]

The Stakes show their human forms for the first time. Asmodeus is summoned to duel Kanon and later kills Jessica when the latter protects Kanon from Asmodeus' rebound attack. Satan is then summoned and kills Kanon.

When George's group retrieve Natsuhi's spirit mirror and barricade themselves in her room, the Stakes magically unlock the door as Gohda tries to relock it. Beelzebub soon phases through the door and kills him.

Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

In the meta-world, the Stakes torture Battler and kill him repeatedly. Kanon is challenged to fight the Stakes but manages to defeat only Lucifer. After Kanon, Shannon and Genji's deaths, the Stakes attack Gohda in the kitchen and try to attack Kumasawa, only to be repelled when she reveals herself as Virgilia.

EVA-Beatrice soon claims the title of Golden Witch and the Stakes become her furniture. Belphegor and Leviathan are ordered to kill Kyrie, Rudolf and Hideyoshi when they come to the mansion for food but ultimately fail.

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

The Stakes are summoned by Ange in 1998 when she starts training in magic and act as her friends, with Mammon spending time with her the most. When Ange gets mercilessly bullied by her classmates, she orders the Stakes to kill everyone however they're unable to; not only is the anti-magic toxin in the room too great, Ange is unable to order them to kill when she isn't resolved to do it herself. Ange then rejects the Stakes and calls them imaginary, soon destroying and killing them.

As Ange travels to Rokkenjima, she realizes the error of her ways and revives the Stakes, apologizing to them. The Stakes are summoned again when Ange faces off against Kasumi's henchmen, with the Stakes successfully killing everyone.

End of the Golden Witch[]

After the witch's courtroom the Stakes disappear, their vessels revealed to be simple paperweights resembling demonic implements that Kinzo was tricked into buying.

In the ???, Battler becomes the new Golden Witch and the Seven Stakes accept him as their new master, reappearing to offer some help against Erika.

Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

Leviathan appears to help Kyrie fight Jessica during the love trial and embeds herself into Jessica's forehead, but she gets pulled out and tossed aside. Leviathan is unable to do anything else and is forced to watch as Kyrie is burnt to death.

Requiem of the Golden Witch[]


Asne and Belne introducing themselves

During Clair's story, it is revealed that the Stakes' human forms are modeled after Yasuda's servant coworkers:

The first four quit at some point between 1976 and 1980 before Belne and Asne joined, while Manon is the only one of the seven ever shown in the story in the year 1980 and later.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

When the goats begin devouring Rokkenjima, the Stakes assist in repelling them by all seven attacking at once, however it's only enough to kill one goat at a time.

Other Appearances[]

  • 07th Theater 2 has the Stakes fighting Marie and unable to do anything when she invokes her powers of Mesomeso-san. They later fight Keiichi but are completely beat by his speed when he takes his clothes off.
  • In Golden Fantasia, Lucifer is a playable character with her meta-super calling on the other Stakes to restrain the opponent. The Stakes including Lucifer herself are also summoned by Beatrice and Ange in their attacks. Each individual Stake can also be unlocked as system voices.


  • The Stakes' names are based off of the Binsfeld classification of demons.
  • The lower half of the Stakes of Purgatory's attire is extremely similar to the Angel Mort restaurant uniform from Higurashi When They Cry.
  • A rough sketch of the Seven Sisters of Purgatory's symbol had the acronym S.A.S., for Special Attack Seven.[1]
  • The Stakes of Purgatory's relative ages directly correspond to the order of the terraces in Purgatorio as Dante and Virgil ascend towards the meeting with Beatrice - pride first, lust last, however the order of stakings touch upon the opposite of that.