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Ryukishi07 (竜騎士07(りゅうきしぜろなな) Ryukishizeronana, lit. Dragon Knight Zero Seven) (birth name unknown) is a Japanese author and artist who is well-known as the creator of the When They Cry sound novel series, consisting of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, and Ciconia no Naku Koro ni. He is the representative member of the group 07th Expansion.


Ryukishi was originally born in Chiba Prefecture.[2] As an adult he worked as a civil servant until he was 30.[4] During his time as a civil servant, Ryukishi developed a hobby in doujin circles and was part of a group to produce a work called Flowers, but it never released since the circle disbanded. Ryukishi later formed his own doujin group called 07th Expansion with his two younger brothers[5] and created cards for the card game Leaf Fight.[6]

Inspired by the visual novel Tsukihime created by TYPE-MOON, Ryukishi and his brothers decided to make their own novel game. Ryukishi had previously written various stage play scripts and took one called Hinamizawa Bus Stop and reworked it into Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.[7] Higurashi has since become a pop culture phenomenon, and 07th Expansion's members grew as Ryukishi became involved in many more visual novel works.

"Ryukishi07" is a pen name, inspired by the character Reina of Final Fantasy V: "07" in Japanese can be pronounced as "reinana", and "Ryukishi" means "dragon knight", referring to the dragoon job in Final Fantasy. The character Rena Ryuugu, primarily associated with Higurashi, was originally a heavily-modified fan-rendition of Reina as well.[8] The uniform worn by Reina, a highly modified rendition of the dragoon outfit, would also become the Angel Mort costume worn in-universe by Higurashi characters before becoming emblematic of 07th Expansion as a circle.

A wanya from Ryukishi07's bio on the Gerokasu website

More recent works produced by Ryukishi have seen the presence of the wanya, a blob-like creature that seems to be his author avatar.


07th Expansion

Many of 07th Expansion's works involve Ryukishi as both scenario/story writer and artist. Most character sprites are drawn and colored by him. For Rose Guns Days and TRianThology, Ryukishi drew a portion of the character sprites and had guest artists for other characters. Further in the case of TRianThology, Ryukishi wrote one story for it.

For Ciconia no Naku Koro ni, Ryukishi provided sketches for the characters while Remotaro did coloring.[9]

Ryukishi has been involved in many other works as a writer.



Other Visual Novels

Miscellaneous Works

Uses of Similar Character Designs

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"One part of my fictional world/character settings are similar, or pretty much borrow the concept of star system, making you feel 'Oh, there is that character!'"
— Ryukishi07 in Higurashi Gou SP Live Talk

Ryukishi07’s works often feature characters that are similar to those in his previous works, either through appearance, similar names, or personalities. He sees his characters as actors and compared using similar character designs in different works as being similar to Harrison Ford playing both Han Solo and Indiana Jones, in that the person behind the role is the same, but the character they are playing in each movie, or in this case game, is very different.[10]


Ryukishi's cameo appearance

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