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Satokowashi-hen Part 4 (郷壊し編 其の四 Village-Destroying Chapter Part 4) is the twenty-first episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the fourth episode of Satokowashi.





English (Translated)

As if lured by something, Satoko steps into the ritual warehouse and is suddenly enveloped in a divine glow.

She opens her eyes and realizes that she is standing in an unworldly place.

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Plot Summary


Higu2020ep21 satoko and the horned woman.png

In the Sea of Fragments, Satoko meets the mysterious horned woman, who says that it's been far too long since they last met, referring to her as "child of man." She thinks they last met in a world with the red sea and commends Satoko for making the effort to meet her again. Satoko is confused and the woman calls her "Vier" but corrects herself and says "Mitsuyo". Satoko still has no idea who she's talking about, and the woman says maybe she'd prefer the name "Anomalous Spinal Cord Specimen LD3105", giggling.

Satoko asks who the woman is and where in the world she is, since she's clearly not in the ritual warehouse anymore. The woman pities her, saying that an impossibly long time has passed to make this meeting happen, and yet Satoko has forgotten who she is. Satoko insists she's never met the woman before. The woman says that those who hold dominion over them are truly cold, and laughs some more.

The woman figures that Satoko has a wish since she's appeared before her, and her longing for that wish has damaged her health. She laughs some more, knowing that Satoko's soul is anguished. Satoko asks what that means and is told that she cannot fulfill her dreams without the power the horned woman possesses. The woman claims that with her power, Satoko can return to the ideal world she wishes for, but only after a long time. Satoko is skeptical and wants it to happen immediately if that's really possible. The woman decides to grant her power and sends several Fragments to orbit around Satoko. Satoko will become one who lives in loops, repeating time endlessly until her wish is fulfilled, but she must die to make it happen. Satoko is horrified to hear that, and the woman assures her that unlike "the cat", her power is complete and will allow Satoko to keep her memory upon starting a new loop.

Satoko still doesn't understand what is happening. The woman says this power comes with a cost, but the entertainment derived from the actions Satoko takes should waive that fee. Satoko wants to leave and runs away, but the the woman is amused and says the show has begun. Several Fragments form a wall and stop Satoko, soon bathing her in bright light.

Higu2020ep21 satoko goes back.png

Satoko wakes up inside her futon at the shack she and Rika have at the Furude Shrine. Satoko is confused since it was supposed to have collapsed during a snowstorm. Satoko notices the calendar and sees its June 10th, 1983; five years ago. Confused, Satoko stands up and looks at her reflection in the window, realizing that she's a young girl and not a teenager anymore. Satoko is bewildered at the sight.

First Half

Higu2020ep21 satoko and rika hug.png

Satoko can hardly believe that that exchange happened and that she could live in loops. It must have been a bizarre dream since it's still 1983, and there's no way any of that could happen, especially Rika wanting to leave Hinamizawa and treating Satoko horribly. Satoko tries to convince herself it was just a dream when Rika suddenly appears and shows her happiness over being able to pull the page off the calendar. Seeing Satoko's silence, Rika asks if she upset her and just wanted to tease her. Satoko suddenly hugs her, surprising Rika. She says she had a terrible dream, and Rika hugs her back.

The loop continues, and an echo of Matsuribayashi occurs with Takano in her military outfit being comforted by Tomitake as the club watches. Satoko seems shocked at the sight.

June 18th, 1984. Rika and Satoko walk home from school when Rika asks if she'll go shopping with her. They head to the Mandai Books store in Okinomiya, with Satoko's suspicions confirmed. Inside, Rika says she's had a certain dream for a long time and wants Satoko to fulfill that dream with her, which she knows is to go to St. Lucia Academy. Rika is delighted and says she wants to leave the village and experience high society at a fancy high school, so long as it's with Satoko. Satoko says it's far too early to worry about entrance exams. They just got rid of the Mountain Dogs and brought peace to the village, so they need to enjoy what time they have. Rika agrees since she likes to have fun with everyone rather than study, with Satoko asking why she wants to change things then. The club games have been boring lately, but Satoko is sure they can rejuvenate them.

Higu2020ep21 rika's dream redux.png

Satoko tries to grab Rika's book out of her hands but she turns away. Rika's been waiting for this for a long time and has now found a world where she can leave Hinamizawa voluntarily. She loves Satoko and the club, but she doesn't see what's so bad about being allowed to live out her dream. Rika says she can study for entrance exams by herself and goes to the counter with her book. Satoko is saddened by that low blow.

At home, Satoko pulls out her own book from the store, deciding to make use of the shopping trip, and Rika is delighted that she'll join her. Satoko says she still won't join Rika just because she also bought the book. Rika is still happy and runs upstairs, Satoko says to herself that if she won't give up, then she'll just make sure she has less time to study.

Second Half

The next day at school, Rika prepares to ask Chie something when Satoko stops her, saying its time for club. Rika asks her to move and Satoko describes what game they'll be playing as Rika watches Chie leave the room. Rika says she's not going to club anymore, but Satoko ignores her; all of their classmates will be joining the game, plus the weather is beautiful. Satoko says Rika can study at anytime but she gets sad. Rena and Keiichi asks what's wrong, and Satoko tells them Rika is trying to run from battle. Keiichi says Mion would give a penalty for that, but they shouldn't force Rika to play if she doesn't want to. Rika decides to play with them. Rena is elated since she hasn't come to club at all recently. Satoko tells Rika that everyone wants to play with her.

The girls walk home and talk about how fun the game was, and how exhausted they are. After Rika yawns, Satoko comments to herself that that should do it. Later that night, Satoko awakes to find Rika not in her futon. She has a realization and heads downstairs, where Rika is studying at a desk but is getting sleepy. Satoko watches her for a bit and then goes up to her, wanting to talk.

Satoko and Rika go outside and sit near the balcony overlooking the village. Satoko asks if Rika really wants to go to St. Lucia Academy, and she replies that she wants Satoko to come with her. Satoko says she's being honest and doesn't want to leave Hinamizawa or go to St. Lucia. Rika knows she's worried about the exam, but Satoko says that's not the problem. She dislikes studying, but she'll do it and push herself to make Rika happy. Even if they both got accepted, Satoko would be exhausted and unable to keep up. Satoko doesn't want to go through that experience. Rika promises that if that does happen, she'll help Satoko. She doesn't like studying either, but she'll do her best to help Satoko understand the things she's confused about.

Higu2020ep21 shooting star.png

Satoko also says that they're different. Rika will grow up to be more elegant and ladylike and make a lot of friends while Satoko isn't as graceful and can't follow the school's customs. Satoko will push herself thin to study and to make it to graduation. Rika grabs Satoko's hand and thanks her for telling her how she really feels about all of this. Rika promises that she won't abandon Satoko and will help if she asks for it. She asks Satoko to trust her and come with her to St. Lucia. Satoko asks if Rika really will keep this promise and agrees, just this one last time. Rika says she won't let her down and assures her that they'll be fine once they get studying. The girls laugh as a shooting star falls.

Years pass, and Rika and Satoko enter St. Lucia Academy. Rika is having fun with her friends in a tea parlor while Satoko watches, enraged. She trusted Rika, and yet she's treating her like this. She thinks Rika is mocking her and calls her a bad friend. Rika seems to take notice and looks out the window, but says it's nothing when her friends ask what's wrong. Satoko considers this an act of betrayal and grins devilishly.

The next morning, Rika walks into the main building and is met with good tidings from other girls. Satoko stands at the middle of the room, arms crossed and addressing Rika casually. She wonders why Rika isn't giving her good tidings like the others and asks if she was lying about that as well. Rika says "good morning" and one of her friends steps forward, saying she doesn't need to entertain herself with Satoko. Satoko insults her and says she's talking to Rika now. The other girls are offended and say that Rika worries about Satoko a lot, and Satoko then asks why she broke her promise to her.

Rika says she never lied to Satoko and gave her help when her grades slipped, blaming her for pushing it away. Satoko says she wanted to overcome these hurdles together with Rika, not to be looked down on in pity. Rika says she never did that, and that Satoko placed herself under Rika. Both girls realize that their talk isn't going anywhere, with Satoko disappointed that Rika felt the same way. She suddenly hugs her, earning gasps from the other girls watching.

Higu2020ep21 crushed.png

Satoko says this reminds her of the good old days and that it's time to begin. Rika is confused, and Satoko says she won't let Rika deceive her again, giving her good tidings while calling her a traitor. Satoko snaps her fingers, and an explosive blows up on the chandelier above, causing it to crash down on top of them and spray blood everywhere. The other girls scream in horror as blood seeps out from the wreckage.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:10 3:38 N/A N/A Satoko meets the horned woman.
4:13 5:43 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
5:44 6:31 N/A N/A Satoko tries to comprehend her loop
9:42 10:40 Trick Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rika wants to go to St. Lucia
15:00 17:12 Loneliness Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU Original Soundtrack Rika and Satoko talk at night
17:26 18:13 N/A N/A Rika promises to help Satoko
18:30 19:16 Grudge Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU Original Soundtrack Satoko feels betrayed by Rika
22:15 23:44 Fukisokusei Entropy Fukisokusei Entropy Ending


  • The opening has changed to where the sneering shadow is replaced with the horned woman, fully visible. The opening also changes the teddy bear to the trap box.
  • This is the first time Fukisokusei Entropy has had ending visuals.
  • This is the first time ever in the history of the Higurashi franchise for Satoko to use her traps in committing murder. She has never done so, even in the arcs where she reached the terminal stages of Hinamizawa Syndrome or in the showdown with the Mountain Dogs in Matsuribayashi.
  • The scene at the beginning of the episode potentially references other When They Cry installments Umineko When They Cry and Ciconia When They Cry:
    • The woman refers to Satoko as "Vier." Vier Dreissig is a character in Ciconia who bears resemblance to Takano. She also refers to her as "Mitsuyo." "Mitsuyo can be read as 34, which coincides with the similar naming schemes of Vier and Takano.
    • Lastly, the woman says LD3105. "LD" could refer to Lambdadelta, an Umineko character, while 3105 is a Japanese wordplay that can be read as "Satoko". The same wordplay has previously been used in the Hinamizawa Bus Stop manga.

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