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This article is about a character in Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni.

Personality & Background

Renoir (ルノワール Runowãru) is The Sixth Ranked School Youkai, "Renoir of the Art Room".

He is a tsukumogami, a youkai born from a very old inanimate object, that haunts paintings in the art room, but every once in a while he will wake up and pull a human into one of the paintings.

This being an era when no one has any room in their heart for showing interest in paintings, he finds himself sleeping a lot.

He very rarely interferes with the other school youkai's hunts, so they tend to dote on him like a younger brother.

He's a quiet kid and usually doesn't hunt much, but his style of hunting are pretty cruel. The prey will never escape.

Despite his appearance, he always mistaken as a girl. Although he cut his hair and changed his clothes, just a few people suspect him for being male.

There's a hint that he used to be a model for the painting "Child with a whip", so maybe he's a former human as well.

His power has the following rules:

  1. Never let Renoir lend you a paintbrush.
  2. If Renoir points to one of the pictures in the art room and asks you who made it, you have to answer the name of the artist correctly.
  3. You can't lie when answering Renoir's questions.
  4. If you break any of the above three rues you'll be cursed by Renoir to befall the same fate as one of the paintings on the art room walls.
  5. Renoir looks just like the kid in the painting 'Child with a Whip' hanging on the art room's wall.



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  • "Even if you don't know who i am, I know who you are Sensei." - The Boys' Portrait
  • "...People make that mistake a lot. ...Confusing me for a girl...." - The Boys' Portrait
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