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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.

"The key to a world of happiness is held in everyone's hand! And no one has the right to steal that away!"
— Sakutarou to EVA-Beatrice

Sakutarou (さくたろう Sakutarō), also spelled Sakutaro is the beloved Furniture of the witch of Mariage Sorciere, Lady Maria. He first appears in Alliance of the Golden Witch.


The beloved furniture of Lady MARIA, a witch of Mariage Sorcière.

He is Lady MARIA's white heart itself. You might even say he's a second Lady MARIA and irreplaceable to her.

He holds a decoration as a diplomat, and none may attack him, not any of the witches, weapons, and furniture in the alliance, nor any of the demons and divine spirits in a contract with the alliance.


As a stuffed animal, Sakutaro was a simple lion plush. In human form, Sakutaro has red eyes and short blonde hair and orange cat ears. He seems to wear a long yellow coat with long sleeves. He wears long white socks with brown shoes and wears a red scarf adorned with a medal.


Sakutarou is said to be a cowardly lion who is afraid of people. He deeply cares for Maria and comforts her whenever Rosa is not around, usually by telling Maria that Rosa loves and care about her. Despite his cowardly nature, Sakutaro shows courage in defending Maria from anybody who might hurt her, including Kanon and Erika.

Sakutaro is also very determined when he sets his mind to it, as shown in To Mount Purgatory, Sakutaro.

Skills and Abilities

Sakutaro has diplomatic immunity, making him immune to any kind of offensive attack. He uses this to protect MARIA on several occasions.


Sakutaro was originally a stuffed animal that Rosa gave to Maria on her birthday. Maria gave life to Sakutaro and enabled him to walk and talk. Beatrice and Virgilia would later invite Sakutaro into Mariage Sorciere and recognize him as a living individual, granting him a physical body.


Role in the Story

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Sakutaro makes his first appearance. He is given to Maria as a gift and later develops a physical form. Maria takes Sakutaro with her everywhere, including on store trips when Rosa leaves her home alone.

One day, Maria accidentally locks herself out of the house and is forced to go to the police. The police call Rosa's company and discover she was on a vacation and was not really at work.

An angry Rosa comes home and is greeted by a child welfare officer. Rosa tries to send her away and comes to the understanding that Maria's developed a reputation in town from bringing Sakutaro everywhere with her; the child welfare officer came because of concern that Rosa was abusing Maria by leaving her home alone all the time.

Rosa vents her rage on Maria, snatching Sakutaro from her hands and tearing him apart, thereby killing him. In the meta-world, MARIA is spurred on by Sakutaro's death and gets Beatrice's help in torturing Rosa as payback.

In 1998, Ange discovers something in Captain Kawabata's place, shedding tears and calling it true magic. To Mount Purgatory, Sakutaro and later adaptations show that it was a bag full of Sakutaro dolls.

Ange soon manifests her abilities as ANGE-Beatrice and becomes the Witch of Resurrection. She resurrects Sakutaro from the remainders of his vessel, something Beatrice was unable to do. Ange takes the revived Sakutaro to the Golden Land and convinces MARIA to abandon it, forcing Beatrice to return to the game board.

Dawn of the Golden Witch

When Erika tries to destroy Maria's illusion of the Witch, Sakutaro shows up to stop the fight using his diplomatic immunity. With help from Eiserne Jungfrau, the fight is concluded. 

Later, Maria witnesses Kanon killing Rosa, which in turn causes Maria to attack him. Sakutaro shows up once again to protect Maria. However, he and Maria lose once Shannon enters the fight. Shannon expands her defensive shield to bypass Sakutaro's diplomatic immunity and crushes MARIA against the wall.

Other Appearances

Sakutarou in Tsubasa manga

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa

To Mount Purgatory, Sakutarou is a story focusing on Sakutaro after his death. He is forced to cleanse his sins if he wishes to return to Maria and is resurrected in the human world.

Golden Fantasia

Sakutaro is not playable, however he appears when summoned by Ange.


  • His name was originally Sakura (named after a show called Card Master Sakura in-universe, with the name being a clear reference to Cardcaptor Sakura). But after Rosa told Maria that the lion was a boy, she changed it to Sakutarou, eventually dropping the u to have Sakutaro.
  • While Rosa claims she made the lion doll by hand, it's very likely it was a mass produced toy, and that finding other Sakutarou dolls is what enabled Ange to "resurrect" him.
    • In the manga Rosa admitted she bought Sakutarou instead of making him as she was busy, but this could be false, as it's also stated specifically in red during Alliance of the Golden Witch that Sakutarou was made by Rosa.
  • In the visual novel Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni (The Unforgiving Flowers Blossom in the Dead of Night); the character Sakunoshin has a near identical appearance to Sakutarou. The only difference is that Sakunoshin doesn't have a medal.
  • Sakutaro was referred to as a "vegeta-lion" which is a play on words on "vegetarian".
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