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Rina Mamiya (間宮 リナ Mamiya Rina) is a hostess who's dating Rena Ryuugu's father. She first appears in Tsumihoroboshi.


With her gorgeous appearance and smell of perfume, she's great at picking up men. Although she looks very shady, she seems to be involved with Rena's father.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Rina has pink hair and red eyes. She wears a yellow top and has a red star tattooed near the front of her hip. She also wears pink jeans. The PS2 version exchanges Rina's jeans for a blue skirt. Although it is not visible on her sprites, Rina has long fingernails.[2]


At first, Rina seems like a nice woman if a little abrasive at times and is always wearing a strong perfume. In reality, she is very crass and intimidating. She is always looking for men who might have deep pockets and manipulates them into spending it on her and swindling as much of it as she can.

Because Rina relies on intimidation so much, she doesn't seem to have any backup plans for when it fails, as seen in Tsumihoroboshi where she begs Rena to stop as she's being beaten up.


Rina was a hostess at the club Blue Mermaid and was dating Teppei Houjou, joining him in loan sharking and badger games, where a woman dates another man and has her real boyfriend accuse the other of stealing his girl and then blackmailing him for money. After seeing how much Rena's dad had to spend, Rina started dating him in an attempt to claim another badger game victim.



Teppei Houjou

Teppei and Rina became lovers sometime after the death of the former's wife in the fourth year of Oyashiro-sama's curse and moved in together at an apartment in Okinomiya[3]. The two make money through gambling and badger games/marriage fraud scams.

Although they make gross public displays of affection, they yell vulgarities at each other a lot. Rina is also not entirely faithful to Teppei and won't hesitate to abandon him if she ever finds someone better, something she's even said in front of his face.[4]

Rena Ryuugu

Rina is dating Rena's father in Tsumihoroboshi, and so the two of them start to know each other better as Rina spends more and more time with her dad. Rina treats Rena kindly but doesn't do much else.

While they may appear to be on good terms, Rina's relationship towards Rena is not genuine as she's only dating her dad just to get at his money. She knows Rena doesn't approve of her, and when Rena explicitly tells her this Rina drops her kind facade and starts acting like her true, vulgar self.

Tatsuyoshi Kasai

Rina refers to Kasai as "General Manager" and is intimidated by him. Both work for the Sonozakis in some capacity, and Kasai is very aware of what Rina's schemes are like.



Rina's mutilated corpse is discovered at the very beginning of the chapter by some Hinamizawan villagers. The TIP "East Round Three" shows Ooishi's investigation into her murder, which reveals her real name as Ritsuko and that she worked as a hostess at the bar Blue Mermaid, which was owned by the Sonozaki family. Rina stole protection money and drugs from the place at a grand scale and was killed for it, with the police thinking there had to have been another man involved since it's rare for a single woman to get their hands on yakuza money.

It's then revealed that she was Teppei's girlfriend from Okinomiya, and that her death is what caused him to return to Hinamizawa to live with Satoko.


Rina makes her first proper appearance and is introduced at Angel Mort talking to a waitress, annoyed that she can't get a seat due to the Dessert Festa. Rena sees her and they exchange pleasantries, with Rina buying some cakes for Rena and her dad. Over time Rena thinks about Rina's relationship with her dad and how Rina has been spending the night at their home more and more often and has started leaving her belongings there. Eventually their entire living room is redecorated, with Rena starting to feel unwanted.

Rena goes to a coffee shop later where she overhears Rina talking with Teppei to two other men and collecting loan money from them. She also overhears Rina's plans to swindle her father by pretending to need money to get rid of her ex-boyfriend. Rina leaves the store to cash a check, unaware that Rena was listening to her. As Rina leaves she runs into Kasai and bows to him, with the latter and Shion telling Rena about how she and Teppei do marriage fraud scams a lot. After doing some investigation, Rena remembers that Rina was planning to move into an expensive apartment in Okinomiya and discovers she had gotten her dad to pay the entire down payment for it.

Rena struggles to come up with a plan to deal with Rina, and she comes home one day where Rina and her dad say they have something to talk about. Rena dodges it by saying she has to go to the junkyard for treasure hunting with friends and runs off. Rina follows her to the junkyard to find her alone and tells her that she and her dad have been thinking about their future, and Rena flat-out says she won't allow them to get married. Faced with this cold rejection, Rina reveals she always knew Rena didn't like her with how she always ran away when she saw her. Rina and Rena exchange vitriol for each other when Rina suddenly claims that she's pregnant. She's Christian and so she can't abort it, and if for some reason Rena's dad breaks off the marriage then it'll cause trouble. Rena then yells she overheard her talking with Teppei at the shop and knows of her plans.

Knowing that they're alone at the junkyard where nobody else can hear them, Rina starts strangling Rena and attempts to kill her. She says her plan would've worked if Rena weren't snooping around and doesn't mind killing her, as Rina was going to disappear anyway after she got her dad's money. Rena grabs a piece of glass and cuts Rina's wrist with it, making her let go and yell in pain. Rena then starts beating her with a pipe, and Rina tries to escape only to fall down a mountain of junk and die from breaking her neck.

Rena kills Teppei later and makes to dispose of Rina and Teppei's corpses by chopping them up and hiding the pieces, which leads her to be found out by the club when they come to the junkyard and find the severed limbs. The club helps Rena dispose of the corpses by burying them in a forest, which Mion later moves to somewhere else using her Sonozaki influence since there was a development project to be done in that forest.


It is shown that Rena's dad was spending a lot of money on Rina when he visited the bar, which Rena discovered after checking his bank account. After conversing with Mion and then her dad, Rena had the remaining money moved to her own account and is now solely responsible for it, avoiding the tragedy that would've resulted from Rena's dad continuing to see Rina.

In the TIP "Before the Flight", Rina prepares to run away to Sapporo by plane and receives a plane ticket from one of her lackeys as they discuss a money deal. The TIP ends as soon as they see a group of cars stopping at Rina's apartment with lots of intimidating men pouring out of them. The next TIP "Wet Blanket" has Teppei returning to Hinamizawa after Rina's apparent disappearance, starting the arc's central conflict.

Shion later mentions that Rina was murdered, with the police suspecting Teppei as the culprit and surrounding his house in advance.


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