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Season 3 Volume 1 is the first volume in the manga adaptation of the 1949 arc, featured in Rose Guns Days: Season 3 and Last Season. It is the eighth volume of the manga overall.

Publisher's Summary


1949年、米中の占領により、日本人のマイノリティー化が進む戦後東京で、シベリアから帰還したアランは、相棒のキースと過酷な現実に腐ることなく戦う理由を探していた…。そんな気高き二人が、愛する者を見つけ、信じ合える仲間たちと出会う中で、プリマヴェーラを中心とした日本人同胞たちの未来への希望は膨らんでゆく──…。Season1&2から主人公を新たにした「ROSE GUNS DAYS Season3」。竜騎士07が贈るハードボイルドアクション、愛と絆のコミック・ノワール、開幕!!

Yen Press

Everyone is searching for a reason.

1949, Post-war Tokyo-As the Japanese become more of a minority in their own homeland, they continue to place their hope for the future in Primavera's hands. Alan and Keith have returned from war to find Tokyo very different from the one of their memories. Both may be maintaining high spirits, but they struggle to find their reason to keep fighting for a better future without being held back by bitterness. Will Primavera hold the answer for Alan and Keith, as well as the Japanese people?


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