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Seshat (セシャト Seshato) is a a mysterious woman with ties to Toujirou Mitake.


Area of Origin Unknown

Affiliation Unknown

Her true identity is completely unknown. However, she seems to be the leader-or at least a high-ranking member-of some secret chivalric order. It's unsure whether her unique appearance and outfit are real, or just part of her avatar.


Seshat has brown skin and black hair in a hime cut. She wears an Egyptian-styled bikini top and jewelry, and a pair of blue jeans. She seems to own a white coat, but never wears it and instead slings it over her shoulder. Her Gauntlet is also Egyptian-styled, mostly gold with red, dark blue, and cyan coloring.


Seshat is philosophical about the state of the world. She believes in taking responsibility for traitors and holding out hope they may be innocent, especially when she was the one who brought them into her order.


Special Abilities[]

Direct 8MS Manipulation (SSS)

By using a tablet, she can give direct orders to the 8MS. With humanity's current technology, interference with 8MS supposedly requires massive facilities and preparation, making this ability inexplicable and incomprehensible.

Ghost (SS)

It's possible for her to hide her existence from all records. In the highly-monitored A3W world, erasing all traces of a person from all recording mediums is thought to be nearly impossible, but this inexplicable, incomprehensible technique makes it possible.


Seshat is Grand Master of the Order of Prometheus, her real name apparently unknown. For unknown reasons, Seshat wants World War IV to occur.[1]

The Data Fragment "The Revelation of Saint Ioánnis" reveals that Seshat is aware of an unknown opponent using the Revelation as a guide for destroying humanity and wants to stop them. Seshat considers herself an " exception" allowed to exist.

Role in the Story[]

For You, the Replaceable Ones[]

Seshat is first introduced in Chapter 1 talking to Toujirou about military might and watching the International Battle Standard Festival with him.

In Chapter 12, Seshat heads to an airport to investigate her subordinate Mr. Gray and uses Keropoyo to hack into the airport's security. She confronts Gray, who was attempting to warn a high-ranking LATO officer of the Three Kings' plans, and summons her Gauntlet to "pass judgment" onto him. Seshat then erases the memories of everyone in the room, including Valentina and Maricarmen, and erases every trace of her existence in the airport's security system and escapes on an airplane.

Chapter 14 shows that Seshat is working with Toujirou's Order of the Wisteria and using their information collection for her own means. During another conversation with Toujirou in Chapter 18, Seshat learns of Miyao's Order of the Public Bath and thinks they may be troublesome later.

In the epilogue, Seshat heads to an underground facility to wake someone up, needing them to call back "those two."

The final Data Fragment "The Revelation of Saint Ioánnis" features Seshat and Toujirou talking about the titular Revelation and their plans for stopping this prophecy.


  • In ancient Egyptian mythology, Seshat is the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and writing.
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