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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for the original Higurashi When They Cry and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the main story are advised not to proceed further.

Satokowashi-hen Part 1 (郷壊し編 其の壱 Village-Destroying Chapter Part 1) is the eighteenth episode of Higurashi: When They Cry - GOU and the first episode of Satokowashi.






English (Translated)

It is June of 1983.

The cries of the higurashi are drowned out by the sounds of festival music, and the never-ending suffering turns into the joy of victory.

Then, the clock turns to June 1984...

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Plot Summary


Higu2020ep18 tomitake rank.png

The episode opens with another flashback to Matsuribayashi's ending. A single gunshot rings out, however Takano misses. Takano can't comprehend how she could miss, and several Bloodhounds gab her. She drops her scrapbook of research notes, crying out for the Bloodhounds to stop treading on it. Takano is told she's under arrest and crumples to the ground, crying. The club watches on silently as the Bloodhounds grab Takano again, the major continuing to cry out for her grandfather's scrapbooks. First Lieutenant Tomitake then arrives and pulls rank, saying he's got control of Takano now. The Bloodhounds protest, and Tomitake points out that Takano's been scratching herself all over, clear signs she's developing terminal symptoms of Hinamizawa Syndrome. The surprised Bloodhounds say Takano should be protected by the treatment, and Tomitake reminds them that it's not 100% effective.

Tomitake says they can't interrogate Takano until she gets treatment; they must determine if all of her decisions were made when she was of sound health, or if someone took advantage of her delusional L5 state. Tomitake orders the Bloodhounds to get Takano to the Irie Clinic immediately, and to contact the doctor to prepare treatment. The Bloodhounds agree and leave. Tomitake embraces Takano, who cries even more. He assures her that she's not the villlain she thinks she is, and she can restart her life as Miyoko Tanashi. Takano cries that she can't, as she's committed too many sins. Tomitake says they'll both atone for Miyo Takano's sins together. Even if the world won't forgive Takano, Tomitake will.

Higu2020ep18 rika and satoko prologue.png

The sun shines down as Tomitake and Takano walk off together. Hanyuu says this miracle is more than enough for her, with Rika saying it possibly can't after all the god has suffered through. Keiichi says it's almost time for the festival to start, and the rest of the club voices their eagerness for it. Hanyuu is excited to now be a player instead of a spectator. Rika and Satoko clasp their hands together, promising they'll be best friends forever.

First Half

Satoko tears off a page from the calendar at home to reveal the date: June 8th, 1984. Wearing a brand-new school uniform, Satoko tells Rika to hurry up. As they walk to school, Satoko says she's still not used to wearing the hand-me-down uniforms from Mion. Rika yawns and Satoko comments that she's been having a lot of long nights recently, wondering what's up. Rika says she can't tell her yet but she knows Satoko will laugh.

At school, Chie greets the class and tells the class representative to begin. Keiichi stands up and orders the students to follow suit. At lunch, the club comments on each other's food. Keiichi eyes Rena's delicious food and compliments her on it when Satoko steals a piece, laughing. Keiichi gets annoyed and tells her to respect her elders when Satoko steals another piece. Rika tells them to slow down since there's enough for everybody.

Higu2020ep18 lunch.png

Satoko says Keiichi has become dull ever since becoming class rep. Rika is still not used to Keiichi being class rep since Mion always did it. Keiichi eyes his food sadly, saying they haven't seen much of Mion since she graduated. Satoko says she's attending high school in Okinomiya, so they can visit her at any time. Keiichi thought about it, but he heard Mion started her own games club there, so it's been busy for her.

The club eats silently, with Satoko saying it's unfortunate but inevitable. Rena says their village school is pretty different since regular schools separate kids by grade and class, leading to relationships between kids fading over time. Rena is still sure that Mion hasn't forgotten about them, with Satoko finding the alternative ridiculous since their bonds are stronger than that. Keiichi says the club now lives on through them.

Higu2020ep18 new recruits.png

After school, Keiichi announces as president of the games club for new combatants to assemble. Tomita and Okamura vocalize in response, with Rena thinking those two are the only new recruits. Some other girls ask if they can play as well, with Keiichi commenting that the number is still small. Tomita mentions that Watanagashi is coming up, so several kids are watching their parents' house while prep goes on.

The club starts playing Concentration, with several cards spread out facedown over a table. Keiichi says they're playing an easy game for the new club members to start out with, but Satoko objects: the cards are brand-new and have no signs of wear or nicks on them, so they can't tell which is which. Keiichi says there's no point in playing if she's going to act dirty. and introduces that as New Rule #2: no playing dirty.

Keiichi gives Satoko a headpat and dares her to try the game without using any of her traps. Satoko promises she will show how much she's grown and flips over a card. She thinks hard over which one to flip over next for a matching pair; Rika gives her a hint but Satoko confidently flips over the wrong one. Tomita is crowned the winner with Satoko the loser. Keiichi begins shuffling for a new game when Rika apologizes and says she's going home to practice for the offertory dance. Rika bids farewell as Satoko watches.

Higu2020ep18 rika and satoko walk home.png

Satoko follows Rika home, who says she could've stayed and played. Satoko knows Rika lied since she doesn't have to practice and asks why. Rika "mii"s in response, and Satoko takes that to mean the club activities were very lackluster. Rika affirms it, as it was too wholesome; playing regular games against Satoko has turned her heart black. She says everyone loves Keiichi and Rena, so it makes sense that the club would change with them in charge. Satoko finds it great that more kids are joining them, but she can't forgo traps altogether. Rika encourages her to hone her skills and use some on Keiichi. The two relish in the though of Keiichi being buried under washbasins. Satoko comments that she and Rika along with Hinamizawa has changed a lot in the past year, which makes her a little sad. Rika says change is great.

Satoko and Rika hold hands as they continue walking.

Second Half

Higu2020ep18 clinic.png

Rika and Satoko go to the Irie Clinic, where Irie comments that a maid uniform would be more fitting for the girls rather than their school uniforms. Rika reminds him of Satoko's checkup, and the doctor explains that Satoko's Hinamizawa Syndrome has improved over the past year. Satoko is grateful for all of the work Irie has done since he still lives in the village. Thanks to him, she's only had to take one shot a day instead of three. Irie responds that soon she won't need them anymore: she's tested negative for Hinamizawa Syndrome, meaning it must be cured.

Rika is surprised while Satoko is elated. Irie says he'll do another test to be sure, but Satoko's Hinamizawa Syndrome has to be gone now. Rika looks stern as the date is shown to be June 9th. Irie speaks to Rika in the lobby and says the tests are good. Rika mentions that earlier, Irie said a person's syndrome couldn't be cured once they reached a certain stage. Irie theorizes that the root cause of the syndrome has changed, explaining that he saw similar improvements in people from all over the village, and it started a year ago. Rika is asked if she knows anything that might've happened, but she denies it. The doctor leaves and Rika comments that what really happened was a certain someone who distrusted humans finally opened up.

At night, Rika meets with mayor Kiichirou Kimiyoshi and Oryou Sonozaki, making it a meeting of heads of The Three Families. Kiichirou asks Rika why she gathered them there, and the shrine maiden replies that she needs the two of them to do something. Rika explains what they'll do at the Watanagashi Festival, and Kiichirou agrees to it, as it's necessary for everyone's future. Oryou says the two can do it, but Rika clarifies that the old lady needs to join them as well. Oryou says they'll be fine and goes to sleep.

Higu2020ep18 crowd.png

June 17th. The Watanagashi Festival is lively with activity. Rika performs her ritual dance as Rena, Keiichi and Satoko watch from the crowd. After Rike finishes to great applause, Keiichi asks his friends if they want to go down to the river when the drum beats several times, calling everyone's attention back to the stage. Kiichirou and Oryou walk on stage, much to the crowd's surprise. Kiichirou address the crowd and reminds them of the dam war years ago. Though they won the war, the village is still scarred by it, with Satoko's expression darkening. Rika says it pained Oyashiro-sama to see those scars. Unless the village can change, those scars will continue to run deep, with Oryou in approval of that sentiment.

Kiichirou declares that as of tonight, the dam war is over, and any ties that any person or group has to it has now been dissolved. Satoko and the rest of the crowd perk up in light of this news. Rika knows everyone has heard stories about Oyashiro-sama's curse and how he curses those who trespass or leave the village, but those stories are not true. Oyashiro-sama watched over Hinamizawa for years and has gone back to sleep, feeling content with the way it is. Oryou affirms her statement, explaining again that the curse is bogus. Seeing the crowd's reaction, Oryou delights that a new wind can finally enter the village.

Higu2020ep18 bookstore.png

The next day, Rika asks Satoko for a favor to go shopping with her. Satoko thinks they're going to Sevens Mart, but Rika says she's going to Okinomiya instead. The two girls head to the bookstore Mandai Books, where Satoko eyes the various products. Rika directs Satoko over to a bookshelf of entrance exam study guides and hands her a certain book. Satoko is confused and Rika says there's something she's secretly dreamed of doing a long time. Satoko looks at her book, a set of problems and solutions for St. Lucia Academy entrance exams, and Rika explains that she wants to make that dream come true with Satoko.


Start Time End Time Track OST Description
0:33 2:28 Tragedy Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Takano is arrested
2:49 4:49 Quiet Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Vol. 2 Tomitake forgives Takano
4:50 6:19 I believe what you said I believe what you said Opening
7:30 8:31 Stroll Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack The club eats lunch
9:47 11:41 In Class! Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Club games begin
15:01 16:14 Cherished Desire Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Original Soundtrack Satoko is freed from Hinamizawa Syndrome
19:27 20:33 N/A N/A The dam war is officially over
22:01 22:14 Quiet Morning Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Original Soundtrack Rika wants to fulfill her dream with Satoko
22:15 23:44 Fukisokusei Entropy Fukisokusei Entropy Ending

TV/Blu-Ray Differences

  • A scene of Okonogi pointing his gun at Takano is tweaked to show the gun more clearly.
  • The cards used during the club game are no longer shiny. The 6 of clubs with an extra club now properly shows 6 clubs.

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