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Rika Furude (古手 梨花 Furude Rika) is one of the main characters of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She is a member of the Hinamizawa after-school games club and a shrine maiden who works at the Furude Shrine.


Rika is a grade lower than Keiichi, and thus is a classmate of Satoko’s. She is very quiet and reserved for her age, which makes her almost the polar opposite of Satoko. However, the two of them can often be found in each other’s company. Whenever Satoko is in tears after losing against Keiichi, it is Rika who cheers her up. When Satoko wins, Rika comforts Keiichi instead. When Keiichi teases Rena, Rika comforts her. In fact, Rika comforts whomever is in need of comfort. She seems happy with it. (Taken from the MangaGamer store page, which is translated from the 07th Expansion website.)

The only daughter of the family that runs Furude Shrine. Is in the same grade, and lives in the same house, as Satoko. She plays the role of shrine maiden in the Watanagashi Festival, which is held every year in June. She's cute like a little kitten, and always brightens up a room. But she has a strange air about her, and sometimes she can be calm and collected in a manner that belies her age. (Taken from the 2020 anime website.)


Rika has long blue hair and is usually seen wearing a school uniform consisting of a white shirt, a black skirt with suspenders and a pink bow. Her casual attire is a green dress.


Rika likes to give people headpats and tends to say things like "nipah" and meep".


The Furude Family has long served as priests and shrine maidens for Hinamizawa's god Oyashiro-sama. It was believed that if firstborn daughters were born to the Furude Family for eight generations in a row, then that eighth generation would be his reincarnation. As such, Rika was that eighth generation and is greatly revered by the villagers as Oyashiro-sama's reincarnation and messenger.

Rika's parents were the victims in the third year of Oyashiro-sama's curse, leaving Rika the only living member of the Furude Family. The mayor of Hinamizawa legally serves as her guardian, however Rika lives with Satoko alone in a house near the Furude Shrine.

Minagoroshi reveals that Rika has been time-traveling for over 100 years. Every time she dies, she heads to new Fragments, or timelines, with the help of Hanyuu to try and prevent her own death.



The Club


Satoko Houjou

Keiichi Maebara

Other Club Members



Rika is first introduced. She performs a ritual at the Watanagashi Festival.

It is later revealed that Rika's parents were the victims of the third year of Oyashiro-sama's curse.


Keiichi feels guilt for sneaking into the ritual storehouse during Watanagashi and confesses to Rika about it, expressing his fear that something bad will happen. Rika promises that she'll do something about it.

Later, Rika and Satoko disappear from their home, with Rena deducing that they were kidnapped. As it turns out, Mion lured them to her home and tortured them to death, throwing their corpses into an underground well. Mion did it as punishment for Rika replacing the lock on the ritual warehouse to make it easier for her to open, thereby making it easier for the warehouse to be broken into on the night of Watanagashi.

When the police recover their bodies later, they find a syringe on Rika's corpse.


Rika and the other club members take Satoko to the festival for Keiichi.

Later, Rika's brutalized corpse is discovered at the Furude Shrine.


A young Rika meets Mamoru Akasaka when he visits Hinamizawa in 1979 to investigate a kidnapping. At one point, Rika takes on an ominous disposition and tells Akasaka to return to Tokyo. Rika returns to normal shortly after and acts like nothing ever happened.

Later, Akasaka tries to call his wife and finds that every phone he goes to has had its wires cut, with Rika following him, seemingly being the perpetrator. Rika takes Akasaka to the Furude Shrine for the impromptu Watanagashi Festival and starts telling him of the future. Rika lists the names of those who will die on Watanagashi in later years, ending with Rika's own death.


Rika heads to Mion's house to retrieve soy sauce and is met by Shion pretending to be her. Rika pulls out a syringe and attempts to inject Shion with it, only to have the tables turned with Rika herself injected. Rika starts muttering something while Shion tries to land the final blow. However, Rika grabs a knife and commits suicide with it after mocking Shion for being a "torture freak."


Rena goes to the junkyard to be by herself and Rika appears with a syringe, offering to inject her with it and make her feel better. Rena gets suspicious and rejects the syringe, thinking Rika is some otherworldly creature. Rika accepts her answer and leaves after ominously saying that the world is ending and expressing her wish to get along with "the next Rena Ryuugu".

After Rena takes the school hostage and threatens to blow it up, Keiichi tries to stop her. Rika decides to help and picks up a broom to fight Rena with, but she gets overpowered and knocked down.


It is revealed that Rika has been traveling between alternate timelines. With the help of Hanyuu, Rika is able to go to new fragments whenever she dies, with various events and variables changing ever so slightly, all for the sake of finding a happy fragment. Seeing Keiichi avert fate by giving Mion the doll at the toy store pushes Rika to get the help of her friends in finding her happy fragment.

When Satoko's uncle comes home and starts abusing her, Rika gives her the strength to stand up for herself and call for help. Later, the club learn of Rika's plight and try to help her, but they are all murdered by Takano in the end. Rika is tortured alive by Takano as the spirits of her friends watch, and they all encourage Hanyuu to get involved as well.


Rika looks over several fragments to piece together the variables needed for her happy fragment, and in the end the rest of the club become more prepared in fighting Takano.

In the final confrontation, Takano shoots Hanyuu, but Rika freezes time and grabs the bullet, ending the cycle of sin that was present for so long.

Other Appearances

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei

Saikoroshi centers around Rika getting hit by a truck and being sent to a new Fragment that is "sinless;" Hinamizawa Syndrome doesn't exist, and all of her friends are much different people than as she knows them. Rika is still able to communicate with Hanyuu through an artifcat inside the Furude Shrine, and she struggles to find a way back to her own world while learning more about this one.

Rika bides her time by naming herself as a witch, Frederica Bernkastel. She comes to believe that Frederica had "overwritten" the Rika that lived in this world and is a separate being.

Rika eventually discovers that she reason she can't see Hanyuu in this world is because she is not the 8th consecutive female generation in this world; her mother is, and her body contains a Fragment that will allow Rika to return home, however Rika must kill her and then herself. Rika is faced with the choice of doing that and returning to the world she knows so well or staying in the sinless world and living a happy life.

Rika soon wakes up in her regular world, having been put into a coma for a while because of the truck accident. She talks to Hanyuu and determines that she really did kill her mother, remembering the sensation. Hanyuu suggests that it was all a dream instead; regardless, Rika has learned not to take her own life for granted.


  • Bernkastel from Umineko no Naku Koro ni is implied to be the same character as Rika.
    • Bernkastel may be the same as Frederica Bernkastel due to their similar names. The Umineko side story Bernkastel's Letter also ends with a poem from Frederica.
    • In regards to appearances, Rika and Bern have similar blue hairstyles, and Bern wears a cat-tail and transforms into a cat while Rika has referred to herself as a cat on many occasions.
    • In the Turn of the Golden Witch ???, Bern uses Rika's "mii" and "nipah" catchphrases and acts like they were something Bern herself used to say.
    • In Dawn of the Golden Witch, Lambda and Erika talk about how Bern was trapped in a Logic Error in the past. The manga adaptation of that scene (Chapter 20) shows what looks like Rika wearing her dress and Hanyuu with her shrine maiden outfit.
    • Also in Dawn and in Twilight of the Golden Witch, Bernkastel refers to Featherine Augustus Aurora shorthand as "Auaurora", referencing Hanyuu's tendency to mutter "au au".
    • In an interview[3], Ryukishi answered a Higurashi question about Rika and Frederica Bernkastel's connection by saying that Frederica is the manifestation of Rika's despair. He also says that he enjoyed making Rika evil, strengthening the connection.


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