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Not to be confused with Sakutaro.
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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Sakunoshin (さくのしん) is an animal youkai that inhabits a shrine at school. He first appears in Shrine of the Guardian Deity.


While not strictly a School Youkai, he is the leader of the animal spirits in the area.

He looks like a fox, but he claim he is really a lion. He has a calm disposition, but he is truly a coward. He says he can fight when it counts, but he won't listen to the ghost stories of curses in the night.

He loves pound fish cakes. The infirmary nurse gives them to him as offerings.

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(Translation by Spider Lily Translations)


Sakunoshin has yellow hair, orange furry ears, and red eyes. He wears a yellow oversized shirt with a white stomach red scarf, white socks, and brown shoes.


Despite his fearsome reputation as guardian spirit of the school, Sakunoshin is actually quite immature and gets frightened easily. He tends to say "uryuu".


Sakunoshin is a great animal youkai who inhabited his shrine long before the school was ever built. He leads many other animal spirits.


Role in the Story

First Night

Shrine of the Guardian Deity

Sakunoshin's shrine is destroyed when some kids accidentally throw a ball at it. and Michiru struggles to repair it for fear of invoking the guardian spirit's wrath. The nurse fixes the shrine for him.

Second Night

The Lunar Festival

Sakunoshin attends the moon viewing party.

Reaper of the Thirteenth Step

Sakunoshin provides information to Michiru when Aya asks how to escape Izanami's curse.

Welcome to the Mirror World

Marie visits the mirror world and encounters a different version of Sakunoshin who's a rude drunkard.

My Best Friend

Sakunoshin comforts Michiru when she cries over Tomoko's death. Sakunoshin suggests he can summon Tomoko's soul to talk with Michiru. When Michiru shows interest in bringing her back to life, Sakunoshin tries to dissuade her since it would have consequences.

Before the Spider Lilies Bloomed

Sakunoshin and other school youkai reminisce on the past.

After School

In this dream world, Michiru summons Sakunoshin to act as her guardian spirit and battles Hikaru and Hameln.


  • Sakunoshin is identical in appearance to Sakutarou from Umineko When They Cry, another visual novel created by 07th Expansion, and uses a recolored sprite.[1] The only differences are that Sakunoshin has a smaller head and has no medal on his scarf like Sakutaro does.
    • His theme when he appears is a remix of "Sakutarou's Adventure", and he says "Uryuu~" just like his counterpart.