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Rose Guns Days The Best contains every Season and a new Special scenario where Julie goes back in time to meet the Primavera members of the past.

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Primavera, 1947. Stella Maiougi and Meryl Tanashi tend to a guest who looks very drunk and might throw up. Rose Haibara asks the guest Julie Hayashibara if she feels alright, and Julie wakes confused as to where she is. Stella says this is Club Primavera, thinking that maybe Julie lost her memory from being drunk. Rose introduces herself, and Julie realizes that she’s speaking to her grandmother in her prime. Julie wonders how she could have traveled back in time from 2016 but puts the thought aside and thinks that if this really is 1947, then she has a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview the founding members of Primavera. Cyrus Saimura and Richard Maiougi soon arrive, with Julie excited to meet them. Meryl is intrigued that Julie knows them all so well, and Julie says they’re the hardest working people in Japan. Rose meekly accepts her compliments, and Leo Shishigami and Wayne Uedera appear. Julie is surprised to see how similar the young Wayne looks to Toratsugu but feels a different vibe from him.

Julie introduces herself as from the Hong Kong Daily News. Leo compliments Julie for her looks, and Julie wonders if a time paradox could occur if he continued any more. Julie determines that this really is 1947, the year Madam Jeanne started and a while before the “Days of Roses and Guns” began. Julie says she wants to interview the group, but Richard shows confusion since he’s never heard of Hong Kong Daily. Julie remembers aloud that the newspaper company wasn’t formed until 1995, and when Stella asks what she means by that, Julie tries to backpedal and say she was talking to herself. The others begin to catch on but Wayne thinks Julie is still drunk and speaking nonsense. Rose stares at Julie, mentioning that her eyes resemble her mother’s eyes. Leo says Julie looks more like Rose. Rose asks Julie if they met before, and the others begin to notice the similarities between the two.

Julie reveals that she indeed came from 2016, much to Meryl’s surprise. Richard thinks she’s telling the truth since her clothes are much nicer. Julie pulls out her driver’s license as further proof, and Richard and Cyrus think it’s much too elaborate for a joke and must have been made with advanced technology. Rose asks how Julie went to the past but she doesn’t know. The others ask Julie if she knows who’ll win in boat racing and boxing the next day, and Stella asks who she’ll marry in the future. Julie hesitates, since Stella died in 1949 because of Gabriel’s plans and never got to marry. Rose tells everyone to stop pestering Julie and asks what the world is like in 2016. Everyone speculates on the future, but Julie agrees that Wayne’s interpretation is correct: technology advanced, the streets are crowded, and the buildings are taller, but the rich are still rich and the poor are still poor.

The group asks if Julie brought anything else from the future, and she explains she has a smart phone. Stella and Meryl play with the camera and the beauty app, trying it out on Wayne much to his annoyance. Leo comments that if they had such a device combining radios, cameras, and computers, maybe they wouldn’t have lost the war. Cyrus wonders if the future is full of more terrible weapons, and Julie explains that as of the 21st century, the US Armed Forces are developing unmanned weapons. This is the kind of tech that would allow someone to remotely control a weapon from miles away like it were a regular day job. Richard hopes for an age where wars come to an end, but wars like this that won’t hurt anyone are also nice. Julie stops speaking right there, not wanting to crush their hopes. 20th century wars had many civilian casualties as a result of fighting between soldiers, but the 21st century was full of terrorism and unmanned weapons. Common incidents included weddings being bombed on accident.

Rose asks if the future has hope, and Julie says it does; there are many things in the future, but there is especially hope for those who believe in it. Rose hopes that over time, people’s emotional scars from war will heal and that Japan will make peace with China and the US. Julie muses that though physical documents may fade over time, digitized memories will always stay. Rose wishes that Julie’s generation could be stronger if her own were sturdier, and Julie sees the Madam understands that the future is one where past scars will remain forever. Julie tells Rose not to worry, as even though she was bullied in school for being full-blooded Japanese, she has a lot of Chinese and American friends. They have the potential to get along with everybody in the future, especially with language translator devices.

Julie sees how much Wayne is devoted to Rose and thinks about how he’ll continue following her ideals all the way into the future. Wayne notices Julie staring at him and asks what’s going on, with Julie commenting on how cute he is in front of Rose. Wayne takes offense and says he’s going to be a big shot one day comparable to Leo and Cyrus, and Julie says he will. She calls him Advisor Uedera and says he’s the reason Primavera still exists in 2016. Cyrus is amazed at that future promotion while Julie explains that Wayne becomes an advisor to the Japanese brotherhood association and the consigliere to the greatest Japanese mafia group. Wayne says he doesn’t want to be part of a mafia group and would rather protect Rose. Meryl asks who Wayne marries and if he has children.

Julie suddenly starts feeling dizzy, realizing that her time limit is over. Leo thanks her for the talk and says he’ll tell his child to name his own grandchild Julie. Julie’s consciousness fades, and when she awakes she finds herself back in the present. Toratsugu says they’ve arrived at their destination, and Julie remembers that she was returning home after dinner with Madam Jeanne and drank a lot; that discussion with Primavera’s past members must have been a dream. Julie asks Toratsugu if they’re living their lives well enough to make their ancestors proud, and Toratsugu says not to worry about that. Young people given the chance to live for themselves is a privilege, and even the advisors used to romp around like they do. Julie understands that learning from history is important, but they shouldn't be compelled to follow along with what people of the past did.

Julie promises to do her best and gets an email on her phone, a game notification from Toratsugu asking for reinforcements. Toratsugu asks Julie if she'll help but she ignores him. He gets another email from Julie, this one containing the modified image of Wayne from the past. Toratsugu gets confused since he doesn’t remember ever wearing clothes like this. Julie feels heartbroken, missing her chance for the scoop of a century. Even though the people of the past had such strong hopes for the future, Julie is doing trivial things like sending reinforcements for a game. Julie wonders if she’ll be able to expose her heart to her own children 50 years in the future. Julie thanks her grandmother and Jeanne for what they did and decides to send the Wayne image to Jeanne and Advisor Uedera.

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