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This article is about a character in Ciconia When They Cry.

Rethabile Eenentwintig Africacommonwealthrealm (リーテバイル・イエネントウェンタ・アフリカコモンウェルスレルム Rītebairu Ienentouenta Afurikakomonuerusurerumu)[1] is from ACR South Africa and the leader of the Gauntlet Knight squad Squad 601.


From ACR South Africa

A member of the June 1st King's Tour Memorial Squad of the ACR Royal Aerial Knight Corps

A princess from the ACR Royal Family and the 21st in line to the throne. All of the Royal Family's princes and princesses are supposedly talented Gauntlet Knights with extremely high P3 levels, but she's the only one who has been seen flying in the public eye.

Since she displays genius-class P3 levels, has been given the best of educations since infancy, and has the aptitude of an Aerial Augmented Infantry prodigy, many call her the strongest ace in the southern hemisphere.


Rethabile has brown haired tied into locks and wears a red and yellow headband with a mall crown on top. She also wears a red jewel on her forehead and a neckband with another red jewel on it. Additionally, Rethabile wears a yellow dress and white boots. Her Gauntlet resembles a tank and is painted in camouflage colors.


  • Ishak (squad mate, bodyguard)
  • Abdou (squad mate, bodyguard)

Special Abilities

Aerial Princess Knight (SS)

She has been prepared since birth to stand in the front lines as a member of the Royal Family, fighting and building a legend that will be completed upon the event of her death. Furthermore, her Aerial Augmented Infantry aptitude is proportional to the 1.7 billion credit budget that the ACR Royal Family invested into her training.

Aptitude for Antl-G 8MS (SS)

She refuses to let anyone approach her aptitude for movement and ignoring the laws of physics. By her own initiative and at a lime of her choosing, she's able to change whether she's at close-range or long-range, attacking or defending. Naturally, she earned a gold medal in the Stunt Flying Competition at the Battle Standard Festival of Peace.

Support from the Entire ACR Military (S)

The entire ACR military is always in a position to support their Royal Family's flying princess. In the skies over Africa, her victory is certain.

The support she receives from behind comes in many forms. Missiles, information, and even chocolate candies will surely come flying towards her, if she asks for them.


Phase 1: For You, the Replaceable Ones

Rethabile is first introduced in Chapter 2 alongside her squad mates at the International Battle Standard Festival. She later accepts the Public Bath Oath. In Chapter 10, the Gauntlet Knight aces talk about the rising worldwide tensions, and Rethabile suggests thee may be some criminal organization causing all of it.

In Chapter 12, Rethabile's squad faces off against the AOU Atlantic Fleet, where Rethabile tries convincing them to retreat. It doesn't work, and after an initial exchange of gunfire, Rethabile goes to the bridge of the flagship Roger Jamison and leaves behind some unarmed warheads. The fleet is thus forced to return to port to have them removed, peacefully resolving the situation.

In Chapter 16, Rethabile joins Miyao's Order of the Public Bath and is appointed as Master.

Chapter 18 later has Squad 601 facing off against ABN forces above the Mediterranean Sea.

In Chapters 19 and 20, after the explosion incident at the IPMA HQ, Rethabile arranges a meeting with her brother Cyril, who was asked to by LATO to become a provisional director but refused; he may have information about the perpetrators behind the incident. In Chapter 22, Rethabile goes to meet with Cyril but he is assassinated right before her eyes. In the next chapter, Rethabile and her squad suppress the drone revolt. She starts to wonder if Cyril was actually involved in some international conspiracy.

In Chapter 25, Rethabile attends Miyao's Christmas party while encouraging her fellow Gauntlet Knights to fight with everything they have, as they're all being watched by analysts due to suspected sabotage.


  • Eenentwintig means Twenty-One in Afrikaans.


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