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This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi When They Cry story and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

The Ryuun (リューン) are an interdimensional race of organisms that traveled from their homeworld to Earth in the distant past, of which Hai-Ryun Yeasomul Jedha is one. They are introduced in the console-exclusive arc Kotohogushi-hen.


Hai-ryuun armored fullbody

Ryuun like Yeasomul look virtually identical to humans save for their horns.

The Ryuun were an advanced race, said by Yeasomul to be similar to humans except they evolved differently from an ancestor with horns.[1] The Ryuun developed many advanced technologies and could create artificial intelligences such as Ryuun-Ohc. When the Ryuun homeworld was on the brink of destruction due to unknown reasons, the Ryuun decided to migrate to other worlds. They developed Lynoses (ライノス Rainosu), or Control Gates (管理門 kudarimon), devices which could "phase transition" by transforming objects and people into information and reconstructing them on the other side. Many Ryuun were sent past the dimensional wall to other worlds and settled on Earth.[2] These Ryuun would be called Putus (ピュトゥス Pyuto~usu), or pure-bloods (純血 shunketsu).

When the destruction of their world accelerated, many refugee Ryuun waiting to travel became distraught and rushed the Lynoses, causing chaos. The Ryuun who had traveled to Earth previously were able to retain their physical bodies, however the Lynos would reject objects that came through it that exceeded a certain mass. Because of this rush, many Ryuun ended up on the other side without physical bodies and trapped in an astral form, what humans would call a ghost.

Although the Ryuun were able to survive in their astral forms and retain their personalities, they risked changing their sense of self due to the accumulation of information that existed on Earth. Since humans were organisms with a high propensity for absorbing information, many Ryuun began assimilating them by merging with fetuses and developing new physical bodies. The Ryuun retained their personality and abilities but lost most of their memories. These Ryuun-human hybrids would be called Grifys (グリフィス Gurifisu), or half-bloods (混血 konketsu) and caused human civilization to flourish with their advanced knowledge of topics such as writing and mathematics.[2]

One year, a dangerous epidemic spread across humanity, which may have been introduced by the aftereffects of phase transitioning. Infant birth rates declined and infant mortality rates soared, and the immigrating Ryuun grew desperate. They began assimilating children and teenagers, which caused problems since the human and Ryuun personalities would fight for control over their body as opposed to assimilating a fetus's undeveloped personality over a long period of time. The resulting Grifys developed accelerated growth processes as a result of their genetics getting mixed up, and at terminal stages they would mutate into brutal, aggressive monsters. Rampaging Grifys were able to "demonify" (鬼化 oni-ka) other Grifys through mental interference and trigger their transformations, giving rise to the legends of vampires and ghouls. Putus could also be demonified by Grifys, but it was rare due to the very strong mental stability a Putus possessed.[2]

The Grifys ravaged humanity and the Putus saw fit to take responsibility for bringing them to this world by exterminating them. The 16 Putus families began calling themselves the Hai (ハィ Hai), or "feathered peers" (羽爵 haneshaku) and dedicated their lives to killing berserk Grifys and protecting humanity. Of these families, the Jedha were the strongest family and took on the role of Observers (監視者 kanshisha), watching and looking out for the Grifys.



Hanyuu miko console fullbody

Over the course of a thousand years, Yeasomul infantilizes and gains an appearance similar to that of a young girl.

Putus look identical to humans save for their horns. They are able to transform between astral forms and solid forms, an ability bestowed to them as a result of coming through the Lynoses intact. However, if they suffer external injuries then they become stuck in astral form until it heals due to the injury disrupting their body structure.[3] On the other hand, Ryuun in solid form cannot shift to astral form if they are carrying physical objects[4] or shortly after eating, due to their bodies working to produce waste.[5]

As Ryuun age, their bodies stay the same due to their molecules interlocking and reconstituting, however their minds regress in a process called infantilization; their thoughts become much more simplified due to the "optimization" of their bodies. When Ryuun die, it is possible for them to remain in a "free body" form, or ghost, but they are unable to interact with other organisms unless they "sympathize" with them, sharing their abilities and memories. It also possible to merge with other organisms. One such example is Yeasomul's mother, the original Yeasomul Jedha, who was able to merge her consciousness with Ryuun-Ohc.[6]

Demonified Grifys receive enhanced regeneration abilities.[2] However, Putus blood is like poison to them.[6]



Hybrid Ryuun Ouka Furude was capable of demonifying herself.

Putus have thousands of times the strength of a human.[3] While Putus are normally masters of the blade, they can extend their claws to sharp lengths in a form of self-demonification but at the risk of losing their sense of self. Those with Ryuun blood can demonify, even if they are not completely Ryuun themselves. A sign of demonification is the person's eyes turning scarlet red.

Putus make use of several combat techniques when dealing with Grifys, with Yeasomul frequently seen using the Turuy Galkia (トゥルィ・ガルキア) or Twin Earth (双地 Souchi) technique. The technique involves Yeasomul coating her sword with her own blood and stabbing Grifys in the hearts, destroying their bodies from within.

In addition, Ryuun appear to have a connection with mysterious illnesses such as Hinamizawa Syndrome.


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