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Renapan / Batsukoishi-hen (れなぱん/罰恋し編) is a manga volume released as a limited gift to those who ordered both Meakashi-hen Vol. 3 and Tsumihoroboshi-hen Vol. 3. The volume includes includes an adaptation of the Renapan minigame and an adaptation of Batsukoishi-hen from Rei.

Chapter Summary


Rena happily takes Satoko and Rika home, with a defeated Keiichi and Mion watching. Every time Rena sees kyute things she tries to take them home, and though Keiichi and Mion have tried to stop her, they're completely powerless against her "Renapan", or Rena Punches.

Keiichi declares to Mion that he'll train hard and get revenge, and then the Soul Brothers Tommy, Irii, and Cloud appear to support him. Keiichi is confused at Tomitake, Irie, and Ooishi's sudden appearances, and Cloud says to call them by their holy names.

The Soul Brothers want to help Keiichi defeat Rena, and so they've created a Rena android designed to mimic Renapan. Keiichi is surprised by how much it resembles Rena and asks about its maid outfit, which Irii sings the praises of. Cloud says the android was built to match the real Rena's specs, with Tommy saying to never ask how they researched that. Keiichi sees how perverted they all really are, but he knows they want to support him deep down.

The training will start with Keiichi practicing catching Rena's fists in his hand at low speed, which will increase over time. Keiichi accepts the challenge and is soon beaten to a pulp, as he still can't compete with Rena's speed. The Soul Brothers encourage him to keep going and find the superhuman reflexes inside himself, and say that the only kind of conversation in the world without lies is a man-to-man talk. The Soul Brothers profess that parents, teachers, and even weather forecasts will lie. in a conversation among men who share the same values, there can be no lying: this is the common soul they share.

Keiichi thinks they're speaking nonsense, but he still senses their passion. The passion emanating from the Soul Brothers was different from the city he used to live and even different from his new life in Hinamizawa. Renewed with vigor, Keiichi successfully catches several of Rena's punches, his eyes and mind adapting to their speed. Soon, the Soul Brothers are convinced Keiichi has overcome Renapan. Keiichi tells them to call him K from now on, as he's now a Soul Brother.

Keiichi believes that he'll overcome the real Rena's punches next time she appears. The real Rena then appears and takes an interest in the android Rena. She begins to take it home as Keiichi prepares for battle, but he becomes enveloped in light and sent flying. He completely underestimated Rena's special attack, the RFI: Rena Flash Impact.Tommy takes some pictures as Irii says they need to incorporate it into Renapan next time. As Keiichi continues flying into the distance, the Soul Brothers promise to meet again.

Mion, who was watching the entire thing unfold, asks if she can go home now.


About Renapan

Ryukishi07 (original work, supervision):

Renapan was a minigame that our staff member, BT-san, created while playing around, but it was so fun we felt it ought to be included in the main game. So we decided to build a mini scenario for it, and the Soul Brothers were formed to go on a rampage outside the confines of the main story.

Thus, without Renapan, the weird rampages Tomitake, Ooishi, Irie, and Keiichi go on together would never have been born. Since it was such a big deal, I'd like you to hear a few words from the creator of Renapan, BT-san.

BT (scripting, web management):

At first it was a one-off thing to surprise Ryukishi07-san, but surprisingly enough it spread to online and mobile versions too, and now it's even been made in manga form!

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Suzuragi-sensei for drawing this wonderful manga! Thank you so much.

If any of you grew interested in Renapan thanks to the manga, definitely try challenging the original, online, and mobile versions as well!

Rena's punches are a force to be reckoned with no matter where you go! (lol)

(Translated by Furude Rika Bernscanstel)

Comparisons to Source Material

  • The Renapan minigame was first released in the original version of Onikakushi, when Irie wasn't yet introduced. The only Soul Brothers at the time were Keiichi, Tomitake, and Ooishi.
  • Satoko and Rika don't appear in the original minigame's story. The story began with banter between Keiichi, Mion, and Rena, ending with Rena punching Keiichi and going off.
  • The minigame featured Keiichi doing a virtual simulator against Rena, as opposed to fighting an android.
  • The minigame has Keiichi calling himself K after overcoming the RFI.

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