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Rejoice! Rose Guns Days Stage Play Season 2 (祝 ローステシーズン2 Iwai Rōsute Shīzun 2) is a short story released as a booklet at the second 07th Masquerade event on October 22, 2017. It is a crossover between Umineko When They Cry and Rose Guns Days.


Plot Summary[]

The Rose Guns Days cast gather to celebrate the success of the stage play adaptation of Season 1 and the announcement of an adaptation for Season 2. Rose introduces the brand new characters in Season 2, including Zel, Charles, Oliver, and Nina. Meijiu arrives from Chinatown bringing more new characters Wang, Xiaolan, and Zilong, the latter lamenting that his debut is very late. Butler arrives as well.

The group goes to the training hall to practice for the Season 2 stage play and run into trouble: Wayne finds his script is an old one, Oliver saves Zel from something falling, and Wang accidentally drinks tea laced with laxatives. Wang rushes to the bathroom, but when he sees it’s out of order and the next one is very far away, he has a “personal tragedy.” Rose finds her costumes were torn up, but Leo offers to sew them back up. The rest of the group comment on Wang’s smell, but Stella tries to brush it off. They accept that some outsider must be sabotaging their play, but Zel explains that nobody can get into the training hall without a pass and retinal scan, and they’ve only been given to trusted people; the culprit therefore is one of the characters.

Erika Furudo then arrives and introduces herself, with the group confused as to her presence; Richard says he called her on his smartphone. Butler sees Erika’s presence as proof there’s a blind spot in the training hall’s security system, and Erika praises his astute observation while continuously referring to him as Battler. The group asks how Erika got in without a pass, and she explains she actually did have one, albeit it was a one-time pass. Physical keys were originally used in hotels during the Showa era, but when thieves kept duplicating them, in the Heisei era they were replaced with disposable keycards. The group understands that countless numbers of one-time passes could indeed be created and used to enter the training hall, but they’re not sure they can be used this time.

Wayne and Cyrus bow out, not understanding what’s going on, and Erika is disappointed that nobody except “Battler” understands what’s going on. Butler asserts that it’s impossible for her to get a pass, and Erika reminds her that since her master is Bernkastel, the Witch of Miracles, anything is possible. Butler then engages Erika in a red and blue truth debate, successfully proving that Erika couldn't have entered the training hall “this” time, but she entered it “back then”, and didn’t leave until today.

Erika explains she actually used her one-time pass 6 months ago, and Richard realizes she was actually living in the training hall for 6 months. Erika explains the training hall is well-equipped with showers and food provided by the staff, and nobody will care so long as she responds appropriately. When asked why she even did all that, Erika says incidents will occur wherever she goes, so the incident happening right now was worth it. Since she was here for 6 months like a guard, the group accepts her declaration that there’s nobody hiding, so the culprit must be a Rose Guns Days character. Since this isn’t Beatrice’s gameboard, she can’t settle things with red truth debates and so will examine things from the howdunnit, whydunnit, and whodunnit perspectives.

Erika quickly figures out the howdunnit: since people were regularly going to and from the training hall and focused on their practice, they won’t notice anybody suspicious. Erika brings up Rose’s costumes being torn up and declares that it’s possible when nobody's looking, as anybody except Rose opening her locker would be suspicious. Erika asks for everyone’s alibis during the crime, but finds that everyone was in a different location. The group determines that the culprit may have accomplices and could forge alibis, and so the alibis that can be proven by a small group of people are the most suspicious. The smallest number of people possible is 2.

Oliver asks Charles for his alibi, and he and Wayne explain they were eating nikuman together. Butler asks Maurice and Cyrus about theirs, and they assert they were just smoking together. Wayne and Cyrus additionally say they would never do anything to ruin Rose and Richard’s play since they’re devoted to them, and Erika rules them out because of the whydunnit. Rose asserts her disbelief that anyone would want to ruin the play, as everyone here should have the desire to make Season 2 a success and move on to Season 3 and Last Season. Erika thanks her for her statement and declares that she now knows who the culprit is.

Erika brings up the issue with Wang’s laxatives and says that if the culprit really wanted to, they could’ve used poison instead. They also cut up Rose’s costumes, instead of attacking her directly. Erika thinks these acts of sabotage are much too cheap, and determines the culprit doesn’t even want the Season 3 practice to start. For their accomplices, it was necessary that the Season 2 play occur.

Erika declares Butler is the culprit. Butler objects, but Erika explains that he, Oliver, and James have something in common: their horrible fates after Season 3. James claims his death in Last Season is appropriate for a mafia man like him, but Erika says that when James appeared in Higurashi, he had a role where he died a lot and is still made fun of even today, and so he actually hates roles where he dies; James falls into despair at that mention.

Oliver claims he doesn’t fear death, but Erika poses that if the scene depicting Oliver’s death weren’t adapted, then he could be a Wandering Dog forever, reunite with Zel when she returned, and maybe even progress their relationship, calling them all sweet delusions. Oliver admits his guilt and says he did want the play to be a success, but Butler promised that if he made the play end in failure, then there would be a catbox where he and Zel were Wandering Dogs forever. Zel is saddened at Oliver’s betrayal.

Erika shines a spotlight on Butler and puts him on the spot. Rose pleads him to explain himself, and Butler then sees Gabriel in the audience watching silently. Erika says Gabriel just applied for a pass on his smartphone, and Gabriel asks Butler why he would want to sabotage the play and prevent him from making his grand debut. Butler has a mental breakdown and starts clucking like a chicken. Gabriel promises the remaining cast that there will be no more disturbances and that they should do their best, for the sake of his appearance. Erika agrees and tells everyone to get back to practice; with the remaining cast half-understanding, they do so.

Meanwhile, Wang’s stomachache worsens and he rushes to the bathroom, only to find it’s being cleaned. Wang has yet another tragedy.

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