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Requiem of the Golden Witch Vol. 9 is the ninth volume of Eita Mizuno's manga adaptation of Requiem of the Golden Witch and the 41st overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 7 and Volume 8.

Publisher's Summary


「このゲームに、ゲームマスターは存在しない」。新たなゲームが紡ぐ衝撃の展開。残酷な真実は、ベアトリーチェも理御も逃さない。エピソード7「Requiem of the golden witch」堂々完結――。


With the epitaph solved and the true culprit revealed, all that remains is for Will Wright the Mage-Hunter to take down the witch's illusion and expose the truth about the events that have brought such a tragedy to Rokkenjima. As each game is broken down and shattered in turn, the mystery of Beatrice is at last put to rest. But the witches who have so relished piling torment upon torment on the Ushiromiya family can hardly let this story end peacefully...There is yet another tragedy to relay, but who could be moving the pawns this time...?


Chapter 44: Accelerating Tragedy

Chapter 45: In the End, the Survivor...

Chapter 46: What Happened That Day

Chapter 47: Inescapable Fate

Final Chapter: In the Direction of Hope



About Umineko When They Cry

Hello I am Ryukishi07.

Thank you for reading the final volume of Episode 7 of Umineko When They Cry! This means only Episode 8 is left. This very long journey will soon come to an end. Thank you to everyone who's been following all along and to Mizuno-sensei and the editors! I would really appreciate it if you stuck with us to the end.

Would it be too forward of me to get you all to agree that the way Mizuno-sensei drew Will and Lion is just fantastic!? Not only do I love them in the mains tory, I have to admit I'm enraptured by the chill post-volume bonus strips about Will, Lion, and Claire. I love them so much I almost wish Mizuno-sensei could keep going after this, just drawing them like that! Thank you, thank you for this wonderful series, Mizuno-sensei!

You'll have noticed that many answers were provided to the Umineko story in this arc. But finding the right balance of giving out major answers and holding some back to see the readers' theories about the remaining mysteries was a major challenge for me when I was originally writing this material. I think it must have been just as hard for Mizuno-sensei to depict this in the comic medium. Again, I must express my gratitude for this herculean task. Thank you so much, Mizuno-sensei.

Also, the full cast of characters in Episode 7 is considerable, even by this story's standards. I'm sure it must have been a huge challenge to draw so many different characters.

I am certain that of all the episodes of Umineko, Episode 7 must have been one of the most difficult to depict visually. So there's no way I can possibly express my full gratitude to Mizuno-sensei for handling it with such incredible skill, grace, and love! I'm very happy about the decision to give this one to Mizuno-sensei.

I'd also like to repeat my thanks to you readers for coming so far on this journey with me. I hope I'm able to speak to you again in the final volume of Episode 8! Thank you all!

Eita Mizuno

Well, it's the final voluem of Episode 7! When I first received the offer to draw this series, I wondered if I was really up to the task, but the more I drew, the more I came to love the characters and developed a deeper appreciation for the themes of the story. In the end, I'm very happy that I got to draw this manga.

I'm both happy that I had this opportunity and grateful to Ryukishi07-sensei, the staff of 07th Expansion, the editors and assistants, and everyone else who was involved.

But of course, the greatest thanks of all go to you, the readers and fans!!

Eita Mizuno


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