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This article is about a character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni.
"Just as there can be no light without knowledge of shadows, ...there can be no infinite without knowledge of the finite."
— Ronove to EVA-Beatrice, Banquet of the Golden Witch

Ronove (ロノウェ Ronowe) is a demon butler who serves as Beatrice's head furniture. He first appears in Banquet of the Golden Witch.

Profile Edit

One of the 72 Great Demons. Works for a Master in exchange for various forms of compensation. He currently has a contract with Beatrice as her butler (head furniture).

He's become proficient at housekeeping after serving in many households, so his ability as a butler is very high.

In the high society of witches, employing him has become a kind of status symbol. Furthermore, the cookies he bakes are superb, and witches will often form a line demanding them.

He must possess tremendous magical power, but since he always stays out of the spotlight to further boost his Master's reputation, his combat capabilities are unknown.

Appearance Edit

Ronove wears a black tuxedo coat with the One-Winged Eagle on his sleeve over a white shirt, black pants and black shoes with a red cravat. He has short black hair, a black mustache, and a monocle.

Personality Edit

Ronove is very playful, often poking fun at his master when they least expect it. Even so he displays devotion to following his master's orders and won't hesitate to unleash his power.

Ronove is also shown to be brave, as in Twilight of the Golden Witch he offers to stay behind and fight off the goats when they attack Rokkenjima.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Ronove has impeccable cooking skills and is shown to even run a sort of cooking show in The Seven Sisters' Valentine.

In regards to other abilities, Ronove has the power to instantly kill people with the snap of his fingers,[1] though it is not clear if Beatrice later places a restriction on this or Ronove purposefully holds himself back. As Beatrice's furniture, Ronove also has the ability to use red truth and revive people, but only for a short period in the latter's case.

Ronove also specializes in creating magical barriers. His meta super in Golden Fantasia shows that Ronove has a demonic side to him that he keeps under wraps. His SP attack, "Innocent Rose" shows he can create magical roses to attack his opponent or act as a barrier against projectiles.

Background Edit

Ronove was summoned by Beatrice to act as her servant and used Genji Ronoue as a vessel, taking a form based off of him.

From an anti-fantasy perspective, Ronove was created as an imaginary friend by Yasu, who based him off of Genji.


Role in the StoryEdit

Banquet of the Golden WitchEdit

Ronove makes his first appearance, becoming a sit-in for Beatrice whenever she and Battler are fighting. Though he serves as Battler's opponent for some parts he is unable to make any moves without Beatrice's approval. Later in the story Ronove becomes EVA-Beatrice's Furniture after Eva solves the epitaph. He mainly appears to inform her of Beato's wishes and to help her to become a great witch.

When Kanon and Jessica are escaping, he spots them and lets them escape while EVA-Beatrice is distracted with playing with Nanjo's corpse.

Alliance of the Golden Witch Edit

Ronove is summoned by Goldsmith and gives Jessica her test, where it's revealed that Genji is his vessel. He then battles Jessica, fending off her rapid punches with magic barriers, holding out until Gaap takes care of her.

End of the Golden Witch Edit

In the ????, he arrives to assist Battler after he becomes the Golden Sorcerer.

Other Appearances Edit

Golden Fantasia Edit

Ronove is a playable character, able to create barriers and block attacks. His special ability is "Counter Boost," which increases damage of counter hit. He has story modes with Virgilia, Battler, Beatrice, EVA-Beatrice, and George.


  • Ronove is based on Ronove, the Marquis and Great Earl of Hell who teaches Rhetoric languages. He also gives loyal servants and favor of friends and foes.
  1. Banquet of the Golden Witch Chapter 6: The Beginning of the Ceremony. Ronove: "You have worked hard. You are my greatest servant. ...As a final gift, I shall bestow upon you a peaceful sleep fitting for all the labors you have performed."
    Beatrice: "What?! Wait, it's not your place to...!"
    Narrator: When Ronove snapped his fingers, ...Genji slumped to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut. ...Suddenly, and yet gently.
    Beatrice: "...What was that, Ronove? ...What a boring anticlimax."
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