Season 1 Volume 4 is the final volume in the manga adaptation of the 1947 arc, featured in Rose Guns Days: Season 1 and Season 2. It is the fourth volume of the manga overall.

Publisher's Summary


架空の戦後日本を舞台に繰り広げられた、日本人としての矜持を巡る二つの勢力の争いに、ついに終止符が打たれる刻が来た。ローズ率いるプリマヴェーラVS.ケイレブファミリー。勝者となり、次代の覇権を担うのはどちらのグループか!? 竜騎士07が贈るハードボイルドアクション・ローズガンズデイズ シーズン1ついに完結!!


Thank you, really...

...And I'm sorry.

The battle between Club Primavera and the Caleb family--with the pride of the Japanese people at stake--finally barrels toward a conclusion. Which group will win the right to rule during the coming era...?!


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Chapter 19

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