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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Renoir (ルノワール Runowāru) is the sixth ranked of the school youkai. Known as "Renoir of the Art Room" (美術室のルノワール Bijutsu-shitsu no Runowāru), anybody who doesn't follow his rules will become trapped in a painting forever.


The Sixth Ranked School Youkai. He is a Tsukumogami, a youkai born from a very old inanimate object, that haunts paintings in the art room. He's usually fast asleep, but every once in a while he will wake up and pull a human into one of the paintings.

This is being an era when no one has any room in their heart for showing interest in paintings, he finds himself sleeping a lot.

He very rarely interferes with the other school youkai's hunts, so they tend to dote on him like a younger brother.

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Renoir's eyes are obscured by his blonde hair, which at first was long enough to give him an effeminate appearance. He later cuts his hair to become short. Renoir wears a purple hat adorned with a yellow rose and blue beads, a blue poncho, blue shorts, long white socks and white shoes.


Renoir is fairly kind and friendly, especially compared to the other school youkai, however he will not hesitate to harm others.


Renoir is a Tsukumogami, a spirit inhabiting an object that is supposed to come to life after 100 years. It is suggested that he may have been the original model for Pierre-Auguste Renoir's painting Child With a Whip, due to the strong resemblance he bears.

Renoir haunts the art room at school, with his ghost story "Renoir of the Art Room" centering around five rules:

  1. Never let Renoir lend you a paintbrush.
  2. If Renoir points to one of the pictures in the art room and asks you who made it, you have to answer the name of the artist correctly.
  3. You can't lie when answering Renoir's questions.
  4. If you break any of the above three rules you'll be cursed by Renoir to befall the same fate as one of the paintings on the art room walls.
  5. Renoir looks just like the kid in the painting 'Child with a Whip' hanging on the art room's wall.

Renoir's power fades away due to sleeping for so long so he enlists Higanbana to help in his hunts while he recovers.


Role in the Story

Second Night

The Lunar Festival

Renoir attends the moon viewing festival with the other school youkai but he falls asleep, having exhausted his power.

The Boys' Portrait

Renoir makes his first proper appearance. He becomes friends with Yuuki Noda in the art room one day, who calls Child With a Whip his favorite painting and suggests to Renoir that he change his appearance since he's displeased with it.

After Yuuki dies (accidentally killed by Nafumi Shintani), Renoir tries to get revenge on his behalf. He cuts his hair and changes his clothes so he no longer resembles Child With a Whip and waits in the art room for Shintani, pretending to be a human student interested in the art room's paintings. Shintani is smitten by Renoir's appearance and asks him to be a model for her.

During the modeling session, Renoir asks several questions to Shintani about Yuuki's death and the Renoir story, and she claims she doesn't know why Yuuki died; inadvertently breaking Renoir's rule of never lying to him. Shintani gives Renoir tea laced with a sedative and makes him unconscious, then attempts to undress him when Higanbana appears disguised as Renoir.

Higanbana in the Renoir guise confronts Shintani and gets her to confess what she did to Yuuki, later dropping the disguise when Shintani successfully names the artist of every painting in the room. The real Renoir soon wakes up and reveals himself. He judges Shintani for taking advantage of Yuuki's innocence and reveals she's already been ensnared by him, calling back to the modelling session. Shintani tries to run away and ends up trapped inside M. C. Escher's Ascending and Descending, where Renoir makes her run for all eternity.

After School

In this dream world, Renoir, Headmaster, and Nurse hang out in the infirmary.


  • Renoir shares the same birthday of February 25[1] as Pierre-Auguste Renoir.