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Volume 2

Requiem of the Golden Witch Vol. 2 is the second volume of Eita Mizuno's manga adaptation of Requiem of the Golden Witch and the 34th overall volume of the manga adaptation of Umineko When They Cry. The volume was released in English by Yen Press in an omnibus format with Volume 1 and Volume 3.

Publisher's Summary[]


金蔵が語った、海の向こうから来たベアトリーチェ。幼少の楼座が出会った、九羽鳥庵のベアトリーチェ。いずれも殺されずに生涯を閉じた二人のベアト。では「殺されたベアトリーチェ」とは一体誰なのか…? 魔女ベアトリーチェに心酔する真里亞とそれを否定する朱志香。彼女達の証言が新たな真実を紡ぐ…!


The time for logical debate and magical feints has come to an end; the revelation of the truth about Beatrice the Golden Witch is at hand. To facilitate this, game master Bernkastel has chosen Will Wright the Mage-Hunter to step onto her board and answer a single question: Who killed Beatrice? Joining him in the game is Lion Ushiromiya, Krauss's firstborn and heir, whose role is a mystery in its own right. Will's line of questioning draws together the stray strands from all the previous games, twisting them into a thread of truth, revisiting Kinzou's first encounter with the young Beatrice and working through the legends that have since sprung up around her...


Chapter 9: Golden Magic[]

Chapter 10: The Game Resumes[]

Chapter 11: Maria the Witch[]

Chapter 12: Will's Theory[]

Chapter 13: Jessica's Confession[]

Chapter 14: The Witch in the V.I.P. Room[]


Eita Mizuno[]

Hello, I'm Eita Mizuno.
Volume 2 has Maria and Jessica come to the fore, so it was really a lot of fun to draw!

Episode 7 happens to feature a high number of characters from other episodes who rarely appear otherwise. So every time I get to draw a flashback scene and one of theose rare characters shows up, I can't help but get excited.
I'll be looking out for a chance to draw more of them! (ha-ha)

See you in the next volume.

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