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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

The unnamed School Nurse (保健の先生 Hoken no Sensei) is the caretaker of Higanbana's doll in the infirmary and is knowledgeable about the Seven School Mysteries.


Her tacky attire can almost be counted as one of the 7 mysteries. Her favorite saying is there are no encounters and there are no good men. She even grumbles this to the students.

She has a light supernatural sense, and on occasion it seems she can even sense Higanbana's presence. Taking care of Higanbana's doll, she is her guardian.

Immune like a spiritual ward, she is completely safe even in the middle of Higanbana's aura.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


In the visual novel, Nurse has long brown hair and wears a pair of red glasses on her head. She wears a white lab coat, purple shirt, black shirt and brown shoes.

In the manga, the nurse has lighter-colored hair and big breasts.


The nurse is kind and compassionate.


The nurse became caretaker of Higanbana's doll and the infirmary when she came to the school. She seems to have a sixth sense and can sense youkai sometimes.



First Night


Nurse tends to Kanamori's light wound when he visits her. Kanamori notices Higanbana's doll sitting on a cabinet, and Nurse explains the history behind the doll.

The Princess' Lie

Midori visits the nurse for a foot injury.

Shrine of the Guardian Deity

Nurse fixes Sakunoshin's shrine.

One Girl's Day

Yoko visits the nurse when she trips and hits her head.

Second Night

The Lunar Festival

Nurse gets drunk and has a fun time attending the moon viewing with the other school youkai, oblivious to their supernatural presence.

After School

In this dream world, Nurse, Renoir, and Headmaster hang out in the infirmary.