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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Rukhshana (ルクシャーナ Rukushāna) is from COU Saudi Arabia and a member of the Gauntlet Knight squad Suparna.


From COU Saudi Arabia

A member of the 301st Aerial Augmented Infantry squad "Suparna" of the COU Combined Military Central General Corps, First Branch

In her home country, only men attended Aerial Augmented Infantry schools, but her P3 levels were so high that the king commanded that she be given a special exception.

Her personality isn't suited for being in the Aerial Augmented Infantry, but she earns top grades in all forms of training. Her simulator grades are the best in the COU-controlled section of the Middle East.

Her non-confrontational personality and tendency to focus on defense are thought to be signs that she best embodies the soldier who protects peace, so she is very highly regarded.


Rukhshana wears a black cloth covering her head and neck resembling a hijab, a black dress with a red sash, black gloves, and black boots. Her Gauntlet has a metallic blue shield attached to it.


Rukhshana gets worried easily, often facing possibilities of her alternate personality Rukhi coming out; Rukhshana thus talks to Rukhi a lot and tries to calm her down. When Rukhi's in control, she laughs a lot and is rather wild.


Special Abilities

Goddess of Protection (S)

Her ability to defend against enemy attacks is extremely high. She intercepts anything that can possibly be intercepted, and she'll protect her wingmen with her own shield if necessary.

Possibly in exchange for that, her ability to attack enemies isn't particularly good.

Rejection Shield Aptitude (S)

Her aptitude for using the Rejection Shield is very high, and she can rapidly and accurately deploy it with minimal strain.

This is the exact opposite of Sujatha's ability and can be used optimally when in a defensive position.

8MS Stealth: Concealment (S)

Unless she makes sudden movements, she can slowly fade away before anyone realizes it, like a sand castle against the waves, making her disappear from the view of the Reaper's Eye.


Rukhshana was born and raised in COU Saudi Arabia, which had a culture finding it immoral for men and women to share the same workplace. When Rukhshana became a Gauntlet Knight, there was much outcry after it became known that she was to be placed in Suparna with a man, Andry. Rukhshana was allowed to stay in the squad after intervention from the COU government.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Rukhshana is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside her squad mates at the International Battle Standard Festival. She later accepts the Public Bath Oath.

In Chapter 18, Rukhshana's squad is sent on a mission to destroy ABN agricultural plants and in the process are accused of causing civilian casualties. Rukhshana starts panicking, having made sure that there were absolutely no civilians around when they attacked

In Chapter 23, Rukhshana and her squad become active in suppressing the drone revolt. In the next chapter, Suparna is reprimanded for their neglect during the agricultural plant attack and for sabotaging missions as part of the Public Bath Oath. Rukhshana suddenly transforms into Rukhi and lets loose on the colonel in charge, and Andry steps in to defend her and ensure she stays in the squad.

In Chapter 25, Rukhshana gives Rukhi control and introduces her to the rest of the Gauntlet Knight aces.