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Road to Pasta Queen (パスタクイーンへの道 Pasutakuīn e no michi) was the fifth event in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Mei. It is a cooking-themed event that ran from November 5, 2020 until November 14, 2020. The SR card "Sincere Chef" Rika Furude was available to those who completed the event story.

While the SSR units associated with the event originally were in 5-star only, a rerun of the banner associated with the event on April 5, 2022 unlocked 6-star variants for them.[1]

Boosted Units[]

The following units increased event-related drops when brought into battle. They are units associated with this event.

All following units have a rarity of SSR.

Sprite Role & Character 5-Star 6-Star
Nao5 mei battle "China Maid"
Nao Houtani
Mei0011 Card 032001 h6
Shion7 mei battle "Patissier Queen"
Shion Sonozaki
Mei0051 Card 102003 h6

The following unit was a reward for completing the event and has a rarity of SR.

Sprite Role & Character Card
Rika3 mei battle "Sincere Chef"
Rika Furude