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Rena Ryuugu (竜宮 レナ Ryūgū Rena) is one of the main characters of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. She is a member of the Hinamizawa after-school games club and a firm believer in Oyashiro-sama.


Rena is the main heroine of this story. She’s a classmate of Keiichi’s. She is quite interested in his everyday life, possibly because of an inherent urge to look after people. She comes with the standard-issue honesty, earnesty and blushes that you find in many heroines. However, her only reward for taking care of Keiichi is an incessant series of pranks. It really is unfortunate for her. She likes anything and everything she considers adorable, and this is also a very typical trait in a heroine. But that is also her greatest weakness... (Taken from the MangaGamer website, which is translated from the 07th Expansion website.)

Keiichi's classmate. She has a caring personality and is Keiichi's best friend, always walking to school with him every morning. She loves anything that's "kyute,"and has a bad habit of trying to take "kyute" things home with her. When she goes into "kyute" mode, she goes out of control and all physical laws cease to apply to her. (Taken from the 2020 anime website.)


Rena has short orange hair and blue eyes. Her school uniform consists of a light blue sailor uniform with a yellow bow. Her casual outfit is a white dress with purple bows, a white hat and long black boots.


Rena has a habit of saying "hau" and "kana, kana?" which in the latter's case is translated as her repeating the last words that she said. She also loves "kyute" things and talks about taking them home with her whenever possible. Whenever Oyashiro-sama is mentioned, Rena's personality changes such that she insists that he is real and is fiercely defensive.

Despite her silliness, Rena sometimes shows great intuition and responsibility.


Rena was born and raised in Hinamizawa and moved with her family to Ibaraki. Rena steadily went insane at her new school, believing that she had angered Oyashiro-sama by leaving the village, she went around destroying windows and attacked three students, even permanently blinding one of them in one eye. Rena's family eventually moved back to Hinamizawa, and Rena has calmed down ever since.

Tsumihoroboshi-hen reveals some more about Rena's past. Her mother started seeing another man, and her parents started going through a divorce. Rena became depressed and resorted to self-harm, believing that she was seeing maggots crawling around in her blood and was submitted for psychiatric evaluation. She was given medication however Rena's state worsened, and she eventually heard Oyashiro-sama telling her to return to the village. Her father, now single, agreed with Rena's request and moved with her back to the village.



The Club


Keiichi Maebara

Other Club Members

Rina Mamiya



Rena is first introduced. She shows up at Keiichi's house waiting for him for them to go to school together. It's established that they're both very good friends, eating lunch together and going treasure hunting at the garbage dump after school. During one of their treasure hunts, Keiichi is briefly surprised by Rena bringing a hatchet to the dump.

After Keiichi learns of Satoshi's existence and Rena and Mion's awareness of Tomitake's murder, Keiichi confronts her while going home from school, accusing her and Mion of hiding things from him. Rena responds violently, calling him a liar, and accusing him of being a hypocrite for doing the same. Keiichi is horrified at this change in Rena's behavior, almost believing that she was replaced by someone else. Rena smiles and asks for Keiichi's understanding. Leaving Keiichi with his knees on the ground, she walks home ahead of him.

After almost getting ran over by a van, Keiichi, now convinced that someone is trying to kill him, starts carrying around a baseball bat. This causes a worried Rena to have another conversation with Keiichi. She angrily asks Keiichi why he's copying all of Satoshi's actions from last year, and worries that Keiichi will end up "transfering" just like Satoshi.

On a rainy afternoon, during one of Keiichi's phone calls with Ooishi, Rena visits Keiichi. Worried that he won't have anything to eat because his parents aren't home, she offers to make him dinner. Keiichi witnesses another violent outburst from Rena, and slams the door on her fingers over and over, causing her to apologize profusely. Keiichi ignores Rena and heads back to his room, and looks over at Rena in the rain, still apologizing.

The next day, Keiichi while going home from school, finds Rena following him around with a hatchet. Rena chases Keiichi around the village, saying that she will listen to Keiichi and save him, and that she won't let Keiichi suffer the same fate as Satoshi. During the chase's climax, Keiichi witnesses Rena holding up the hatchet, and in desperation asks Rena who in the village is making people disappear. Rena tells Keiichi that he's misunderstanding something, and that there is no human culprit, and that it is all done by Oyashiro-sama's will. Keiichi, scared for his life, pushes Rena to the ground and runs away.

Rena later finds Keiichi unconscious and brings him back to his house, nursing him. She tells Keiichi that she's called both Mion and the "manager." Mion arrives at Keiichi's room, then Rena proceeds to hold Keiichi, while Mion pulls out a syringe from her skirt pocket. Mion tells Keiichi that he's going to suffer the same fate as Tomitake. Just before the syringe is able to touch Keiichi's body, Keiichi breaks free from Rena, grabs his bat and beats Mion to death. Keiichi then turns around and does the same to Rena, while confessing his love to her, shown in the game's opening scene.

During the epilogue, police investigation determined that Keiichi planned on killing both of the girls when he invited them to his house, with no mention of his acts of self-defense.


A games tournament is held at a store owned by one of Mion's relatives, and Rena is given a doll by Keiichi after he wins one.

Sometime after the Watanagashi Festival, Satoko and Rika go missing, and Rena helps Keiichi and the other villagers search for them. They investigate Rika and Satoko's house where Rena determines that the two of them went to Mion's house to get soy sauce and were asked to have dinner there.

The next day, Rena and Keiichi head to Mion's house to confront her about Satoko and Rika's kidnapping. Mion admits to torturing and killing them and explains much of Hinamizawa's past. Mion asks for Keiichi to follow her into the underground torture chamber and Rena lets them go, planning to contact Ooishi and the police nearby in 30 minutes.

After the incident, Keiichi's parents plan on moving away from Hinamizawa. Keiichi says his farewells to Rena, and Rena says that she'll be lonely, as she's the only one left.






Design Origin

Evolution of Rena's design from Visual Fan Book.

The design of Rena Ryuugu traces its origin to Ryukishi's fan-rendition of Lenna (レナ Rena) from Final Fantasy V in her Dragoon (竜騎士 Ryūkishi, lit. Dragon Knight) outfit with a spear. In this guise, she appeared in multiple Leaf Fight expansion packs put out by 07th Expansion. This version of Rena has become a mascot of 07th Expansion - it is used during the intro of main Higurashi releases along with their logo and currently the profile picture of their official Twitter account - while this outfit later became the uniform of Angel Mort waitresses.

As shown on the image on the right, this design was called (竜騎士 レナ, lit. Dragon Knight Rena). Notably, the surname of Ryūgū Rena (竜宮 レナ) literally means "Dragon Palace".


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