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Revenge is the nineteenth episode of Higurashi When They Cry and the fourth chapter of Meakashi.


After Mion Sonozaki gets a short phone call with someone, she grabs Shion Sonozaki and asks her if she heard what she and Oryou Sonozaki were talking about in the previous episode. She then coldly tells her that Jirou Tomitake died by scratching his throat, and that Miyo Takano was seemingly burned into a barrel deep within the mountains. When Shion asks her why they were killed, Mion tells her that it is because they angered Oyashiro-sama. Just then, she gets stunned by Shion's stun gun and collapses on the floor. Shion believed that the Sonozakis were behind the curse and swears to Satoshi Houjou that she will not be killed like him. She then sneaks into Oryou's room and stuns her as well, while unknowingly killing her.

Shion brings both Mion and Oryou down to the torture chamber, locks Mion in a cage, and ties Oryou to a chair. Mion tries to order Shion to release her from the cage, only for Shion to bluff her off. She then asks Mion what Oyashiro-sama's curse really is, but Mion responds that she knows nothing of it, and that she was simply speaking for Oryou, while "others" deal with the rest. Shion then asks her if Tomitake and Takano were killed because they snuck into the storehouse, much to Mion's shock. Shion then questions why Tomitake and Takano were both killed this year even though one was supposed to die, and the other was supposed to disappear. Mion tells her that there were actually four people who snuck inside the storehouse and that the remaining two will be sacrifices.

Shion walks to where Oryou is and tries to interrogate her, but quickly realizes that she killed her with the stun gun earlier. This enrages Shion since Oryou did not say a word to anyone, or even an apology to Satoshi. She then starts to attack Oryou with a spiked whip, before she hears the footsteps she heard from the storehouse. She wonders if Oyashiro-sama is the one making the footsteps.

Shion returns to Mion and commands her to tell her where the secret well (that one of their relatives told them about) is. When Mion avoids her words, Shion threatens her that she will have to attack Oryou even more if she refuses to tell her.