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Satokowashi-hen Part 7 (郷壊し編 其の七 Village-Destroying Chapter Part 7) is the twenty-fourth and final episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU, and the seventh and final episode of Satokowashi.






English (Translated)

Due to the power given by Eua, Hinamizawa is losing its original state.

Eventually, the effects reach a certain person...

This is a story about the "karma" of a girl who has become something other than human...

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Satoko sits in the Sea of Fragments and looks at her hand. Eua figures that seeing her uncle reforming has left Satoko uncomfortable. Satoko says she never could have imagined it could happen, and Eua says it was all because of her power. She reminds Satoko that with every loop, people's accumulated memories will grow stronger and more widespread. Satoko says it's inconvenient, but she'll use the reformed Teppei to the greatest potential. Satoko isn't worried about him but rather the "birdcage" and a certain person. Satoko jumps to a platform as she says this, looking at a Fragment featuring Major Takano.

First Half

Sunday, June 19th, 1983. It rains in Hinamizawa as a military helicopter flies overhead. Takano clutches a scrapbook and yells at Okonogi, demanding to know what's going on. Okonogi says that Tomitake's called the Bloodhounds, and they've just arrived. Takano asks why the Mountain Dogs aren't fighting back, and Okonogi says the Dogs are just a counterintelligence unit while the Bloodhounds are specially trained for combat, so they're no match for them. Takano asks why they're even here since they captured Tomitake, and a Dog explains that the clinic was captured and Tomitake freed.

Higugouep24 takano and okonogi.png

Takano continues yelling, asking why they never told her about this as another Dog answers his phone-backpack, telling Okonogi that it's from the command vehicle. Okonogi takes the receiver and hears a final command from Cuckoo that they are to execute CUCKOO. Okonogi accepts and then calls the rest of the Mountain Dogs, saying they are to surrender to the Bloodhounds now that the command vehicle and clinic have been compromised. Takano gets even angrier as Okonogi announces that the Mountain Dogs are officially defeated.

Takano says they can still win and asks them to contact Nomura in Tokyo since she can send a group to take out the Bloodhounds. She also exclaims that R is still alive, so they can continue the final operation. Okonogi ignores Takano's pleas and says they've lost; the Mountain Dogs' job is finished, and now the Major needs to finish hers. He says Takano's job was to turn the scrapbook she's holding into something valuable before knocking it out of her hands. Takano struggles to pick it up and Okonogi slams his foot down on it, saying that nobody ever cared about what was inside the scrapbook. Their clients wanted to use the obtuse terminology within to deceive some higher-ups and make it seem credible; nobody ever cared about Hinamizawa Syndrome or brain parasites, they just wanted a political edge. Now that the operation has failed, nobody will ever care about Takano's scrapbook ever again. Takano insists that her research is factual, having finished what her grandfather started. Okonogi kicks Takano down and says that Tokyo has one last job for her, ordering a Dog to hand him a gun. Okonogi unloads it save for one bullet and throws it down at Takano, asking that she use it to kill herself.

Okonogi says that when Takano dies, Tokyo can blame the entire operation on her. Takano objects and Okonogi draws his own gun and aims it at her; he can instead kill her here and claim self defense after Takano opened fire when he asked her to surrender. Okonogi gave Takano the gun as a sign of gratitude after their many years together. Takano asks whose idea was this, and Okonogi explains it was Nomura, who codename was Cuckoo while Takano's was Baby Bird.

Takano is dejected, and Okonogi explains that cuckoo birds lay eggs in the nests of other birds, which proceed to hatch and kick other birds out of the nest, leaving them helpless on the ground. Okonogi says that Takano never had any allies, handing her the scrapbook and telling her to hold it as she commits suicide. Takano reluctantly picks up the gun as Okonogi directs her. Takano puts the gun in her mouth and yells before a gunshot rings out.

Higugouep24 takano wakes up.png

Takano wakes up at a desk inside the Irie Clinic. After looking around she looks down at her own hands when the phone rings. Takano picks up and hears Nomura on the other end, who wanted to check in on things. The date of the final operation is approaching, and Nomura notes that Takano's tone of voice makes it sound like she has concerns. Takano promises that things are going as planned, and Nomura says they've completed their groundwork. Takano thinks she means they must see the plan through to the very end, but Nomura says that if even a single thing goes wrong, the must purge all evidence of the plan, which means Takano's grandfather's research will continue to be made a laughingstock.

Takano has a flashback to her childhood, where as the young girl Miyoko Tanashi, she watches as her grandfather Dr. Hifumi Takano talks to bureaucrats about his Hinamizawa Syndrome research. The bureaucrats are unconvinced, having only come because Koizumi requested it. They think the research is nonsense, with one man suggesting that Dr. Takano take up bonsai. Another man suggests that it will make a good fiction story, laughing with the others. Dr. Takano is given his research notes back, though they fall to the floor. As the bureaucrats leave, they walk on top of the notes, with Miyoko barging in and yelling at them to stop stepping on her grandfather's research that he worked so hard on. Dr. Takano comforts her and tells the bureaucrats not to mind her. Miyoko cries as the doctor thanks her for assisting in his research and apologizes.

Nomura promises that she can make Takano's research known, pleased to hear that things are going as planned. She says that Lieutenant Tomitake is heading to Hinamizawa soon, so she must proceed accordingly. Takano explains that the first phase will be to inject Tomitake with H173. Nomura says his suspicious death is vital to the operation's success and tells Takano they'll speak again soon before hanging up.

Higugouep24 album.png

Takano opens up a safe and pulls out a briefcase, which contains a photo album. She sets it down and Irie suddenly enters the room, apologizing for startling Takano. Takano asks if he needs anything and Irie says Satoko will be stopping by for a checkup, so he needs to prepare. Irie then notices the photo album, which Takano says belonged to her grandfather. Irie is confused since he only knew about her parents, and Takano says she hasn't looked at the album ever since her grandfather died. For some reason, Takano decided to pull out the album, having promised she would never ope it until she made their dreams come true. Irie is amazed to hear she shared a dream with her grandfather, but Takano laments that she broke that promise today, unsure as to why. Irie goes to prep for the appointment and says he'll be in the exam room, leaving.

Left by herself, Takano starts looking through the photo album. She sheds tears at a few of them, soon finding a hidden envelope hidden addressed to her.

Second Half

Satoko and Rika go to the Irie Clinic, the former peeved that she has to go to the doctor's on her day off. Rika says it's important since they need to make sure Irie's medicine is working. Satoko says she doesn't even know what's in it, and Rika says she doesn't know either, so Satoko should ask Irie about it. She nipahs and walks inside, with Satoko's expression changing as she calls Rika a liar.

Higugouep24 ink blot.png

In the exam room, Takano gives Satoko an ink blot test and asks her to describe the image. Satoko says there are two butterflies that have reunited happily after being apart for a very long time. Takano says everything looks good from the test results, and that Satoko may be able to stop taking that medicine soon. Satoko is grateful since she won't have to take tests anymore. Takano figures she really doesn't like tests and wonders if Satoko actually doesn't like her. Satoko says it's not her, and Takano explains that she's quitting her job at the clinic, smiling.

Higugouep24 letter.png

Takano reads the letter from the album, where Dr. Takano is writing as much as he can before he forgets about his family. Dr. Takano felt so much pride and joy knowing that Miyo was continuing his research, but he worries that his research has deprived her of the chance to live a proper life. If that really were the case, then he'd want Miyo to stop research altogether. Dr. Takano could never tell his granddaughter about his worries when she was so happy to help him, and decided to leave this fate in the hands of God. If Miyo finds this letter, then he wants her to make that wish come true and forgive him for being so weak. Takano trembles after reading it.

Satoko asks if Takano really does want to quit. Takano isn't sure, but she knows a group of people is using her passion to do some awful things. Satoko makes an analogy, saying that these people are going to dispose of Takano like ingredients in soup stock. Takano agrees, and Satoko says that once stock is made, they can be used for something else. Takano says ingredients used for stock can't be cooked like fresh ingredients and wonders what to do now.

Higu2020ep24 preview (3).jpg

Sunday, June 19th, 1983. The Watanagashi Festival is in full swing. Rena and Mion call out to Keiichi and Satoko in a crowd, wanting them to hurry up so they don't miss Rika's dance. Satoko laughs and says that Keiichi will never become the next club president with skills like these. Keiichi is confused as to what she means, and Satoko starts wading through the crowd. Keiichi psyches himself up and does the same thing. Keiichi finally unites with Rena and Mion on the stone steps, but Satoko seems to have disappeared. Mion's group figures she's fine and go to watch Rika's dance.

Meanwhile, Tomitake stands guard outside the ritual warehouse as Takano exits, having no regrets. Satoko watches them, hiding near a bush. Tomitake relocks the warehouse and asks Takano to come along with him to the cotton drifting, but Takano has something to tell him. Takano says she's gotten involved with a sort of conspiracy, which they're calling the "final operation". Satoko continues watching, silently.

Higugouep24 skylark 13.png

The next day, the Bloodhounds have secured the Irie Clinic and arrested the Mountain Dogs, including Okonogi and Skylark 13. Eua watches and comments that Satoko has created a world where the rules of Rika's tragedy no longer exist, impressed that her power has been used to such an extent. Satoko says that if Rika longs to escape, then the world becomes a birdcage while her longing for Rika stay allows her to open that birdcage and be free. Satoko laments that wishes in Hinamizawa cannot be granted so easily, and Eua reminds her that the accumulation of memories cannot be undone. So long as Satoko keeps looping, this birdcage cannot certainly keep Rika prisoner. Satoko says that Rika is a priestess of Oyashiro-sama, and wishing to abandon her village is unforgivable. Satoko won't forgive her for this either, and Eua takes this to mean that Satoko will take the name of Oyashiro-sama and enact her own curse. Satoko affirms it, planning to trap Rika in an endless cycle once more. As long as Rika continues wishing to leave Hinamizawa, Satoko will continue the tragedy, her eyes glowing red. Eua giggles and says that Satoko's become just like Takano in her wish to become a god. Eua addresses Satoko as Oyashiro-sama and asks how her curse will be done, with the girl having already planned something.

Higugouep24 h173.png

Inside the clinic, Takano tells Tomitake to wait as she prepares to give him a shot. Takano goes into another room and unlocks a briefcase with a code, revealing several syringes of H173. Takano picks up a capsule and eyes it before putting it back in the case, closing and locking it, and leaving the room. After she leaves, Satoko emerges from behind a corner and goes into the room, trying to unlock the case. When she gets the code wrong, she snaps her fingers and loops again. After much trial and error repeatedly looping, Satoko opens the briefcase, pulls out a syringe set, and closes the case again. Satoko exits the Irie Clinic, eyeing the cased H173 syringe in her hands.

Eua says that Satoko can now control whether a tragedy occurs or not, along with whom it affects. She asks if Satoko really doesn't feel guilty for doing this, and Satoko says she doesn't. Any world where she and Rika are together won't have a tragedy, and as far as she's concerned, anything that happens in other Fragments never really happens. The Fragment Satoko chooses is the one that truly exists, while every other world is just a dream. Eua compliments Satoko for having a high level of competency as one who lives in loops, and Satoko reminds her that once she decides to win, she will win with certainty.

"Wait for me, Rika! My dear, beloved Rika!"

Satoko promises that she will live with Rika together in Hinamizawa and will make that future certainly come to pass. Their happy world is within reach.


The ending theme, Fukisokusei Entropy, is not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
4:41 6:38 Impatience Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Soundtrack Vol. 2 Okonogi tells Takano to kill herself
8:11 10:00 Main Theme - Orchestra ~Piano Ver. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Soundtrack Vol. 2 Takano's flashback
14:30 15:51 Failure Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Soundtrack Vol. 2 Takano reads her grandfather's letter
19:14 20:40 N/A N/A Satoko won't forgive Rika's sins
22:15 23:44 I believe what you said I believe what you said Satoko obtains the H173 syringe

TV/Blu-Ray Differences

  • A Fragment originally featuring Okonogi is now blank.

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