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Season 2 Volume 1 is the first volume in the manga adaptation of the 1948 arc, featured in Rose Guns Days: Season 2 and Season 3. It is the fifth volume of the manga overall.

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A young woman's desperate flight from her would-be captors leads her directly into the path of Madam Rose--or, more accurately, Madam Rose's car. While the accident has delivered the girl from her pursuers, the impact has left her with no memory of who she is. Now in the care of the Primavera family, "Rapunzel" has found a new home with the Wild Dogs, a trio of former street urchins in Wayne's employ. Bit by bit, "Zel" discovers more about her former self as she settles in with her new friends, even as relations between the Japanese and Chinese in District 23 become increasingly tense...


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