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Upon completing Last Season, the reader is able to access the Music function and listen to every music track in the story.

The music files can also be found in the game's BGM folder. Information on when each track is played in the story may be found in the Plot Summary pages for each season.

Season 1

No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.ogg) Artist
N/A 愛はオメルタ [Love is Omerta] RGD_op1.mpg
1 ならず者たちの憩い [Rest for the Riffraff] 6 lg05jazz_mst_pan2 ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
2 A_drunkard_of_a_wilderness 5 lg04_solo_g_with_se ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
3 No.9 No.9 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
4 Shall We Dance? Shall_We_Dance 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
5 ジャンヌの肖像 [Portrait of Jeanne] Janne_no_Shozo 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
6 薔薇の雫 [Rose-Colored Drops] baranosizuku M. Zakky
7 酒が無いと始まらない [I can't start without a drink] sakeganaitohazimaranai M. Zakky
8 roulette roulette M. Zakky
9 ポーカーバディズ [Poker Buddies] 1 lg01_boggie_mst2 ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
10 神の知らない町 [God Knows Where] Kami_no_Shiranai_Machi 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
11 Boss is Zako! 2 lg02_heavy_mst2 ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
12 Marching Black Marching_Black 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
13 Core Core M. Zakky (I.L.U. Studio)
14 Cheerful cheerful M. Zakky (I.L.U. Studio)
15 Life Gauge Life Gauge M. Zakky (I.L.U. Studio)
16 M BEAT mb_2 pre-holder (かきくけこ)
17 Bullet Bullet M. Zakky (I.L.U. Studio)
18 顔のない町 [Faceless Town] Kao_no_nai_Machi 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
19 Trance Up 03 pre-holder (かきくけこ)
20 Twinkle 02 pre-holder (かきくけこ)
21 オトナノノミモノ(From DGW) [Lionfish] otona_no_mimono ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
22 背徳賛歌 [Immoral Anthem] Haitokusanka 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
23 あなたの還る場所 [Where You Return To] NEW15 dai (M. Graveyard)
24 一期 [First Season] itigo dai (M. Graveyard)
25 子分はつらいよ [It's hard being a henchman] kobunhaturaiyo M. Zakky
26 Judgement Judgement 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
27 突風 [Gust of Wind] toppuu dai (M. Graveyard)
28 Land of Rose Land_of_Rose 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
29 black knight black knight dai (M. Graveyard)
30 凱旋 [Triumphant Return] gaisen dai (M. Graveyard)
31 魔女の頬杖 [Witch's Cheekbones] mazyo ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
32 イクメン、はじめました [Ikumen, Here I Come!] ikumen dai (M. Graveyard)
33 風 [Wind] kaze dai (M. Graveyard)
34 日陰の歪み [Shady Distortion] nitizyounoyugami M. Zakky
35 思考世界 [Thinking About the World] sikousekai 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
36 Duel of Rose Duel_of_Rose 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
37 幻ニ死ス [Death by Illusion] Maboroshi_ni_Shisu 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
38 Love is Omerta (instrumental) 01Omeruta_for_movie
39 隣町之異国 [A Foreign Country in a Tiny Town] lg_b_china ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
40 何モ知ラナイ [What Do You Know?] lg_b_traumatic ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
41 穢れ果てた聖戦 [Unholy War] lg_b_sentou2_ serious ラック眼力 (Circletempo)

Season 2

No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.ogg) Artist
42 Adventum 02 Adventum Funczion SOUNDS
43 げんきのバーゲンセール [Bargain Sale on Good Health] lg_b_itazura ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
44 mission -No. 23- 06 m_lg_b_sento1_kessen ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
45 ハラワラナイン [Halla Walla Nine] 08 m_lg_b_takurami2 ラック眼力 (Circletempo)
46 愛はオメルタ ギターVer [Love is Omerta Guitar Ver.] lg_omerta_gt_ver ラック眼力 (Circletempo)

Season 3

No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.ogg) Artist
47 タイムリメインド [Time Reminder] time-remained xaki
48 ハネムーンエレガンス [Honeymoon Elegance] honeymoon-eg xaki
49 熊猫町 [Bearcat Town] kumanekomachi M. Zakky
50 ピースイージス [Peace Aegis] peace-eases xaki
51 ロンドベル [London Bell] lanede-bell xaki
52 A Symmetry a-symmetry xaki
53 アクセラレシオ [axelle ratio] axelle-ratio xaki
54 シーディプライア [CD Player] seedy-prayer xaki
55 決断 [Decision] ketsudan M. Zakky
56 リンケイジオルタ [Linkage Alter] linkage-alter xaki
57 アリアドネの意図 [Ariadne's Intent] 10_Ariadone_Michu_All_R Funczion SOUNDS

Last Season

No. Track Name (Music Room) File Name (.ogg) Artist
N/A Brand New Way, Broadway RGD_op2.mpg
58 エクスタシア [Ecstasia] 44 ecsta-sia xaki
59 Days - never to return Days - never to return@ABR192 Funczion SOUNDS
60 Brand New Way, Broadway (inst.) brandnewway-inst2 劇情テノール [Dramatic Tenor]
61 Last Days -L- Last Days -L- remix_take1 dai (M. Graveyard)
62 Black _Cocktail s3_Black_Cocktail M. Zakky
63 ツメタイユラメキ [tsumetai-yurameki] tsumetaiyurameki_rokugen 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
64 Last Note -inst ver- last-note_inst xaki
65 哀しみに消ゆ [Disappear With Grief] kanasiminikiyu 六弦A助(六弦アリス)[Rokugen Alice]
66 Last Note last-note_shortsize xaki
67 Conductor, I miss you I need you (RGD ver.) conductor 劇情テノール [dramatic tenor]


  • Track 38, "01Omeruta_for_movie.ogg" does not have an entry in the music box. Furthermore, it is only played once in the entire game.