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This page details Rena Ryuugu's other appearances and involvement in Higurashi-related media outside the original story.


This article or section contains untagged major spoilers for all of the original Higurashi When They Cry story and possibly the console-exclusive arcs. Readers who have not completed the story are advised not to proceed further.

Higurashi When They Cry Kai (anime)[]

In Reunion, many years after the events of Tsumihoroboshi, Rena meets Kuraudo Ooishi and Mamoru Akasaka in the long abandoned Hinamizawa. The other four members of the club, including Satoko, are said to have died during the Great Hinamizawa Disaster.


In Part 4, Rena's hat is found stained with blood after the Great Hinamizawa Disaster. Ooishi presents it to Satoko, who is in a coma after being rescued from the village. Shortly after, Satoko envisions Rena being murdered by people in uniform and tries to call for help in the hospital.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei[]


Rena accidentally swallows the red Magatama of Fuwarazu and falls in love with the holder of the white bead, which keeps swapping hands.


Rika gets hit by a truck and is sent to an alternate Fragment where, amongst other things, Rena still refers to herself as Reina Ryuugu and is living with her mother and father happily in Hinamizawa.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou[]


When Hinamizawa is placed on lockdown, villagers starts to go crazy from isolation and lack of supplies. Rena's father is killed by villagers after a scuffle, and Rena makes it to Keiichi's house with a wounded Mion to inform him. Other villagers start to surround the house, and Keiichi and Rena work together to fend off and kill some of them.

When they learn villagers have captured Satoko and are planning to sacrifice her to end the lockdown, Rena and the club rescue her. They then leave for Okinomiya.

Higurashi Gou and Sotsu[]


After the events of Matsuribayashi, Rena continues to play with the club in their games. During the 1984 Watanagashi, Rena is present for the Three Families announcing that Oyashiro-sama's curse is no more.

Higu2020ep20 adult rena and keiichi

Rena and Keiichi in 1988

As of 1988, Rena is attending college at Gogura University with Keiichi and Mion. Mion summons the club members to reunite in Hinamizawa like old times. After the festivities, the group plans to go to Angel Mort for dinner and to meet Shion, but Satoko asks to be by herself for a while.

Satoko meets Eua and becomes a looper. Rena is seen among other club members in various scenes during Satoko's revisits of 1983 and 1984. Satoko ultimately causes Rika to relive the June 1983 scenario.


Rena sees that her father Yasunori is seeing a woman named Rina Mamiya and hanging out with her seemingly every night. While cleaning Yasunori's room while he's out, Rena finds a business card listing Rina's workplace as Blue Mermaid.

Rena meets Keiichi at their usual spot and soon joins Mion as they head to school. Rena and the club have a picnic at the Furude Shrine. Later, Rena and Keiichi go to the junkyard for treasure hunting and find a Kenta-kun statue buried among the garbage. While walking home, Keiichi asks Rena about the dam project and if any incident occurred there, and Rena is quick to deny it. Keiichi is surprised and Rena says she doesn't know anything since she moved there a year prior.

The next day, the club plays a scavenger hunt game. After the game, Rena spaces out and tells the group she'll be resting in the infirmary before going home. As she rests, Satoko uses this opportunity to inject her with H173 and leaves. When Rena wakes up, she seems aware that Satoko was standing nearby but doesn't see her anywhere.

Sotsuep1 rena listens

Rena eavesdrops on Rina's conversation

Rena finds her dad's bankbook and sees that he's made many expensive purchases using the money he got from the divorce long ago. Rena's Hinamizawa Syndrome begins to develop as she scratches her neck in anger. Rena goes to Okinomiya and tries to enter Blue Mermaid, but a worker stops her. Rena then goes to a nearby coffee shop and sees Rina walk in, who still hasn't met Rena yet. Rina speaks with a friend about her new catch and shows interest in swindling him for his money, prompting Rena to leave and prepare a plan. Unbeknownst to Rena, Rina was feeling guilty about manipulating Yasunori like this and was going to break up with him, having sympathized with his daughter being raised by a single parent.

Rena goes to a hardware store and buys supplies like rope and tape. When her father asks about it the next day, Rena claims it's to bring something home from the junkyard. Rena moves her supplies to her base in the junkyard and buys more supplies the next day.

Rena goes home again and runs into Rina, who was hoping to meet her after dating her father for a while. Rina says she wants to become friends with her, and Rena uses this chance to convince Rina to come with her for treasure hunting. She takes along her cleaver wrapped in a cloth and brings Rina to her junkyard base. Inside, Rina explains she wants to break things off with Yasunori and asks Rena to convince him to stop seeing her. Rena prepares her materials and then starts choking her, thinking Rina is lying. Rina breaks free and runs away when she sees Rena drawing her cleaver. Rena manages to corner Rina after she falls down a junk mountain and kills her.

Sotsuep2 rena shadow

Rena's shadow falls over Keiichi as she prepares to kill him

Rena uses her tools to chop Rina's body into pieces and wraps them into bags, then hides them all in a container in the junkyard. The next day, Rena prepares to dispose of the pieces when Keiichi suddenly appears, wanting to help dig out Kenta-kun. Rena becomes afraid that he might've seen the pieces and prepares to kill Keiichi with her cleaver as he's reading some magazines, but he notices and freaks out. Rena claims she brought the cleaver to help with Kenta-kun. They successfully dig up the statue and wrap it up the next day.

Later, Rena runs into Keiichi's mother at the store, who offers Rena to make dinner for Keiichi the next time she has overtime work. As Rena is walking home, Ooishi stops by and interrogates her about Rina's whereabouts, as she's been missing for a day, and he knows Rina was visiting the daughter of one of her customers. Rena claims Rina came to her house and left after they talked a bit; Ooishi is convinced and drives off.

Rena spends the next few nights digging holes and burying Rina's pieces in them, her paranoia and Hinamizawa Syndrome worsening as she fears that Keiichi knows about all of it. During the Watanagashi Festival on June 19, Rena joins the club there, and after the cotton drifting, she watches Tomitake and Takano from behind a tree. She also spies on Keiichi a bit. The next day at school, Rena watches Keiichi going to speak with Ooishi in his car. Satoko goes to speak with her, seemingly to confirm if her symptoms are working as planned.

Keiichi begins to grow suspicious of Rena after learning of her background from Ooishi. On June 22, while walking home from school, Keiichi accuses Rena of hiding things from him. Rena says the same of him and starts rambling that she was working hard to be happy and doing her best for a long time. Rena accepts they both have something to hide and changes back to a neutral expression. That night, Rena goes to Keiichi's house and overhears him calling Ooishi and talking about her on the phone. Rena is fully convinced that Keiichi knows about Rina. Keiichi learns about Rena's eavesdropping when his dad tries to bring tea for two.

On June 23, Keiichi talks to Rika about his suspicions regarding Rena, and Rika encourages him to trust her, thinking this world is just like Onikakushi's; whatever weird things Rena did earlier were surely just a one-time-only thing. That night, Rena's house gets a call from Keiichi's mom asking her to make dinner for Keiichi. Excited at the opportunity, Rena accepts and fills her bento boxes with ropes and tools, heading to Keiichi's house and planning to dispose of him in a similar method to Rina. When Rena arrives at Keiichi's doorstep, he's afraid of letting her in and hesitates, recalling memories of beating Rena and Mion to death with a bat. He decides to believe Rika and lets Rena in. Rika watches this from behind a corner and is convinced she's succeeded.

Higu2020ep4 rena tools

Rena prepares several tools to kill Keiichi with

Rena goes to the kitchen to prepare as Keiichi watches TV. Keiichi says he wants to apologize to Rena for asking her some uncomfortable things and goes to the kitchen, and is confused at seeing all of the tools that Rena has brought rather. Rena scratches her neck while picking up a nearby knife. She says that they will become the victims of Oyashiro-sama's curse this year, believing that her dad will live peacefully when she disappears after Keiichi's death.

Rena attacks Keiichi and ultimately gets the upper hand, repeatedly stabbing him in the living room. Keiichi picks up a nearby clock as his weapon, and the two begin violently assaulting each other. Rena and Keiichi pass out in a pool of blood. Keiichi survives and is taken to the hospital, with Rena's ultimate fate unclear. Chie tearfully relays this information to class the next day, encouraging Rika to kill herself and move on to the next world.


Rena plays with the club at a games tournament in Okinomiya. She joins the club at the festival.

When Rika seems to disappear at school, Rena and the class try to find her.


Rena and the club play at a baseball game. Later, Keiichi learns from Rena and Mion about the situation with Satoko and her brother.

When Satoko's abusive uncle returns, the club is at a loss for what to do. Satoko has a panic attack at school and Rena comforts her.

The club decides to rally the village together to protest the child consultation center and get them to save Satoko. They succeed, and Satoko happily attends the festival with everyone. Later, a deranged Ooishi invades the festival, shoots some villagers and starts beating up Rika. Rena tries to help but gets swept away in the fleeing crowd. She's forced to watch as Mion and Shion get shot and killed, and warns a newly-arrived Satoko to get away. However, she watches in horror as Satoko draws a gun and kills Ooishi, then shoots a dead Rika in the head and finally shoots herself.

Meanwhile, Keiichi gets sent to the hospital after an incident at Satoko's house and struggles to remember what actually happened. Rena visits him and explains what happened during the festival.


In the next loop, Rena and the club play hide and seek with Rika all across the village. Later they watch as a deranged Akasaka takes Rika hostage and blows up her shack.

A later loop has Rena trying to talk down a deranged Keiichi at Angel Mort, but he kills her with his bat.

The final loop has Rena and the club happily playing with Rika and Satoko. Rika arranges a surprise birthday party for Satoko, getting the club members to buy gifts for her. At the party, Rika exposes Satoko since she knew the trap box was a trap when she shouldn't. Satoko draws a gun and shoots Rika, then herself, much to the club members' horror.

After Rika and Satoko's final battle, they end up in a 1988 world similar to Matsuribayashi's. Rena and the adult club members retrieve Satoko and Rika from the river. While driving back, Rena and the club members give some insight into Rika and Satoko's friendship.

In a 1987 world, Rena, Mion, Keiichi, and Satoko see off Rika as she goes to St. Lucia alone.

Higurashi Gou (manga) and Meguri[]


Meguri rena and keiichi graduate

Rena and Keiichi graduate from the Hinamizawa Branch School

After the events of Matsuribayashi, Rena is still playing with the club in Hinamizawa. Rika shows interest in attending St. Lucia Academy, and Rena and the others help her study for entrance exams. Rena and Keiichi eventually gradaute from school and head on to high school.

In 1988, the club reunites in Hinamizawa for some club games. During this time, Satoko meets Eua and becomes a looper, and settles on trapping herself and Rika in an eternal 1983 Hinamizawa loop. While playing hide and seek, Satoko and Rika go into the schoolhouse where Satoko chokes Rika to death and then breaks a window (to kill herself with a glass shard), which the club notices.


In 1983, Rena is getting ready for school when she sees Rina bringing home her drunken dad. Rena dislikes Rina but smiles and thanks her for looking out for him.(Oniakashi-hen Chapter 1) Rena meets Keiichi at their usual spot to go to school. Later, Rena and Keiichi do treasure hunting at the junkyard. Keiichi asks Rena if any incidents happened in Hinamizawa in the past, and she denies it.

The next day, the club plays a scavenger hunt game. Rena gets tired afterwards and goes to the infirmary to rest, and Satoko escorts her there.(Onidamashi-hen Chapter 1) Satoko notices that Rena was deep in thought earlier and assures her she can resolve her problems.(Oniakashi-hen Chapter 1)

Oniaka 1-2 rena vs rina

Rena sees through Rina's lies and is threatened by her

Rena goes to the junkyard by herself, where Rina shows up and says she and Rena's dad plan to marry. Rena accuses her of lying however, having overheard her talking with Teppei in a coffee shop. Rina drops her nice facade and threatens to kill her, but Rena stands up to her and resolves to protect her family's happiness. Rina thinks about her own childhood and leaves in a huff.

Later, Rina meets with Rena at the junkyard again and apologizes. She's broken up with Rena's dad and promises to pay back everything he gave her and to leave them alone. She sympathizes with Rena since she was also raised by a single parent. Rena doesn't forgive her but she does thank her for making her dad happy.

Onidamashi ch1 cleaver spread

Rena suddenly appears behind Keiichi with a hatchet

After Rina leaves, Rena notices Keiichi reading some magazines nearby and sees he's reading about the dam worker dismemberment incident. Keiichi is startled by Rena suddenly appearing behind him with a hatchet, and they both freak out. Rena says her hatchet is actually to help free the Kenta-kun statue they found, and Keiichi helps her dig it out. Rena happily hugs the statue as Keiichi jokes that he would've ended up in pieces if they weren't careful, and Rena suddenly recalls memories of Tsumihoroboshi's world, where she killed Rina and chopped her up.

Oniakashi manga 1-4 rena gets injected

Satoko ties up Rena and injects her

Rena attends the Watanagashi Festival and has a fun time with everyone. While walking home, Rena is suddenly tripped by a rope that Satoko set up. Satoko quickly comes up from behind and puts a bag over her head, ties up her hands, and injects her with an H173 syringe she obtained, then cuts the ties on Rena's hands and leaves her alone. Rena frees herself from the rest of the trap and goes home in a daze, slowly succumbing to Hinamizawa Syndrome. When Rena gets home she sees Rina there, who wanted to give her family a cake as a gift. Rena grows incredibly suspicious of her and thinks Oyashiro-sama is angry since he can't hear him anymore. Rena resolves to take back her happiness and asks Rina to go treasure hunting with her.(Oniakashi-hen Chapter 1) Rena manages to kill Rina and chops her up, then buries her body parts.

The next day, Keiichi gets called away during club games. Rena goes to look for him and sees him speaking with Ooishi. Rena's paranoia grows as she assumes the police are looking for Rina despite it only being one night. She wonders why Ooishi is talking to Keiichi then and begins to suspect him. Keiichi finishes his talk and returns, and Rena asks to walk home together. While walking, Keiichi tells Rena about his concerns that she and Mion are hiding things from him, but Rena accuses him of doing the same and brings up his talk with Ooishi. Rena rambles about how she needs to try harder by herself otherwise she won't overcome things. During this, Rena starts to believe all of her happy memories with Keiichi were lies and that he knows about Rina, and decides she needs to kill him.

Rena plots to kill Keiichi inside his own house and visits it to scope it out. Keiichi's father welcomes her inside, believing her story of needing to return something, and leaves her alone. Rena quietly looks through several rooms on the second floor and steals a glance at Keiichi on the phone in his own room (who unbeknownst to her is speaking to Ooishi and learning about Rena's past). The next morning, Rena sees Keiichi is late for their meetup and visits his house again, where Keiichi's mother explains he's sick and staying home. Keiichi's mother shows concern for his dinner since she and her husband will be going out of town for a while, and Rena offers to make dinner for him.(Oniakashi-hen Chapter 2)

Rena goes shopping for hacksaws and other materials to prepare for Keiichi's murder. After school, Rena excuses herself from club activies since she has other priorities. Rika assumes Rena is still acting normal and tells her to trust Keiichi, which reassures Rena since she believes Oyashiro-sama is still watching her. When Rena goes home to prepare her bentos, her drunken dad appears and starts beating her up, having found out that Rena broke him up with Rina. Her dad soon comes to his senses and starts crying and apologizing, and Rena becomes even more resolute to protect her family.(Oniakashi-hen Chapter 3)

Onidamashi ch3 knife spread

Rena prepares to kill Keiichi

Keiichi tells Rika about his concerns with Rena later, and she tells him to believe in her. When Rena appears at Keiichi's doorstep that night with her bentos, Keiichi decides to let her in. As Rena "prepares dinner", Keiichi apologizes for making her mad earlier and enters the kitchen to see all of the tools Rena brought. The deranged Rena grabs a knife and wrestles with Keiichi, who retaliates by hitting her with a clock. Keiichi survives and is taken to the hospital, where Mion tells him they couldn't save Rena.(Onidamashi-hen Chapter 3)


Rena plays with the club in a games tournament in Okinomiya. She plays with the club during the Watanagashi Festival later.

Keiichi gets a call from Satoko that Rika never came home from school (due to being killed by a deranged Shion disguised as Mion and hiding her body). Keiichi, Shion, and Rena meet at their shack and learn that Satoko has also gone missing (due to her exploring the Sonozaki torture chamber for Rika's body). Rena goes to retrieve the keys to Rika's home but they find nothing there.


Tatariakashi 2-3 rena sees carnage

Rena sees the villagers all going crazy

In this world, Satoko aims to cause another tragedy when Teppei returns and become abused by him, however Teppei turns out to be reformed and is acting like a better person. Satoko changes her plans by tricking Rika and her friends into thinking Teppei really is abusing her, while tricking Teppei and Ooishi into thinking the entire village is bullying her. The club are encouraged to save Satoko and protest the child consultation center and succeed, then attend the Watanagashi with Satoko. Meanwhile, Satoko injects Ooishi with H173 and convinces him that Rika is the mastermind behind Oyashiro-sama's curse.

The deranged Ooishi attacks Rika during her festival dance by shooting her in the stomach, and then kills Mion and Shion when they try to stop him. Keiichi tries to stop Ooishi as well and help Rika, but he gets knocked out. Rena also tries to help but a villager stops Rena and tells her that killing Rika is good, and Rena is horrified to see him scratching his throat. Other villagers all around Rena start succumbing from Hinamizawa Syndrome and calling for Rika's sacrifice while fighting and killing each other, and Rena can only watch in horror. She witnesses Satoko shooting and killing Ooishi, Rika, and then herself. Rena tells Keiichi about all of this at the hospital later.


Rika suffers through many more death loops, including one where a deranged Rena chops her up.

Rika enters a peaceful loop and throws a surprise birthday party for Satoko, and ends up exposing her as a looper. Satoko draws a gun and kills her.

Manga and Console-Exclusive Content[]


Rena, Keiichi, and Shion join forces to take care of Teppei when he takes Satoko back to live with him. The three ambush Teppei on the night of the Watanagashi Festival and kill him, however Satoko witnesses the event.

Tsumihoroboshi (alternate endings)[]

Console ports add alternate endings to this arc. One ending is where Rena and the rest of the class die when the police try to shoot into the school, igniting the gasoline and causing it to blow up.

Another ending has Satoko failing to discern the location of the bomb timer. Rena kills Keiichi soon after that.


This arc is set after an alternate version of Tsumihoroboshi where Rena succeeded in blowing up the school. In the console version, Keiichi is shown to be a survivor.


Tomoe goes to Hinamizawa in 1982 to interrogate Rena, as one of her victims in the Ibaraki incident, Kouhei Sawamura, was found murdered and complained about being haunted by Oyashiro-sama. Tomoe sees that Rena isn't home and finds the gas from her car mysteriously siphoned out, thinking that Rena had to do with it.

TokihogushiCG (3)

Rena confronts Tomoe in a phone booth

Later, Tomoe goes to a phone booth and calls Ooishi. She sees Rena standing outside, who enters the booth and tries to strangle her to death while insulting her. Tomoe wakes up in the Irie Clinic later, with Ooishi saying she was found passed out at the phone booth. Tomoe wonders why Rena didn't kill her.

Meanwhile, Tomoe speaks with Nagisa, Rena's childhood friend, who is trying to reconnect with her. Nagisa manages to scehdule a meeting with Rena but is murdered.

When Madoka's car explodes, Tomoe notices Rena staring at her from a street corner.

Miotsukushi (Omote)[]

In this alternate world set after Minagoroshi, Rika and Keiichi try to avert the situations that lead to their friends' problems. When they learn Rina is dating Rena's father, Rika and Keiichi talk to Rena and convince her that Rina is not what she seems, and to get her dad to break things off with her.

Miotsukushi Ura[]

Tomoe tries to pursue leads in Nagisa's murder, but Hanada claims that when he told Rena about it, she was very apathetic.

Sometime after the situation with Rina, Tomoe and Hanada go to the Kakiuchi Service Area where Tomoe notices Rena boarding a bus and decides to follow her alone. Rena goes to the Ozaki residence but finds the Hatakeyama family now lives there. Tomoe runs into her in the park and convinces her to come along to visit Nagisa. Rena is shocked when Tomoe brings her to a graveyard and then to Nagisa's grave. Rena cries, as she was going to talk to Nagisa a year ago when they planned a meeting, but she never showed up that day. Tomoe consoles her and asks her about her medication, as it could be a clue to solving Nagisa's murder. Rena says she took a drug called PC when she was hospitalized.

At the end, Tomoe catches the mastermind behind Nagisa's murder and rejoins Rena at Nagisa's grave. Nagisa's ghost appears to them and thanks Rena for being a good friend before disappearing. Tomoe gives Rena Nagisa's bag of flower seeds as a parting gift.

Higurashi Rei (manga)[]

By 2019, Rena has gotten married to an unnamed man and had Kihiro Ryuugu as their son. Rena and her husband later divorced, with Rena and Kihiro going to live in Hinamizawa.


Oniokoshi 5-1 rena shion and satoshi

The adult Rena, Shion, and Satoshi advertising rental yukatas

Rena, Shion, and Satoshi meet the club at Smile Shop before the Watanagashi Festival.