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This article is about a character in Rose Guns Days.

Richard Maiougi (リチャード・舞扇 Richādo Maiōgi) is Stella Maiougi's brother and the Consigliere of Primavera, managing their money and forming business contracts.


Primavera's chief of staff and safekeeper, and more importantly, its actual leader. If Madam Rose was the spiritual leader, he was the practical leader.
Without him, Primavera could not have been as cunning as it was.
He was known as a ruthless moneylender, but he really wasn't. He was just wearing a mask of coldness on his warm heart in order to protect his friends. That is, of course, if you returned the money you owed him on time.

(Translated from the official 07th Expansion website.)


Richard has blue hair and wears a blue and yellow coat over a gray kimono.


Richard may act serious and ruthless, but he still has a soft heart and relies on cheat sheets with pre-written threats when making deals with others. He often disagrees with Rose's plans but continues to support her anyway.

In Last Season, Richard becomes truly ruthless after Stella and Yuuji's deaths, making proper threats and actually carrying them out.


Richard's parents were moneylenders, and he picked up the skill from them. Richard also had two younger sisters, Stella and an unnamed other one, and after their parents' deaths Richard sought to take care of them the best way he could.

After Richard's other sister and husband died, Richard started caring for their son Yuuji.



Season 1

Richard is introduced in 1947 as the Consigliere of Primavera, frequently shown making deals and business contracts. When Butler asks Primavera to hold a party for him, Richard decides to go along with Rose's plan to hire local Japanese businesses instead of contracting with their regular foreign ones.

After Caleb takes over City 23 and Amanda becomes Madam of Primavera, Richard becomes targeted due to his knowledge of where Primavera's money is. He and Cyrus manage to escape with Yuuji to an unknown location.

Season 2

Richard and Cyrus are revealed to be hiding with Meijiu in Chinatown. After reuniting with Rose they begin formulating a plan to stop Caleb, which involves Richard going to Primavera and taking Amanda hostage; the plan succeeds and Caleb sends a strike force led by Maurice to rescue her. Amanda cooperates with Richard and pretends to be threatened by him however it doesn't work. Richard soon defends the club in the ensuing firefight.

In 1948, Richard continues acting as an advisor to Rose and attends several talks with the GDS. He keeps pushing for Rose to open the employment agency as soon as possible.

Season 3

In 1949, Richard convinces Alfred to become his friend and stop backing Davis Degawa so Primavera can get rid of him. He also starts to form a friendship with Keith.

After Stella is killed and Yuuji is gravely injured during Gabriel's "Operation: Great Justice," Richard holds a funeral for her and starts falling into despair.

Last Season

Richard meets with Gabriel and is given documents that implicate the GDS in Stella's death; unbeknownst to Richard, these were forged by Gabriel. Richard starts to truly believe that the GDS were responsible until Yuuji suddenly regains consciousness. Gabriel then arranges for Yuuji to get poisoned and die, and Richard is there to witness his son's horrible death.

Consumed by anger and sadness, Richard takes advantage of Rose's absence and makes himself the leader of Primavera, aiming to take revenge on the GDS by assassinating Meijiu and Zilong. He convinces the two of them to come to a restaurant for a meeting and plans to frame their deaths on a third party; Richard arranges a body double to be attacked on the way to the restaurant by Battalion to maintain the illusion of a third party. However, the plan to kill Meijiu and Zilong ultimately fails when Alan interrupts the meeting.

In 1950, Richard plans to attack GDS bases on the anniversary of Stella's death and wipe them out completely. He also starts purging those he believes to be traitors or won't ally with him, even targeting his former friend Leo. On the anniversary day, Jeanne's group arrives to challenge Richard's fighting force at a graveyard, and Richard and Cyrus engage Rose and Leo. Richard ends up running away as Cyrus stays behind to fight them.

Richard then meets Butler and learns of Gabriel's involvement in Stella and Yuuji's deaths, going to GHQ to confront him. A shootout ensues, and Richard is killed; Butler then uses Richard's gun to kill Gabriel.