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Satoko Houjou (北条 沙都子 Hōjō Satoko) is one of the main characters of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She is a member of the Hinamizawa after-school games club and a master at setting traps.


A girl one grade lower than Keiichi. She is usually very polite, but because she is still young she sometimes has difficulty with grammar. However, behind her innocent exterior lies a personality that loves setting traps for other people. You could call her a trickster. She tries her utmost to snare Keiichi, but she has only limited success. Although the result of failure is easily imaginable, Satoko doesn’t like to lose, and she doesn’t learn from experience. That is why she keeps confronting him, with all due consequences. Even when she realizes her skills are insufficient, her smile never wavers. (Taken from the MangaGamer store page, which is translated from the 07th Expansion website.)

A young student at Keiichi and Rena's school. She tries to talk like a well-educated rich girl, but her grammar isn't as good as it could be. She hates to lose and can be a bit of a brat, but since she's still young, sometimes Keiichi and Mion will make her cry when they tease her. The town's master of traps, a talent she puts to good use in her after-school "club" activities. Even Mion fears her. (Taken from the 2020 anime website.)













Other Appearances


  • In the console ports, Satoko's age range was changed to where she's a 4th grader. With this information made vague, Satoko could be presented as a 4th grade university student.[3]
  • The MangaGamer page says that she is "one grade lower than Keiichi" but the 07th Expansion page it is translated from simply lists her as "Of a lower grade than Keiichi."


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