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Ryuji Hayami (速水 竜二 Hayami Ryūji)[1] is a detective and captain of the prefectural HQ's first Mobile Investigation Team. He first appears in Someutsushi-hen.



Hayami's team is first on the scene of a nurse's death from burning in an oil drum. He informs Tomoe and Fujita of the situation and then tells them Kakiuchi Station has no jurisdiction here, as the murder occurred in the neighboring prefecture of Sawaguchi and is thus Sawaguchi Station's responsibility. Hayami arranges for Tomoe to get the autopsy photos anyway.


Hayami is present at the scene of Kazuma Hatakeyama's murder by Kiyoshi Obata.


Hayami is present at the scene of Nagisa Ozaki's murder. He informs Tomoe of the situation and then warns her to get out, as Second Division is behind this case. Hayami plans to give Tomoe status reports anyway, and later tries to calm her down when she hits Okabe in a rage.

Miotsukushi-hen Ura

After Tomoe and Tsukada's near-death experience at the hands of Hanada, Hayami's team retrieves Tsukada's car from the harbor.

Tomoe launches a raid on Kakiuchi Airport, and Hayami's team joins in. Hayami captures one of Chiba's men in the airport warehouse and later warns his allies that Hanada is trying to escape on an airplane.

As a result of the raid, Hayami is given a salary reduction and transferred to another jurisdiction. Before then he gives Tomoe a report about Tsukada's vehicle and its usage by Hanada in Nagisa's kidnapping and death in 1982.