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This article is about a character in Higurashi When They Cry.

Ryuuichi Arakawa (荒川 龍一 Arakawa Ryūichi) is Ryuunosuke Arakawa's father. He is a journalist and informant working with Kakiuchi Station. Ryuuichi was originally an unnamed reporter appearing in Tatarigoroshi who was given an expanded role in extra arcs.


Ryuuichi does not have a sprite in any version of the visual novel. He is described as looking like a vagrant.[2]


Ryuuichi is said to ignore press conventions with his brute-force method of interviewing. He tends to laugh nervously.


Ryuuichi worked as a journalist for a photo magazine starting in 1975.[3] During that time he became an informant for Kakiuchi Station, reporting to Director Maeno of the Public Relations Office.




A few months after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Ryuuichi snuck into the hospital Keiichi was staying at and recorded an audio interview with him. Ryuuichi asks Keiichi about how he survived the disaster after he fell from a rope bridge, explaining that the volcanic gas that emerged from the swamp should have passed through the riverbed Keiichi fell into. Ryuuichi accuses Keiichi of lying and claims he actually hid somewhere while waiting for the gas to thin before being picked up by the SDF.

Keiichi claims that he was responsible for the fifth year of Oyashiro-sama's curse, mentioning the footsteps and how he killed Ooishi, Irie, and Takano. Ryuuichi laughs at his warnings and Keiichi thinks he's being insulted. He thinks Ryuuichi is acting like Irie did in pretending to be his friend and predicts that the reporter will die a water-related death, the opposite of Takano's. Sure enough, Ryuuichi goes missing at sea after his fishing boat capsizes in 1995. In 2005, his parents discover his interview tape with Keiichi.

Yoigoshi (visual novel)

A few months after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, Ryuuichi recorded separate audio interviews with Shion Sonozaki and Keiichi Maebara. In Shion's interview, she professes her belief that Oyashiro-sama's curse is real, thinking it the thing that killed everyone in Hinamizawa. First that girl blew up the school, and the next day everyone in the village is killed by volcanic gas, with Shion and Keiichi the survivors. Ryuuichi voices his skepticism, and Shion claims that he'll be cursed too if he doesn't believe. Shion warns Ryuuichi to watch out for extra footsteps and declares that he'll drown to death.

Shortly after these interviews, Ryuuichi faced mental instability and was fired from his job. Ryuuichi lazed about and finally died when he drowned at sea, true to Shion's word. In 2006, his son Ryuunosuke obtains these interview tapes from his grandparents and listens to them. Keiichi's tape malfunctions, but Shion's tape works fine.

Miotsukushi Ura

In 1983, Tomoe prepares to head to the Kakiuchi City TV station and runs into Ryuuichi, who says this is a perfect time. Asked why he didn't call Tomoe or go into the station to talk, Ryuuichi says that it's special business. Ryuuichi asks to be dropped off at Kakiuchi Airport when Tomoe mentions she has to go to the TV station, and she complies. As they drive, Ryuuichi says that Public Security has called off their mark, meaning Tomoe is no longer being followed by investigators from Public Security and Personnel Affairs. Maeno has no idea why they became interested in Tomoe, but according to an acquaintance from Public Security, they're not trying to hide anything. Ryuuichi posits that the culprit Tomoe's trying to hunt down must have a lot of backing and asks her to be careful. Tomoe then asks about the person from "that case", and Ryuuichi says he took care of his responsibilities last week.

Ryuuichi says that next month, an air show's happening near Kakiuchi Airport, and he'd been thinking of attending with his wife and child and pretend to be spending time with them; thanks to Maeno he got tickets easily. Tomoe doesn't understand why guys seem to be interested in vehicles, and Ryuuichi suggests they can go cruising later if she wants. Tomoe blows off his advances and drops him off at the airport soon after.

Ryuuichi informs Tomoe that Maeno is pursuing the movements of the Ministry of Health and Welfare while Public Security is looking for a link between Lowell Inc. and the Gogura hospital. He also passes on a message from Maeno not to do anything crazy.

It's revealed that Kakiuchi Airport is being used to smuggle Placil into Japan under the guise of air show supplies. Due in part to Ryuuichi's request for tickets, Maeno was able to figure out the criminal group's plans.


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