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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Rose Haibara  (ローズ・灰原 Rōzu Haibara) is one of the main protagonists of the Rose Guns Days series. She is the Madam of Club Primavera and does everything in her power to preserve the Japanese culture that was almost lost after World War II.


She is the real first Madam of Primavera, Rose Haibara.
However, in '47, she was forced to put together a group of crooked ladies of the night.
She was fair and gentle to everyone. Earnest, unquestioning and good-natured.
She still doesn't have the dignity of a Madam, but that's why everyone loved her so much.
She was pretty and beautiful as a woman, but as a lady of the night, she was probably not the best choice.
She had the beauty and fragility of a fresh snowflake, because none of the men wanted to touch her.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Rose has green eyes and long, curly light-pink hair. Her casual wear consist of a dirndl with long light-yellow skirt, pink shoes and red pendant.

For business meetings and other formal occasions, her hair is tied into a ponytail, and she wears a dark purple blazer with a white shirt and rose brooch at the front. She also wears a midi skirt that resembles an unopened rose bud, nude stockings, and pink high heels.


Rose is very conscientious and tries to extend kindness to her fellow Japanese whenever possible, however she constantly questions her decisions, especially if others suffer because of them.

Over time, Rose learns to become more assertive while still maintaining her sense of kindness and goodwill.


Rose was born to a Japanese mother and a Greek father, who had moved to Japan to study Japanese culture. Her father's observations of Japanese culture made Rose want to preserve it.

As an adult, Rose became a lady of the night and was soon chosen by Stella, Meryl and Amanda to become the Madam of the alliance and nightclub Primavera.



Season 1

Rose is first introduced in 1947 as the Madam of Primavera and hires Leo Shishigami as a bodyguard. Alfred Akagi arrives at the club and demands that Rose pay his family protection money, and she refuses. Alfred soon kidnaps her and Claudia Kurosaki, but they get rescued soon after. Rose later approaches Captain Butler to get the protection of the occupying forces and is told to find a missing American soldier. Rose and her friends investigate and discover that the soldier tried to save a woman from prostitution and is running from her bosses; Rose gives them $1,000,000 to set the woman free and pay her debts.

Rose then starts thinking about how she can save her fellow countrymen. She prepares a party for Butler at Primavera and encourages Richard Maiougi to make deals with Japanese businesses instead of American ones to help them expand and provide jobs for Japanese people. Rose later discovers that Alfred is planning to drive a bomb into the club as revenge. To distract Butler and the other customers during the party as the bodyguards hunt down Alfred and the women of the club search for the bomb, Rose starts singing English songs and uniting them in a chorus.

The Caleb Family starts taking over City 23 after Alfred's defeat, and they approach Primavera to get them to ally with them; Caleb thinks Rose will say yes since they both want to help the Japanese. Rose refuses him, believing that Caleb is far too brutal in his methods despite his good intentions. Caleb's men later attack Primavera-allied businesses in return, and when a shopowner dies because of their attack, Rose begins to regret her decision and starts questioning if she really is suitable to be Madam. Rose asks Wayne to drive her to GHQ to convince Butler to help and she winds up getting captured by Caleb's men, with Miguel Kurashiki torturing her for being so submissive. Caleb arrives to force Miguel to stop, and Leo takes Rose to her apartment to recover.

Amanda Amamiya takes advantage of Rose's absence to make herself the new Madam of Primavera, and Caleb's men start searching for Rose and her allies. After a shootout at her apartment, Rose and Leo escape and hide with Claudia at her restaurant. Miguel soon figures out they're hiding there and attacks the restaurant, and Rose escapes again and runs away with Leo and Wayne holding back Miguel's men.

Season 2


Rose is picked up by Lee Meijiu and brought to Chinatown where she reunites with the rest of the Primavera crew. After hearing that Wayne and Claudia were taken hostage by Miguel, Rose resolves to rescue them herself. She starts training in gun usage and makes a promise to Leo that if she ever fights by herself, then Leo gets to spend the night with her. As Rose trains, Meijiu starts instilling in her the desire to "become a dragon" and get her hands dirty.

Rose later calls Miguel after seeing leaflets spread around by the Caleb Family wanting to contact her about Claudia and Wayne. Miguel wants Rose to come alone to the pier to negotiate their release and she accepts the deal, wanting to talk to Caleb in person. Meijiu then convinces Rose to equip a poison-tipped ring so she can assassinate Caleb and destroy the Caleb Family. Rose psyches herself up to kill Caleb up until she meets Miguel, who wants to perform a full-body search before he takes her to Caleb; Rose considers killing Miguel instead if he notices the ring, but she ultimately takes it off and throws it into the ocean. They're then interrupted by Claudia and Wayne suddenly appearing, who've escaped capture and are trying to rescue Rose. In the ensuing gunfight, Wayne and Claudia are seemingly killed when an exploded car falls on them, and Rose starts despairing over their deaths. With military police drawing near, Rose gets arrested as Miguel's men escape.

Rose is taken to meet Butler and continues espousing her desire to become a dragon, asking him for an explosive vest so she can kill Caleb at any cost, even if it means she dies with him. A few days later, Rose starts preparing the vest and is stopped by Leo, who convinces her to forget about becoming a dragon and to rely on her comrades at Primavera. Leo then makes good on his promise to spend the night with Rose if she were to act by herself.

Renewed with confidence and determination, Rose calls Caleb and formally declares war on him. She later regroups with her Primavera allies and announces her resolve to stand up to Caleb for her countrymen, receiving support from everyone including Wayne, who suddenly reappears; Wayne and Claudia had survived the shootout earlier and were recovering.

Rose then meets with Butler and Meijiu to prepare a final attack on the Caleb Family. Caleb keeps rotating between safehouses due to the attempted assassination on him earlier, and if he hears that Club Primavera and Amanda were captured, he'll want to rush over there to save her; the Caleb Family was already falling apart at the seams due to some of his subordinates getting disillusioned with Caleb trying to gather $100,000,000, and him rushing to save his girlfriend will further strain them. Military police should be standing by at Primavera to arrest Caleb's men should they instigate a gunfight, and Rose's group will attack Caleb's main hideout while keeping all fighting and gunfire inside as much as possible to avoid public disturbances. As another part of the plan, Rose receives from money from Butler to use in bribing James Tomitake to join their side and provide information.

Primavera launches their attack, successfully taking Amanda hostage and trapping Caleb at the Belton Plaza Hotel. Rose, flanked by Leo and Wayne, enters the hotel to talk with Caleb, who's joined by Miguel and several henchman. After a brief conversation between Rose and Caleb's ideals, the two sides start exchanging gunfire. As the fight goes on, Caleb and Miguel retreat to the penthouse while Rose and Wayne pursue him; after reaching the top Wayne and Miguel duel and defeat each other, leaving Rose and Caleb alone to talk.

Rose and Caleb have one last duel, ending with Rose declaring herself the new ruler of City 23 and promising to end Caleb's war by inheriting his ideals. Rose soon announces the creation of the Primavera Family and absorbs the remnants of the Caleb Family into it, having great plans to rebuild Tokyo and foster mutual aid between Japanese countrymen.

The end of 1947 has Rose seeing Leo off as he returns to end his own war, and she herself heads into the reborn City 23.


1948 centers around Rose having expanded Primavera greatly, buying all the special offers windows and raising wages for Japanese laborers. While being driven home from a meeting with Butler, Rose's car winds up hitting a girl; Rose brings her to a hospital, and when it turns out she developed amnesia Rose gives her the temporary name Rapunzel, Zel for short. Rose later invites Zel to lunch and talks about food culture, explaining her desire to distribute Japanese soy sauce.

Rose later meets with Meijiu concerning a decision to help all Japanese countrymen or just the ones living in City 23. Tensions between Japanese and Chinese laborers have also started rising, and Meijiu proposes that Primavera and the GDS work together to preserve public order. Rose instead states her plans to make a Japanese employment agency, and she offers to sell Meijiu some of the special offers windows if he makes a Chinese agency as well; Meijiu asks Rose to trust him when he asks for time to make a decision.

Zel and the Wandering Dogs later discover a backdoor employment agency operating in Chinatown, and they inform Rose about this. Rose decides to open the Japanese agency right away after telling Meijiu of this, soon offering to negotiate with him again for the creation of a Chinese union only to be rejected, as the elders behind the GDS have started to get involved and don't want anything to do with the Japanese

Rose becomes impressed with the Wandering Dogs' success and appoints them as her personal bodyguards, taking them with her to Chiba to meet with the Satomi Alliance. It's revealed that Rose faked killing Caleb and took the credit for it, with Caleb soon going into hiding under protection by Satomi. Rose is then escorted by Miguel, who also survived and is working for Satomi, to meet Satomi Yoshikage himself and secure a deal for soy sauce distribution. While celebrating at Caleb's bar afterwards, some assassins attempt to kill Rose but are soon defeated.

Season 3


Rose begins selling soy sauce across City 23, causing some controversy over the price being three times what it was in the past. Rose and Richard are later brought to meet Wang Yuanhong, where they discuss the tensions arising between Japanese and Chinese citizens. Wang and Meijiu want Rose to lower Japanese wages to what they once were and to transfer 30% of the special offers windows to them. Richard is quick to reject this proposal but Rose calms him down and asks to have a few days to consider it.

Unbeknownst to Rose, Zel is actually the assassin Hotarubi, who is ordered by Wang to kill Rose. Zel is given a ring filled with poison meant to take effect after a week and is invited to the next Pasta Gathering, where Rose gives a speech about how Japanese people need to work together and moves Zel's feelings. She struggles to go through with poisoning Rose's drink, and Rose notices her ring and makes her stop the attempt, having seen through it beforehand.

Wang then releases cheap, fake soy sauce on the market, and many Japanese citizens start buying it. Rose tries convincing businessmen to continue buying Japanese soy sauce to preserve food culture in the long run, but they're unwilling to since they're struggling to get by as it is. Rose later hears from Meijiu about why Zel became an assassin and sympathizes, inviting the other Wandering Dogs to hear the story.

Wang still believes Rose has been poisoned and demands her to make reparations to the GDS, otherwise he will release even more cheap ingredients onto the market and continue dominating the City 23 economy. Rose begins to realize that enabling self-determination in Japanese people is much more important than just preserving their culture, and she considers a plan that would make Primavera hated in the future. After meeting with the other Primavera bosses to discuss this, they all agree.

Rose is invited to meet Wang again at his restaurant and give her final answer to the GDS' proposal. She had been helping Zel and the Wandering Dogs hone their skills in preparation for rescuing Zel's father from Wang's restaurant, and Rose helps in the plan by keeping Wang occupied.

After Zel's father is successfully rescued, Rose and Wang sit down and begin negotiating over Primavera's relationship with the GDS, with two phones being placed next to them. Wang asks Rose to sign a document confirming her allegiance with the GDS, and she pours wine all over them. Wang and Rose then begin exchanging moves, with Wang summoning his henchmen to surround the restaurant while Rose calls Richard to begin burning down Wang's storehouses, destroying his cheap ingredient stockpiles.

Rose also reveals that she had disbanded the Japanese labor union but transferred the special offers windows to other mafia groups that were originally supporting the GDS, buying their support for Primavera. Wang soon succumbs to the poison he had tried to kill Rose with and is carried off. Sun Zilong then assumes control of the GDS and negotiates with Rose more amicably, earning some of the special offers windows. 1948 ends with Rose seeing off Zel and her father with fake passports so they can live in secret.


Rose starts planning a distribution association in City 23 to make Primavera on par with the occupying forces and Chinatown. She winds up collapsing from exhaustion one day, and Stella and Meryl decide to help her out as advisors. Rose recovers and manages to get the distribution association approved, having a meeting with Butler, Meijiu and later with Major Gabriel Kaburaya.

Rose later gives a public speech as president of the association and is then attacked by mysterious assassins, who unbeknownst to her were sent by Gabriel to kill her. As Rose tries to escape, she gets shot in the stomach and makes it to the hospital under critical condition.

Last Season


Rose undergoes an operation to remove the bullet, which was successful, however she's still comatose. As Rose is taken to a hiding spot, Richard assumes control of Primavera after Stella's death and sends Wayne to act as a bodyguard for Rose.


Rose has been kept hidden in a hotel in Shizuoka, and is essentially under house arrest. After Rose regains consciousness, she asks to talk to Meijiu after hearing Richard say that the GDS was responsible for Stella and Yuuji's deaths. Richard still wants to keep Rose hidden and says there was evidence collected by Gabriel that they did it.

It's later revealed that Rose had been exchanging letters with Zel ever since she left Japan, and Zel returns after noticing that her letters suddenly stopped coming, and that when they started again, they looked like they were written by a different person. Zel and the Wandering Dogs determine that Rose is under house arrest, and they later meet with Leo, Jeanne Amakawa and Meryl to plan a rescue. The group and Wayne eventually break Rose out of her hideout but they temporarily get stopped by Keith Kisaragi taking up a sniping position.

Rose meets up with Jeanne and sends a call to Richard, where they discuss their ideals before Rose declares her will to stop Primavera. Rose then recruits Caleb and meets with Zilong in preparation for the final battle.

Rose's group attacks Richard's in a graveyard, and she and Leo have a brief standoff with Cyrus and Richard, which ends with Richard running away. Rose ends up shooting Cyrus, and as he dies he asks that they let Richard go.

After the fighting ends, Rose asks Jeanne to prove she has what it takes to reform Primavera as its new Madam, wanting to spread a story that Jeanne killed and usurped her.

In 2012, Jeanne reveals that Rose had faked her death and lived the rest of her life in secret with Leo, assisting her successor from the shadows, and that Julie is Rose and Leo's granddaughter.


  • The last character in Rose's surname (原 bara), which means "field", is homophonous with the word for "rose" (薔薇 bara) in Japanese.