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Rosa Ushiromiya (右代宮 楼座 Ushiromiya Rōza) is Kinzo Ushiromiya's youngest child and the mother of Maria Ushiromiya. As the youngest Ushiromiya adult, she has very little say at the family meetings and is poorly respected by the other adults.


Kinzo's fourth child.

She is by far the youngest child of the four siblings. It seems that this gives her a weaker position at the family conference.

She manages a design company, but she has yet to start taking it seriously, and its financial situation is far from favorable.

PC.Rosa Full Sprite


Rosa is a young and beautiful woman who has sandy brown hair with a hime cut. The length of Rosa's hair varies between different adaptations. In the visual novels, her hair falls past her shoulders. However, in the various manga adaptations, her hair can reach past her waist. Her eyes are black in the original PC version and light brown in the anime and console ports. She has fair skin and appears to be somewhat more flat-chested than other women, as well as very thin.

She wears a long, black, country-styled gown, combined with what appears to be a long dark red skirt, a white shirt under her coat, and long black boots with medium heels. The One-Winged Eagle family crest is embroidered in gold on her oversized white tie.

In the console version, Rosa's casual attire consists of a blue navy vest over a white, wide-sleeved shirt with matching blue navy pants.

Both the anime and the manga adaptations shows that, as a teenager, Rosa wore a checkered red-and-black skirt and wore her long hair in pigtails. She wore a blue vest over a white, long-sleeved shirt.


Ep 1-16

Rosa slapping Maria

Since her absent lover abandoned her when she gave birth to Maria, she's had to raise her up by herself and work overtime in her company. All these stresses over time had caused her to develop mood swings; calm and loving one moment, but then very quick-tempered and violent the next, especially towards her own daughter, whom she physically and verbally abuses on multiple occasions. Despite her very violent tendencies, she tends to regret her choices and feels bad about what she does, often apologizing to Maria by crying with her and accepting her daughter's imaginative interpretation that Rosa herself had been possessed by "the Black Witch". Rosa even goes so far as to define Maria as her only ally in the world.

Even though the other siblings and their spouses find her to be very dumb, naive and an easy target because she's the youngest, she is shown to be rather intelligent and manipulative actually, as she is the only one besides Eva to solve the epitaph on her own (and indirectly helping her sister find it before her by pointing out a key detail that Eva herself was overlooking) and in the Turn of the Golden Witch she keeps separating the servants from the rest of the survivors, pretending to be concerned about them and pushing suspicion onto them; for this very reason, in this Episode she emerges as a dictatorial, resentful and vindictive figure, unable to trust others unless she is sure of earning something without taking any risks. Rosa's treatment of the servants can also be seen as a result of extreme paranoia, given that Rosa has experienced numerous betrayals of trust at the hands of her siblings at a young age and thus always expects the worst from people. Rosa also seems well aware that Battler has inherited Rudolf's fondness for beautiful women, using it to her advantage during her aiding the young boy in solving the epitaph during End of the Golden Witch by lightly flirting with her nephew and making him promise to give her a share in case he succeeds in finding the gold before anyone else.

Throughout all the games, it's implicitly stated that the origin of her violent mood swings is not only due to the abandonment of her daughter's father but also from the cruel treatment that her parents, her brothers and sister reserved for her when she was still a kid and it is often shown more than once that Rosa has a veiled profound resentment and hatred for all of them. The hatred she feels for her older siblings is explored extensively in the second game where, after getting over the initial scare and shock of finding their bodies, Rosa has no problem appearing subtly pleased with their deaths in front of her nephews and she's constantly obsessed with how badly they had treated her in the past. All of this eventually led to her being tortured in the Tea Party; being physically forced to ingest their severed body parts and their blood to fulfill her childhood wishes of punishing them.

As demonstrated in the second and fourth games, Rosa is volatile and will lash out at others at the slightest doubt or provocation when she finds herself in a situation where she has power over other people in more disadvantaged positions than her own. This seems to echo what Eva always did to her. In these situations, she also subconsciously speaks in a venomous manner like her older siblings when she expresses her real thoughts towards her family and servants.

Her ambiguous nature is further deepened so much that, even with her poor tolerance, her emotional frailties and her serious unsolved psychological problems, in her moments of tranquility Rosa is able to effectively project a very kind and calm aura of herself with which she is partially able to deceive most other of her relatives including Battler, who initially saw her as the most peaceful and mature of the family's parents.

Rosa is also greatly affected by her status as a single mother in an oppressive society like Japan, in which women like her are looked down upon, perceiving how everyone forces her to always and only put her daughter first at the expense of her own needs and desires. Because of this, she is very obsessed with her public image both as a woman and as a mother, so when she loses control and punishes Maria for one of her tantrums or neglects her, she tries to do it discreetly and so that no one suspects anything.

Her daughter, neighbors and employees seem to believe that, like her brother Rudolf, she is very fickle in romantic relationships because she regularly starts relationships with many men and gets engaged only to soon break up with them. Because of her very stressful and tiring lifestyle, a part of her started to dream of a life in which she is so rich that she doesn't even need to work, spending her time traveling and relaxing in hotels and spas and completely free from any responsibility.

Due to the way she was raised and abused by her own family, as well as her inability to replicate the academic achievements of her older siblings, Rosa also developed low self-esteem (for example deeming herself often not very smart and incapable as her parents and siblings always describes her), as well as a certain level of cynicism about her own ambitions and a general self-contempt, that its only worsened in the years following the abandonment of Maria's father and her other many unsuccessful romantic relations.

Similar to Natsuhi and Eva, Rosa is also characterized by a certain amount of pride; very often during the beginning of the games she always tries to hide her complicated relationship with Maria so as not to give the rest of the family further excuses to attack her. Her pride can be seen also in categorically refuses to talk about her financial difficulties in front of her daughter so as not to involve Maria into her problems. It is also confirmed that, beyond her suffering from the stigma of Japanese single mothers, combined with the fact that she lives in the 80s when the babysitter system in Japan was considered something unthinkable, Rosa left Maria alone at home and forbidding her to come out for preserve her good image as a mother and not attract further negative judgments on both her and Maria.

What nobody knows is that, apparently, the reason why Rosa is so determined to get her share and use it to repay her debt is because she hopes that by doing so Maria's father will come back to them only to give her daughter the opportunity to finally meet him. However she also knows that it is very unlikely, if not almost impossible, that this scenario happens and her real goal is to put an end to one of her greatest regrets and to be able to give herself and her daughter a bright future. However, she is also, understandably, very resentful of her daughter's father and is prone to outbursts of anger when she is confronted unfavorably with him. Furthemore, one of her biggest fears is find out he left her to start a new life and family with another partner.

In the Twilight of the Golden Witch manga, a glimpse of Rosa's childhood is shown where she was very sensitive and empathetic. She suffered cruel abuse at the hands of her parents and siblings and had many dolls and stuffed animals as her only friends, explaining why she spoiled Maria by buying new toys to make her happy. If what Beatrice reveals in the second Tea Party is to be believed, Rosa as a child often wished to be an only child and found herself dreaming several times that very horrible things happened to Krauss, Eva and Rudolf, pointing out a further resemblance to Maria who does the same with her in order to deal with her abuses.

Sometimes, probably because of her lonely childhood spending by growing up in Rokkenjima without any friends, Rosa is very aware that she has never been able to become completely an adult mentally, as she often points out in the first Episodes.

She also feels immense shame when Maria behaves in a childish way, whether it's talking about magic and witches in public or treating her toys as a real living friends; this behavior makes Maria the object of bullying at school and reminds Rosa of her father Kinzo. It becomes worse when only the name of Beatrice becomes a source of debate and discussion due to the fact that it awakens traumatic memories buried in her psyche that have to do with the witch.

In any case, the beginning of the troubled relationship between her and her daughter is mainly due to her own constant feeling of hatred and self-loathing, combined with the feeling that her whole life is a failure due to her problems and regrets, which Rosa, unconsciously, seems to project them onto Maria (whose social problems and difficulties behaving like a normal child alienate her from the rest of the other children and make Rosa herself a target of her older siblings and Japanese mentally restricted society) because of their numerous similarities.

Rosa can be judged as a very resilient person because, although she often gives in to her darker emotions when she unleashes them on Maria, it is noteworthy that she took charge of raising Maria alone despite all the adversities that she has faced throughout her entire life. With the Ushiromiya family's many problems, Rosa wants to try to be a better mother and build a happy future with Maria.


Being a fashion designer, Rosa has a certain skill and competence in both drawing and sewing, considering that neither Maria nor Ange doubted that she was able to create Sakutarou. Also, according to Ange, Rosa herself has made a good part of the outfits she wears.

Officially she doesn't seem to specialize in a particular fighting style like Krauss and Eva or is as skilled and experienced as Rudolf and Kyrie with firearms. However, Rosa has proven not to be an opponent that should be underestimated. In fact, the source of her strength is her unexpressed fury that emerges when Rosa believes she and her daughter Maria are in danger, an emotional state that in the Meta-World allowed her to kill several Goat Butlers using just a gold bar and a fountain pen; with a Winchester rifle, she is able to not only keep up with a witch of Erika's level, but even puts her in a difficult situation much more easily than both any other human being and witches in Twilight, including Battler.


Being born as the youngest by far of the four Ushiromiya siblings and growing up on Rokkenjima, Rosa never had anyone to play with. Whenever she tried to play with the young servants, her brother Rudolf would flirt with them and take them away. In short, she had a very lonely childhood and only had numerous porcelain dolls and a rabbit doll (Uu-tan) to play with. Being a child among her already adult siblings, she was an eyesore that her siblings could not comprehend. One day, Rudolf took her doll and ripped it to shreds, a mistake that she would also make to her daughter one day. Rosa spent her childhood surrounded by frequent physical abuse by Krauss, verbal and psychological abuse by Eva, and every form of bullying by Rudolf, ending with the constant terror that Rosa felt towards Kinzo.


As a young adult, she had a lover who later on became Maria's father. When her lover was about to leave overseas hoping to make a career by signing a loan to finance his trip, he tells her that he will come back for her; she believed him for a while, and because of this she would show Maria a picture of him and her on the beach. However, he never returned, and Rosa was then forced to become a single parent for Maria; whenever she would ask her who her father was, Rosa would avoid the topic. Once, when Maria asked her where the picture she showed her was and drew a picture of it, she had a violent outburst, showing early signs to her mood swings. This ended up pushing Maria even further into the occult due to Maria thinking she never had a father and that she was a virgin baby, thanks also to the visit of a priest who told the story of the birth of Jesus in her nursery school. Rosa also had to start working very hard to raise all the money needed to pay off the debts derived from that loan in her last 9 years.

Due to the numerous traumas suffered as a child in their hands, Rosa has also distanced herself considerably from all her siblings so much that, except for Krauss and his family when she takes Maria to Rokkenjima for the holidays, they and their families have the opportunity to see her and Maria only once a year because of the conference.

At some point, Rosa started her company Anti-Rosa. She takes a lot of work trips, resulting in Maria staying home alone to take care of herself. However, many of these trips are actually Rosa secretly going on small vacations to lavish locations with her supposed boyfriend.

With all this build up of stress, Rosa has since suffered from mood swings. She would be calm and happy to Maria in one scene, and in the next would then abuse her for the childish way she acts, especially if Maria is acting particularly difficult or acting extremely creepy.



Ushiromiya Family


Maria Ushiromiya[]

Maria is most likely the only point of reference in Rosa's affections, not only by virtue of being her only child but also because she is Rosa's only true ally against the whole world. Unfortunately for Maria herself, this also means being the only person with whom Rosa can feel free to vent the vast amounts of stress, anger and sadness that have always tormented her over her entire life. Although Rosa is very abusive when she is angry and also negligent towards her daughter when she is tired, she feels both a lot of guilt and deep shame for it, deeming herself an incapable mother at times and consequently trying to make up for it by making promises with Maria she will eventually forget, or spoils her daughter by buying her numerous toys and candies. Despite her true feelings for her daughter being questioned multiple times, in the end it is shown that Rosa will do anything to safeguard both Maria's health and her future.

Kinzo Ushiromiya[]

Since her birth Rosa has had a very neglected relationship with her father, as the few times Kinzo interacted with her was only to scold and punish her. Their relationship was further strained when, as revealed in Banquet of the Golden Witch, Rosa had witnessed the death of Beatrice as a child, whom Kinzo knew, and blamed herself for her death. Rosa trembled at the thought of what her father would do if he found out and her stress grew as an adult when Rosa directly challenged Kinzo's authority as the head of the family by choosing Maria's name by herself. This offended Kinzo so much that he has avoided any kind of contact with Maria since then.

Krauss Ushiromiya[]

Krauss is Rosa's oldest brother. The Turn of the Golden Witch Tea Party shows that when she was a child, Krauss would hit his younger sister and break her toys for seemingly no reason. As adults, Rosa is very resentful of Krauss because he refuses to help her financially by giving her her share of the family inheritance. During family conferences she is particularly targeted by her brother, which causes Rosa to quickly lose her temper.

Eva Ushiromiya[]

Eva is Rosa's older sister. When Rosa was a kid, Eva lied to her a lot, making fun of her because she thought that Rosa was stupid for believing her and even would get Rosa into a lot of trouble with the rest of the family with her cruel pranks. The Turn of the Golden Witch Tea Party shows that Rosa often dreamed of cut Eva's tongue off by biting it when her sister would torment her, like when she celebrated her 9th birthday and Eva constantly teased her by telling her that she had no friends to invite and she would be all alone celebrating at her party.

As an adult, Rosa tries to maintain a polite attitude with her sister however she's often targeted and disrespected by Eva even when she does nothing wrong, which, as shown in the episodes, fuel the repressed hatred and contempt that Rosa feels for her. When given the chance, Rosa doesn't hesitate to use Eva's predicaments and problems to her own advantage, shown in Banquet of the Golden Witch when they both solve the epitaph and Rosa blackmails Eva, promising to be silent about the discovery of the gold in exchange for guaranteeing she gets a legitimate share. This is also shown in Requiem of the Golden Witch's Tea Party, where, during the start of the Rokkenjima Mass Murders, Rosa refuses to cover for her sister and Hideyoshi when they accidentally kill Krauss and Natsuhi and insists that they be arrested.

Rudolf Ushiromiya[]

Compared to Krauss and Eva, Rudolf seems to be the only sibling with whom Rosa has a peaceful relationship. However, as shown in the Turn of the Golden Witch Tea Party, as kids Rudolf would do the same things to Rosa that Krauss and Eva did. The Twilight of the Golden Witch manga adaptation shows a brief flashback to Rosa's childhood where Rudolf would also deprive her of friends to play with among the young servants and destroyed her precious stuffed rabbit in front of her.

Role in the Story[]

Legend of the Golden Witch[]

Ep 1-19

Rosa is introduced when the family meets at the airport. Maria finds a wilted rose in the garden and wants to care for it and winds up losing track of it. he can't find it later, Rosa hits her and leaves her alone in the rain to search for it. After realizing her mistake, she runs back out and embraces Maria, profusely apologizing.

Rosa is later killed on the first twilight with her head smashed in, which was impossible to recognize despite her clothes.

Her corpse was found inside the rose garden storehouse. Her face seems to have been smashed after her death.

I'll get to see her again. So I don't feel lonely.


Turn of the Golden Witch[]

Rosa and Maria are on the train headed for the air station where Rudolf, Eva and their respective families are waiting for them, however Rosa alters when an elderly lady gives an excited Maria a candy and cannot resist the temptation to slap her daughter and scream at her when Maria refuses to return the candy. After calming down once she got off the train, Rosa buys Maria a pumpkin candy, which she later smashes out of frustration when Maria keeps talking about witches and halloween's origin to the other relatives. Soon, Beatrice appears and uses magic to restore Maria's candy, much to Rosa's shock; she hands them a letter, telling them not to open it until the right time.

Rosa becomes the only adult to survive the first twilight and leads the rest of the survivors. She becomes extremely suspicious of the servants, separating them from the rest of the family and taking control of the master keys. Ultimately, she and Maria survive the entire ceremony, heading to the chapel to retrieve a gold bar; they're surrounded and killed by the Goats while trying to escape the island.

In the Meta-World, Rosa is tortured by Beatrice, who feeds her food made out of her family: a Bloody Krauss made from his blood, a salad made from Eva's tongue, a pie wrapped in Rudolf's face, and finally Maria's head, oven-baked with apples. Battler eventually arrives and saves her from her torment.


In the Golden Land, she finally found a treasure more precious than gold. However, it only lasted a brief time. Because of a fool, she was forced to once again lose what she had finally found.

Afterwards, she was chewed into a pulp by demons and went to hell.


Banquet of the Golden Witch[]

The adults start talking about the letter from this supposed 19th person Beatrice and what to do with her. As their discussion goes on, Rosa becomes increasingly disturbed, revealing that she had killed Beatrice. After calming down, Rosa begins to explain.

Meeting Beatrice

In 1967, she had a fight with her mother, both over her low grades and because one of her tutors revealed her secret to the latter; she ran through the forests of Rokkenjima, having heard of the legend of a witch living within. Eventually, she found the hidden mansion Kuwadorian and discovered Beatrice living there. She and Beatrice became friends and talked about how Kinzo would visit her every few days, among other things.

Rosa lamented how Beatrice seemed to know nothing about the outside world and took her out of Kuwadorian. As they scaled a cliff to go to the beach, Beatrice fell off and died. Shocked, Rosa ran back to the mansion and kept this a secret. Ever since this incident, Rosa blamed herself completely for Beatrice's death; this also strained her relationship with her father to a certain degree, as she once was frightened when Kinzo would call her.

The Second Twilight

The next day, the adults move to the guesthouse after the first twilight. Rosa manages to solve the epitaph, but reaches the gold room too late, as Eva got there first. She congratulates her sister on finding the gold and Eva asks her to keep it a secret. Later Rosa is sacrificed again by her own sister-turned-witch EVA-Beatrice. She is brutally and repeatedly killed and resurrected with bizarre magic, and both in the anime and manga adaptations, Maria is tortured alongside her before finally being killed by Beatrice.

Died in the rose garden with her medulla oblongata pierced by the spear-shaped part of the fence. If Maria's death hadn't been a clear homicide, it may have been possible to suspect an accidental death in Rosa's case.

This woman was the human sacrifice for the birth of the new witch.


Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

Rosa was sacrificed once again by Kinzo when he summons demons and witches in the dining hall. While trying to get a grip on her situation, Rosa attacks her father with a chair only to get killed by Chiester 00 with a golden arrow smashing her head. In the anime, her throat is slashed open.

Her corpse was found in the dining hall. About half her head was destroyed. It's probably reasonable to assume that she was murdered with a powerful gun or something similar.

However, the witnesses don't believe she was killed with a gun...


In the 1998 scenes, Ange, through reading Maria's diary, learns of Rosa's complex relationship with her.

Sakutarou's Birth

On Maria's birthday, Rosa and her daughter celebrated it in a family restaurant. As a present for her daughter, Rosa gave her the doll Sakutarou. Sakutarou became Maria's best friend since Rosa is always working away from home, leaving her all alone at home.

On one occasion, however, she told her daughter that she would be away on a business trip; it was actually a meeting with her siblings Rudolf and Eva, on the topic of what they could do to make Krauss share the inheritance. Not wanting to drag her daughter into something that only concerned the siblings themselves, Rosa didn't take Maria along (despite Rudolf suggesting that she did) because she hated talking about the gold in front of her. When Rosa returned from her supposed business trip, Maria discovered the hotel receipt, which she then snatched away.

Sakutarou's Death

One night, Maria lost the key to their home. When Maria went to the police, the police contacted her company, Anti-Rosa, to which her employees told the police that she was on a date with her boyfriend in Sapporo, Hokkaido. When she returned home, she was faced with a child welfare officer; after violently sending her out, Rosa started to blame Sakutarou as the reason for all this, as she's told Maria time and time again not to take her stuffed animals out in public. She rips Sakutarou apart and smashes one of the bunnies from Maria's ceramic bunny band collection.

Later on in the Meta-World, Rosa is tortured for a long time by Maria, who repeatedly and savagely kills and revives her with Beatrice's help as revenge for her past abuse and destruction of Sakutarou; as she's suffering, Rosa keeps assaulting Maria with verbal abuse, ultimately screaming that she has hated Maria since the day she was born because she's a constant reminder of the man who abandoned Rosa.

Much later, Ange visits Maria and Beatrice in the Golden Land, trying to convince her cousin that this Golden Land is an illusion by reviving Sakutaro despite Rosa denying his existence after tore him apart (making it impossible for even Beatrice to revive him). During the discussion, Maria briefly conjures up an image of a happy Rosa in an attempt to convince Ange that in the Golden Land Rosa is always a good mother to her.

End of the Golden Witch[]

Rosa, along with the rest of the parents, is a witness to Battler's victory when he manages to find gold thanks to the suggestions of the new guest Erika Furudo. Later, feeling slightly chilled, she leaves the rest of the group to go to sleep. Died in the first twilight.

Her corpse was discovered in the cousins' room on the second floor of the guesthouse.

The direct cause of death is unknown, but her neck was sliced open by a sharp blade. The wound was deep enough that anyone could easily confirm her death with absolute certainty.


Dawn of the Golden Witch[]

As part of the love trial, Rosa is murdered in the parlor by Kanon. who delivers a supersonic strike. Later, Erika tries to examine her corpse.

Her corpse was found in the parlor.

Furudo Erika didn't perform a proper investigation, so the details of the cause of death are unknown.

It is later revealed that Rosa faked her death as part of a prank, however Erika decapitates and kills her for real.

Her corpse was found in the parlor.

Her neck was completely severed by a blade.

The most perfect kind of corpse, both impossible to mistakenly identify as dead and completely recognizable.


Requiem of the Golden Witch[]

Rosa is interviewed by Will and retells the story of when she met and killed Beatrice. She reveals that she had called Genji that night, who swore her to secrecy and promised to take care of things. It is also revealed that the Beatrice she met was the human Beatrice and Kinzo's illegitimate child.

In the Tea Party, after refusing to comply with Eva's plan to cover up the accidental murders of Natsuhi and Krauss, she was killed by Kyrie by a shot to her head. There was an unused bullet in Rosa's rifle, which threatened Kyrie's plan.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

In Bernkastel's game, Rosa is killed on the first twilight.

In the battle in the Golden Land, Rosa fights against Erika and manages to keep up with her teleports, almost shooting her.

Other Appearances[]

  • Golden Fantasia features Rosa as a playable character, added alongside Jessica and George in the XBOX 360 version, and then with the CROSS expansion. She is able to perform mid-ranged attacks with her weapon, a short-barreled rifle, which can also penetrate the defenses of the player's opponent. Her ability, "Detachment", allows the player to force a waiting state on the opponent's touch gauge, temporarily preventing the opponent from switching characters. She has 4 story modes respectively shared with Battler, Beatrice, EVA-Beatrice and Chiester 410.
  • In The Witches' Tanabata, Rosa appears in Maria's deepest dreams and desires when she admits to Beatrice that she wants her mother to come home more often after work and have a happy relationship with her.


  • Rosa is the only character with six unique death sprites, the maximum possible number. This is because she dies in all of the first six arcs and only one of them is the tenth twilight.
  • The TIPS for Sakutarou's death in Alliance of the Golden Witch suggest that Rosa may have a meta-world counterpart, as her name is spelled in katakana (ローザ) in the Japanese version and in all-caps (ROSA) in the official English translation, similar to other characters with human and witch counterparts.
    • This appears to be further supported in Golden Fantasia where some dialogue options that many magical characters turn to Rosa explicitly refer to her as a Black Witch. Lambdadelta in particular even goes so far as to accuse Rosa of being a witch who denies her own nature in a casual dialogue if they fighting each other.
  • Rosa's company Anti-Rosa (アンチローザ Anchirōza) is a reference to the real life Japanese clothing company Auntie Rosa. Rosa's company is also referenced in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni as Michiru Sakurada's favorite clothing brand.
  • Together with Battler, Beatrice and Ange, Rosa is the only character to have always ranked in the Top 10 of all 3 most popular polls of the most popular characters, holding respectively the fourth place in the first and the eighth in the other 2.
  • In the Japanese fanbase, Rosa has the nickname of "Rosa Musou" (楼座無双), named after the musou/Dynasty Warriors style of games and inspired by her last stand at the end of Episode 2.[2]