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This article features content originating from lost media, and so information about it is limited.

Seven Failures Scraping By (そのひぐらしの七転び Sono Higurashi no Shikorobi) is a radio drama inspired by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sui that aired on Rerere no Alchemist, a web radio show produced by Kaga Create. It followed the misadventures of Tomoe Minai and her colleagues at Kakiuchi Station.


Rerere no Alchemist (Rerekin) Episode Number Original Airdate
Rerekin #106 November 2014
Rerekin #108 December 2014
Rerekin #110 January 2015
Rerekin #112 February 2015
Rerekin #114 March 2015


Character Voice Actor
Tomoe Minai Nana Inoue
Satomi Kanazawa Emi Uema
Misato Komatsu Mayu Harumiya


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