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Season 3 Volume 3 is the final volume in the manga adaptation of the 1949 arc, featured in Rose Guns Days: Season 3 and Last Season. It is the tenth volume of the manga overall.

Publisher's Summary


ガブリエル・鏑谷少佐の陰謀により、最愛の人を奪われたキース。止まらない銃声と犠牲者は、プリマヴェーラを崩壊させてゆく…。そして、金龍会に着せられた濡れ衣を晴らすため、アランは梅九と共に立ち上がる。だが、ガブリエルに踊らされた相棒・キースが、その行く手を阻むのだった…。Season1&2から紡がれた希望は、次の世代へ繋ぐことができるのか──…!? 竜騎士07が贈る愛と絆の物語、「ROSE GUNS DAYS Season3」終焉の第3巻!!

Yen Press

When they lose their reason to fight, what is left?

Relations between Primavera and the Chinese are quickly crumbling as Richard struggles with grief and guilt over the loss of precious Primavera members.

Emotions run hot, especially with the US garrison major Gabriel stoking the fire. What will become of the American garrison, the Golden Dragons, and Primavera when the time for real change rushes in with the flames...?


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