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Satokowashi-hen Part 1 (郷壊し編 其の壱 Satokowashi-hen Sonoichi, Village-Destroying Chapter Part 1) is the first chapter in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Meguri.


The chapter begins with a retelling of the end of Matsuribayashi, where Takano surrenders and is taken away by the Bloodhounds. Rika shows Hanyuu the bullet she grabbed, proof that she created a true miracle. The club goes off to enjoy the Watanagashi Festival.

August, 1983. The Three Family heads discuss holding a ceremony to celebrate the end of the dam war. Kiichirou and Oryou want anyone to be able to visit Hinamizawa and for villagers to get out and explore, for the sake of the young people who will build the village's future. They need Rika's help as the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama. Rika says that Oyashiro-sama was always watching over the village and seeing everyone get along, so surely he will allow it. They agree to announce it at next year's Watanagashi so a new wind can blow.

That night at home, Hanyuu is happy that Rika will now be able to leave Hinamizawa and go anywhere. Rika doesn't want to leave the village however, as this is the world she fought so hard for a hundred years for. Spending happy days with everyone should be good for her and Hanyuu. However, it changed that Rika became the only person who could see her anymore, and people began to forget about Hanyuu Furude. Hanyuu says it's lonely, but that's how it is; repeating many worlds has caused Hanyuu's power to weaken. Hanyuu is still satisfied, for in this Hinamizawa, she no longer has to bear the sins of people and could create a future for Rika.

Satokowashi ch1 hanyuu disappears

"May your future be full of happiness."

Hanyuu asks for Rika to strive towards whatever it is she wants and to see more of the world. As a child, Rika was like a cat and was very proactive, but being trapped in Hinamizawa may have changed her thought process and her sense of values; the endless tragedies robbed her of her wishes. Rika ponders this. For a hundred years, all she ever wanted was to stop dying, but now she wonders what she really wants to do. Rika falls asleep, and Hanyuu hopes she'll be able to figure out what she wants soon. Hanyuu wishes her well and disappears.

September 1983. Mion, Satoko and Rika go shopping for middle school uniforms. Rika notices a fancy school uniform, and Mion says that's the uniform Shion wore at St. Lucia Academy. Mion says you have to study pretty hard to get in, but Rika is intrigued. Until now, Rika was swept along by fate and never decided anything for herself, and even now is just going to middle school at the Hinamizawa school. However, she is now a girl who doesn't need to be saved by others. Rika wants to grow up, inspired by her friends' strengths: she wants Keiichi's strong conviction, Rena's kindness and composure, Mion's sense of responsibility and leadership, Shion's strong will and proaction, and Satoko's courage to smile in the darkest times. Rika never put much thought into studying, but this will be the first step to creating a new her.

After shopping, Rika asks Satoko to come with her to the bookstore. There, Rika pulls out a St. Lucia study guide and tells Satoko she has a dream of studying to become a new person, and she wants Satoko to join her. Satoko sympathizes however she thinks it's too early to worry about exams as they haven't even started middle school yet. Satoko declines, not wanting to worry about studying. Rika accepts and says she'll do fine on her own.

Satokowashi ch1 time passes

Time passes. Winter comes to Hinamizawa, Rika begins her studies, and Mion graduates from the school. In June of 1984, Satoko complains about Keiichi using a new deck of cards during a club game, as there are no scratches on them. Keiichi says they've introduced a new club rule preventing cheating, as they have younger kids playing now. Rika bows out of the activities and says she needs to go home early. Rena and Keiichi comment on Rika spending so much time studying and offer to help if she needs it. They look forward for the next chance to play club games with her. Rika bids farewell and Satoko watches her go. She thinks playing club with the rest of the class is fine, but playing without Rika and Mion is lonely.

Later, Satoko gets a poor grade on some math problems and sighs, not realizing that middle school studying would be so hard. Rika points out some of Satoko's mistakes and fixes them. Keiichi compliments her knowledge and Rika asks for some help on more problems. Keiichi sees they're concepts she wouldn't learn until later, and Rika says she's doing advanced prep work. The bell rings and Satoko is excited to begin a club game with Rika, however Rika goes up to Chie to ask some questions.

Satoko can't believe Rika is taking her studies so seriously, as she's been reading textbooks all the time ever since fall. Rena says that Rika has truly found out what her dream is and offers to help Satoko with her dreams as well. Satoko still has no idea how to make her dreams come true and looks at some Cluedo cards, with one labeled "Satoshi".

Satokowashi 1-2 at st lucia

Satoko wakes up one night to use the bathroom when she sees Rika sleeping at her desk. Satoko is happy that Rika was studying downstairs out of consideration for her. She remembers many happy memories with Rika and recalls how Rika wanted Satoko to be with her when she made her dream come true. Satoko says she has no choice. The next day, Satoko sits next to Rika with some textbooks and says she'll stay by her side if it means Rika won't give up. Satoko says she can handle some studying if she gets more serious, and Rika hugs her.

Shion angrily calls Rika and Satoko's house, refusing to let them attend St. Lucia. Mion apologizes for letting Shion know about it. Rika says she needs to go to St. Lucia, and Shion says she doesn't want Satoko feeling cramped there and asks if there's any other way for Rika to fulfill her dream. Rika's heart is set on her dream, much like Shion would do. Satoko takes the phone and says they would never give in to a school like that and calls Shion Nee-nee. Shion begrudgingly accepts and says if anything happens, they should contact her; Shion knows all sorts of escape tricks.

Time passes, and Rena and Keiichi graduate from school. Rika thanks Hanyuu, seeing that this world really is full of all sorts of unknown things, and that she will do her best to weave this world.

April, 1987. Rika and Satoko attend the 50th annual St. Lucia entrance ceremony, dressed up in their school uniforms. Rika thanks Satoko, the latter relieved they can stop working to death. The girls wish they could've stayed in the same dorm or had the same classes and bid farewell. Some girls greet good tidings to Rika, and Rika greets them back. Satoko is pleased that Rika has already grown accustomed to the school. The other girls look back at Satoko.