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Season 2 Volume 3 is the final volume in the manga adaptation of Rose Guns Days' 1948 arc, featured in Season 2 and Season 3. It is the seventh volume of the manga overall.


While the Wandering Dogs suffer a breakup at the reveal of Zel's true identity, District 23 is on the cusp of falling under the Golden Dragons' thumb. Primavera refuses to give in, staunchly standing off against the Chinese mafia, but they need all the help they can get. Will Oliver, Nina, and Charles be able to come together and help save Zel and Primavera, or will it be the end of District 23 as they know it?


Track 11: Reason to Believe
Track 12: If You Love Someone, Set Them Free
Track 13: Hearts on Fire
Track 14: My Country Home
Last Number: You've Got a Friend
Bonus Track


An interview with Ryukishi07 is featured at the end of the volume.