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Saiki (サイキ Recovery) is the first chapter of Part 3 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei's main story, the first chapter of Part 3 Heisei-hen, and the seventeenth chapter of the main story overall.

Plot Summary[]


Miyuki wakes up in the Sea of Fragments and sees Tamura there, who is blurry and weak. The horrific scene Miyuki saw was a vision of one month in the future that Tamura used the last of her power to show her. Tamura explains that there is a lifeform from space taking on a human-like appearance, named Une. She's the cause of the Sleeping Sickness. Tamura didn't mention it before because she wasn't sure until now. She entrusts Miyuki with finding Une and vanishes since she ran out of power.

Part 1[]

Miyuki wakes up in the meeting room at her apartment complex. She's relieved to see Chisame alive. It's the day after the explosion at Takano Pharmaceutical and Miyuki can't remember what she's doing here. They were chatting about what to do about their stalled investigation. Miyuki remembers going through police questioning after the incident, using Tamura's power to call Kazuho and Nao in another world, and a foreign company releasing a vaccine for the Sleeping Sickness. Chisame confirms none of that has happened yet and wonders if Miyuki hopped between worlds again, but Miyuki says that's not the case. She thinks it might've all happened in that prophetic dream. The vaccine is their best lead, so they decide to talk to Natsumi. But in an effort to do things differently from the dream world, Miyuki chooses to call her alone. She's still not sure if any of this is real.

Part 2[]

Miyuki comes back to the meeting room and tells Chisame about the call with Natsumi. She was super busy so they only talked a minute, but Natsumi promised they'd meet up later. Unfortunately, Natsumi made the same promise in the dream, but couldn't make it on the scheduled day. Miyuki is panicking that things will play out the same way, and that nobody will believe her about the premonition. Chisame convinces Miyuki to open up to her, so she tells her everything.

Part 3[]

By the time Miyuki finishes telling the story, it's now dark. Chisame understands why she was so reluctant to share it. Miyuki thinks that world ended poorly because she did nothing. She tells Chisame not to get involved as she wants to handle it on her own. She asks Chisame to flee somewhere safe with their moms. Chisame tries to protest, but Miyuki gets really passionate and shuts her down, saying that attitude is what got her father killed.

Part 4[]

Miyuki is brooding on her father dying in the Hinamizawa disaster. He was declared killed in the line of duty, and that's why they're still allowed to live in police housing. Fellow officers looked out for her, especially Chisame's dad. They constantly told Miyuki stories about her late father. Miyuki was pretty introverted at the time so Yukie convinced her to join girl scouts, even though she didn't really want to. Chisame's dad forced Chisame to join martial arts around then, so the two girls began spending less time together.

Interacting with people at girl scouts, Miyuki opened up more and learned lots of stuff. She wanted to be her own person, not just her father's daughter. When middle school started, a bunch of girls left the troop and a bunch of new girls joined because a new residential district was built nearby. The newcomers hated it because their parents forced them to join and treated it like a day care. The new kids also bully each other for things like getting government assistance. They learn about Miyuki's dad from a magazine about the Hinamizawa disaster, and ask her insensitive questions about it. Their questions make Miyuki want to know more about the incident, so she asks Chisame's dad. He's drunk so he tells her about Rika's prophecy that saved Yukie from a fall. Miyuki starts investigating Rika, but her mom finds out and begs her to let it go, so she decides not to make things harder on her and drops it.

A year later, a girl scout asks Miyuki to talk to a boy scout the girl has a crush on. She does, and a month of interactions later the boy confesses to Miyuki instead. Miyuki doesn't know what to do and runs away, telling nobody. 2 weeks later, she's surrounded by girls, including the one who liked the boy, who is crying. One girl steps forward and accuses Miyuki of badmouthing the girl to the boy she liked.

Part 5[]

Miyuki denies the accusations, but they don't believe her. She realizes nothing she says will ever convince them. The next day, she knows her mom will worry if she comes home looking depressed, so she goes to the park. She runs into Chisame there and shares the whole story. Chisame tells her to quit the scouts because these girls just hate her and there's no helping it. Miyuki doesn't want to run from her problem. Chisame reminds her how some officer they knew intervened in a bar fight, took a bad hit, and died from it. Chisame says Miyuki isn't even obligated to respond to the boy's confession. Chisame suggests they both enroll in cram school, which would give Miyuki an excuse to quit girl scouts. That means Chisame would have to quit martial arts too, but she's okay with it. Miyuki reluctantly agrees, because the guilt she feels running from a problem is smaller than the guilt of worrying a friend. A week later, Miyuki musters the courage to ask her mom about quitting. Yukie is actually supportive, and glad her daughter will be spending more time on her studies. Quitting scouts also meant Miyuki and Chisame now had more time to hang out together. Six months later, Chisame's dad finds out she quit martial arts. He took pride in his daughter taking martial arts and thought it was her future calling. She was sure he'd object and that's why she never told him. It causes a huge fight, and she storms out after saying mean things to him. Chisame's father was murdered three months later. The last time they ever spoke to each other was the day of that fight. Miyuki blames herself for that, since she was the reason Chisame quit martial arts. Chisame tries to calm Miyuki down, insisting it was her own fault for saying stupid things before parting with her father.

Miyuki is still worried the world will end if she does nothing, but Chisame says any sane person would feel the same in her position. Chisame asks Miyuki what her biggest regret would be if the world did end next month. Miyuki thinks back on all the friends she met in Hinamizawa who helped her, especially Kazuho, who was the one person she was always 100% sure she could trust. Miyuki is crying as she says she wants to see Kazuho again before she dies, so she can thank her for always being by her side and always believing in her. Chisame wipes away her tears and says they should go see her again. Miyuki still wants to do this alone, but Chisame threatens to break into the aquarium if Miyuki leaves her, because if the world is ending anyway, why not swim with sharks. Miyuki finally gives in and says she can come along. She feels a lot better now that she has a more manageable goal: to meet Kazuho again. And to do that, they need to find Une. Right as they're about to head out, the door swings open to reveal Yukie standing there.


新興住宅地の罠1 New Residential Area Trap 1
新興住宅地の罠2 New Residential Area Trap 2
赤坂美雪の人物評1 Miyuki Akasaka's Criticism 1

New Residential Area Trap 1[]

Excerpt from a news article talking about new housing developments in the suburbs that were hurt by the economic recession. One development built poor quality houses for the residents and they've been fighting for compensation. One of the residents they interviewed was referred to as A-san.

New Residential Area Trap 2[]

News report saying there are lots of construction defects at this new housing development. Parents are constantly complaining about it, and that attitude seeps through to their kids, so they misbehave. It's causing conflict with the local residents.

Miyuki Akasaka's Criticism 1[]

Chisame is on the phone with a girl named Mayu (真由). She recommended a cram school to her. Chisame told her about Miyuki's girl scout incident. There were rumors at one point about why Miyuki's mom never moved out of police housing and that maybe she was having an affair with someone, like Chisame's dad. Yukie managed to shut those down quickly. Mayu thinks the kids from the new housing development just didn't like Miyuki from the start. Chisame says she's not going to let them get away with it. She thanks Mayu for the advice then hangs up. Chisame wonders if even the confession itself was part of a plan from the new housing development kids to harass Miyuki.