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Satokowashi-hen Part 2 (郷壊し編 其の弐 Village-Destroying Chapter Part 2) is the nineteenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the second episode of Satokowashi.





English (Translated)[]

While Satoko is enjoying her happy life in Hinamizawa Village, Rika tells her about a dream she has been keeping inside her heart for a long time.

Satoko is bewildered by the sudden confession, but...

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Plot Summary[]


Higu2020ep19 rika's dream

Satoko asks Rika what she means by her "dream". Rika tells her that she's been thinking about it for a long time.

"One day, when I'm able to leave the village freely, I want to experience a new way of life that I've never known before. I want to wake up in the morning and flip the calendar as I imagine how the day will turn out to be. I want to live in a wonderful reality which will easily overturn any expectations I have, filled with unique surprises. That's the kind of life I seek from this academy."
— Rika to Satoko

Rika believes going to St. Lucia Academy will help her accomplish this dream, and she wants Satoko to attend school with her. This fancy school will allow her to experience what high society is like with Satoko.

Satoko acknowledges Rika's desire, as their club games have been boring recently, but counters saying it's still too soon to think about high school entrance exams since they just started middle school. Rika accuses Satoko of just not wanting to study, since it gives her a headache. Satoko nervously denies this, saying studying is easy for her if she tries. She rebuts, saying Rika hates studying just as much as her. Rika agrees, but since she's never been allowed to leave Hinamizawa, she wishes to try hard and make her dream come true. Rika wants Satoko to accompany her on this new journey too.

Satoko finally concedes. She has no idea if she can keep up with Rika, but she expects her to give up sooner or later. Rika promises to work hard, leaving Satoko somewhat stunned.

First Half[]

Higu2020ep19 st

School ends for the day. Satoko tries to talk to Rika about the day's club activities. But before Satoko can catch her attention, Rika hurries over to their homeroom teacher Chie, asking to be tutored. Satoko watches them, dryly commenting that all this studying cannot be good for Rika's health. Keiichi and Rena approach them to learn what Rika's doing and Satoko fills them in. Keiichi asks if Rika's aiming for the same school Mion goes to in Okinomiya, and Satoko hands them a brochure for St. Lucia Academy. Rena wonders where she heard the name before, and Keiichi tells her that it's the academy Shion used to attend.

Rika affirms this and tells them St. Lucia is an all-girls boarding school for socialites and that she fell in love with the school after seeing pictures. Rena and Keiichi gush in approval. Keiichi points out that the school is meant for rich families like the Sonozakis, but Rika waves him off, telling them Irie is paying for her and Satoko's tuition. Keiichi is surprised to hear that Satoko's also attending, and she says she merely agreed with Rika's request, considering herself an already-refined lady. Keiichi makes fun of her quip and adds that she'll need an exceptionally high score to be accepted. Satoko boasts that it's no problem for her.

Rika tells them it's her dream to get into St. Lucia, and asks Keiichi and Rena if they'll help with her studies. They both readily agree. Rika feels bad for asking for help but Keiichi reassures her, stating his experience at prep school will finally prove to be useful. Rika thanks them and Keiichi says Satoko's gonna join in too. Everyone voices their enthusiasm, but a skeptical Satoko comments that Rika's sudden passion for studying will disappear eventually.

Higu2020ep19 late night studies

At night, Satoko wakes up to see Rika's empty futon. She goes downstairs to find Rika studying the night away, trying to solve algebraic equations. Grabbing her own set of materials, Satoko notes that this is why Rika has been lacking sleep lately. Taking a seat next to Rika, she asks her why she is acting so secretive despite them both aiming for the same school. Rika tells Satoko that she's a formidable rival when she gets serious. With her signature laugh, Satoko informs Rika that she doesn't plan on losing if it's a challenge. Rika tells her she won't give in either with a beaming "Nipah".

The days and years pass as Rika and Satoko continue their studies. Even into winter, Satoko and Rika are doing their best. Finally, on March 1st, 1987, Rika informs Satoko that the time has finally arrived. They both head to the St. Lucia Academy grounds, where dozens of students are awaiting their entrance exam results. Rika asks if Satoko brought the shrine charm with her, but she says it's useless since the results are already posted. Rika is still concerned, but Satoko assures her that their two-and-a-half-years-worth of efforts won't go to waste.

Rika and Satoko clutch their tickets with their entrance exam roll numbers and look at the charts posted to see if they got in. Scanning the rows of roll numbers, Rika sees her number on the chart. Satoko congratulates Rika for being accepted, though she knew it was only a given. Rika tells Satoko that it's her turn to check her result. Satoko hypothetically asks Rika what will happen if she doesn't get in, since they'll have to go their separate ways. Rika indignantly exclaims that it won't happen.

Higu2020ep19 hug

Satoko runs over to a different chart, trying to find her number. She thinks back to how hard she worked despite her hatred towards studying, all so she could stay with Rika. As something on the chart catches her eye, Satoko suddenly falls speechless as Rika rushes to her side. Satoko offers her a tearful smile, announcing she had been accepted. Rika hugs her enthusiastically and Satoko hugs back.

Second Half[]

At the entrance ceremony, a teacher addresses a large crowd of girls and stresses the importance St. Lucia places on academics and etiquette, as they will make them all into fine women. Rika is attentive but Satoko yawns, wondering when this boring speech will end. After the ceremony, Satoko voices her discontent to Rika and says that Keiichi would've livened things up if he were principal. They notice some students giving polite greetings to each other, with Satoko finding the behavior strange. Rika says she needs to go back to her dorm room and Satoko hers, wondering why they're in separate areas. Rika finds it fortunate they have the same class however. Satoko bids her friend farewell until tomorrow and walks off. As she leaves, Satoko turns around and sees Rika giving the same polite greeting to another girl and commends her for her acting.

The next day, Satoko walks into the classroom and is about to greet Rika when the teacher tells everyone to take their seats, forbidding personal conversation before the bell. Rika is studiously writing down notes while Satoko is doodling. She begins to fall asleep at times and yawns at others. The bell rings, and the teacher asks Rika to lead the end of class. The other students gaze at Rika, and she stands up and leads a class-wide bow.

Higu2020ep19 rika's new friends

Satoko closes her doodle-filled notebook, voicing her exhaustion. She sees several other girls surrounding Rika's desk and complimenting her elegantness. They invite her to have tea in the parlor with them; the older students will surely like Rika, and it will be good practice for when she enters high society. Rika looks at Satoko, who tells her to go right ahead. Rika asks the girls if they're sure, and they affirm it. Rika invites Satoko to come but she declines. Rika leaves with the other girls, and Satoko says shes living her dream, so she can't interfere; she believes Rika will grow tired of this fancy place.

In the parlor, Rika explains to her new friends her definition of fate: she believes that no matter how much they struggle and resist, they cannot change the result of the dice when they roll. The girls are moved by this, surprised that they're the same age. Satoko watches them from behind a window, looking depressed. A teacher calls out to her, with Rika watching them talk on the other side of the window. As they walk off, Rika looks worried when one of the girls asks what's wrong; Rika says it's nothing.

Outside, the teacher tells Satoko that she'll need to attend study hall tomorrow after school. Ever since the first day of school, Satoko's grades have fallen a lot. Satoko is shocked to hear that she needs to work harder despite all the work to put in in the first place. The teacher says nobody is forcing her to attend study hall, which Satoko replies to by saying she won't, but if that's the case then she can fill out a formal withdrawal form and leave St. Lucia.

Higu2020ep19 menacing glare

The next day after class, Satoko begins to leave the room and Rika calls out to her, offering to help with her studies. Sensing the discontent from the girls near her, Satoko laughs and says she's also become busy after school and leaves. Rika is dumbfounded and the other girls mock Satoko, wondering why a girl like her was allowed to attend St. Lucia. Rika sadly heads to the parlor with them.

Higu2020ep19 study hall

Satoko enters the study hall room, where many other girls are hard at work writing. Satoko grabs a workbook and takes a seat, continuing into the night. A frustrated Satoko asks if this is really the way things are going to be every day, and another student asks if she's a first year. Satoko says yes, and the girl says she still has hope, as many of the other girls there were pulled out of the Regular Class when they started their second year.

St. Lucia cares about prestige more than anything, and they won't allow the students to graduate if they don't hold up. Many of the girls there are from rich families, so they can't drop out, not with the expensive tuition being paid; they spend all their time studying just to stay enrolled. The girl tells Satoko she'll be fine if she can keep her grades up, but otherwise she'll be moved to the Special Class like everyone else. If that happens, Satoko will lose all the free time she has in Regular Class.

Higu2020ep19 satoko watches

Satoko watches Rika hang out with her new friends from outside. A distressed look on her face, she wonders if Rika remembers telling her about experiencing this life with her, and what the meaning of this all is.


The opening, I believe what you said, is not played in this episode.

Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:10 1:12 Trick Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko questions Rika's dream
2:20 2:46 After School Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Satoko joins Rika in her dream
3:07 5:35 Peace and Quiet Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Chie helps Rika study
6:53 8:30 Orenji Iro no Kaze Orenji Iro no Kaze[1] Rika and Satoko study
8:57 9:33 N/A N/A Rika and Satoko head to St. Lucia
10:15 11:12 N/A N/A Satoko wonders what will happen if she fails
11:39 13:26 N/A N/A Rika and Satoko begin life at St. Lucia
17:21 18:25 N/A N/A Satoko has to go to study hall
20:40 21:19 N/A N/A Satoko needs to bring her grades up
21:25 22:14 N/A N/A Satoko questions Rika's dream
22:15 23:44 Fukisokusei Entropy Fukisokusei Entropy Ending

TV/Blu-Ray Differences[]

  • When Rika is speaking to Satoko at the bookstore, she is no longer holding her book. Another scene where Rika is holding a book has the cover changed.
  • A calendar that was labeled both as 1983 and 1987 has the 1983 date changed.
  • The scenes with Rika speaking to her St. Lucia friends change who is speaking.
  • Some clocks have their times changed.

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  • The new insert song, Orenji Iro no Kaze (オレンジ色の風) may be a reference to the song Orange-colored Time (オレンジ色の詩), a track featured in the original Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Question Arcs.

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