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This article is about a piece of terminology in Umineko When They Cry.

Beatrice's first usage of Red Truth

The Red Truth (赤き真実 Akaki Shinjitsu) is a rule introduced in Turn of the Golden Witch by Beatrice as a move against Battler Ushiromiya's Devil's Proof.


The Red Truth in the original visual novel is presented with red text and a sound effect. The nature of how the Red Truth is distinguished from other words by the characters (aside from the reader for obvious reasons) is unknown.

The Red Truth being used in the anime

In the anime, the words appear with a sound effect and fly around the area.

The red truth as it is used in the official manga.

In the manga, due to color printing limitations, the red text in the Japanese version is signified with squiggly lines next to it while the official English translation uses bold text in a different font.


The Red Truth is a fact that can be presented by the Witch Side without any evidence or proof to support it. But, while undeniable, it can have multiple interpretations. The multiple interpretations mark a large foothold for the Human Side to attack; therefore, the Red Truth must be used with care. Conversely, a refusal to validate a statement in Red invokes another Devil's Proof; a lack of validation won't prove a statement's truth but can't disprove its falsehood.

It's important to note that the Red Truth is essential for a battle between Humans and Witches. If the Humans don't believe in the Red Truth, it will sunder the trust between both sides and the game will again move to a stalemate, unable to proceed.

If someone attempts to lie or repeat false information using the Red Truth, they will choke on the words that they're trying to say. The anime accommodates this by having the words appearing and then disintegrating, along with the aforementioned choking effect.

List of Red Truths Used in the Series

Turn of the Golden Witch

Chapter 11: New Rule (Regarding the chapel murders)

  • When I speak the truth, I will use red
  • Everything I speak in red is the truth
  • Regardless of whether they were living or dead, the six definitely entered through the door
  • Only one key to the chapel exists
  • It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel with anything but the chapel's key
  • When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit
  • The six definitely entered through 'this front door'
  • This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria's handbag...and from that obtained the genuine key to the chapel
  • The key to the chapel truly was the object inside the envelope I gave Maria
  • The envelope that I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing

Chapter 12: A Suspect (Regarding Jessica's room)

  • The only master keys are the ones held by the servants, one key each 
  • First, there are absolutely no types of hidden doors. This door is the only way in or out. The only way to lock this door is with Jessica's single key or the master keys, only one of which is held by each servant
  • However, the window is locked from the inside
  • Kanon was killed in this room
  • When locked, entry is not possible by any means
  • No trick could have the effect of locking the door from the outside without using a key

Chapter 13: Wolves and Sheep Puzzle (Regarding Jessica's room)

  • Kanon was killed in this room (Refers to the statement made regarding Jessica's room)
  • There are no hidden doors in this room. There is no way to get in or out other than the door and the windows 
  • There are no hidden doors (Used by Battler, quoting Beatrice)

Chapter 14: Devil's Proof (Regarding the servant room)

  • Those are kept in the key box in center of the servant room
  • There are several keys to the servant room, but all of those are inside the key box
  • Entry or exit is impossible except for the single door and the single window
  • And those were both locked. The door and the window do not permit any kind of entry or exit when they are locked
  • And obviously, it is impossible to unlock the door without a servant room key or the master key
  • No one exists in this room except your group. 'Your group' refers to Battler, George, Maria, Rosa, Genji, Gohda, and Shannon
  • When Jessica's corpse was discovered, only Battler, George, Maria, Rosa, Genji, Gohda, Shannon, Kumasawa, and Nanjo were in Jessica's room. Whoops, the corpse of Jessica is also included. Therefore, both in the case involving Jessica's room and the one involving this servant room, no humans exist that you were not aware of. No one is hiding (Regarding Jessica's room)
  • No method exists by which the door can be locked from the outside without using a key. Regarding the window, no method exists by which it could somehow be locked from the outside
  • You are incompetent
  • hiiihhihihhihihihihihihihihihihi
  • Come, Ushiromiya Battler, and kneel
  • If you accept me, all of the riddles will be resolved. With my power, any kind of closed room can be created or destroyed
  • I'll make you my favorite furniture. I'll love you so much and make you my toy until you turn to ashes
  • *cackle*cackle*cackle*hihihihihihihihihihihyahyahyahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahhahhahhahhahha
  • There are only five master keys. There are only five master keys
  • I'll tell Rosa that there are only five master keys

Chapter 15: Fleeting Resistance

  • I keep my promises

Chapter 16: Surrender

  • Natsuhi's room was exactly the same, just like usual. The door and the windows were locked from the inside. There were no fraud or tricks, no means of secret passage nor places in which to hide. Natsuhi's own key was in George's pocket, and the inside of the room was sealed off. Only the five master keys were left, and 'Rosa' was holding all of them. And let me say this: the parlor's the same. The key to the parlor itself is sealed away in the servant room. So unlocking it without a master key is impossible! The definition of a closed room remains the same as always!

Banquet of the Golden Witch


  • Of all of the doors that exist on Rokkenjima, none has a crack through which a key can slip (Used by Belphegor)

Chapter 4: Possibility of a 19th Person

  • I have the power to speak the truth in red.

Chapter 5: Rosa and the Witch of the Forest

  • A hidden mansion called Kuwadorian does exist in the forest of Rokkenjima (Used by Ronove)
  • In the past, the pair actually had a conversation like that in this place (The pair refers to Kinzo and human Beatrice)
  • This is the world of 1967
  • In 1967, in a hidden mansion on Rokkenjima, Beatrice-sama existed as a human
  • It's definitely dead (Used by Beatrice, referring to her human self)
  • There are no more than 18 humans on this Rokkenjima (The Rokkenjima of 1986.)

Chapter 9: Skirmish (Regarding the linked closed rooms)

  • There are five, one for each servant. (Referring to the master keys in this game)
  • Furthermore, all of the doors and windows on the six rooms are normal. No device exists which can lock them without a key, such as an auto-lock. (The six rooms in this statement refer to the parlor, the second floor guest room, the third floor waiting room, the VIP room, the boiler room, and the chapel, in that order. The manga words it differently: There is no means of locking the doors and windows of those six rooms without the keys.)
  • These six are all dead: Kinzo, Genji, Shannon, Kanon, Gohda, and Kumasawa!
  • There is no one hiding in the six rooms!
  • The six died instantly!
  • However, Battler-sama, only the victims are inside the rooms, and no other people exist inside the rooms. (Used by Ronove)
  • The six were not killed by traps
  • None of the six committed suicide!

Chapter 10: The Key to the Golden Land

  • There are no more than 18 people on this island

Chapter 13: Warning of Sacrifices (Regarding Rosa and Maria's deaths)

  • Rosa and Maria died. The causes of death were as Nanjo diagnosed (The diagnosis for Maria and Rosa were bare handed strangling and a stab to the medulla oblongata with the pointed gate of the fence, respectively.)
  • Rosa's and Maria's deaths were homicides (Used by Ronove)

Chapter 17: The Witch's Courtroom
Regarding the Second Twilight

  • I was in the room the whole time. Both before and after the time of the crime (Used by Hideyoshi on EVA-Beatrice's request. The room refers to the second floor room of the guesthouse where Eva was to have been sleeping.)

Regarding the Fourth to Sixth Twilights

  • Eva did not kill Hideyoshi! (Manga only)
  • Kyrie didn't think that they needed food. Since going for food without a day wouldn't kill them, she claimed that they should not leave the guesthouse. And yet, she herself suggested that they leave the guesthouse to get food
  • Too bad, the reason she changed her mind was not passed on to anyone, nor was it written down
  • Until the last instant before she died, Kyrie's behavior pattern of 'not going to get food = not going to the mansion' was maintained
  • Kyrie did not leave anything written down

Regarding Nanjo's death

  • After Jessica was injured, Eva was constantly under Battler's supervision. Battler is neither the culprit nor an accomplice. By this, we can establish a perfect alibi for Eva
  • There are no more than 18 humans on this island
  • No life forms other than humans have any connection to this game
  • Kinzo is dead
  • Krauss is dead
  • Natsuhi is dead
  • Hideyoshi is dead
  • George is dead
  • Rudolf is dead
  • Kyrie is dead
  • Rosa is dead
  • Maria is dead
  • Genji is dead
  • Shannon is dead
  • Kanon is dead
  • Gohda is dead
  • Kumasawa is dead
  • Nanjo is dead
  • Those 15 are all dead
  • Battler is alive
  • Eva is alive
  • Jessica is alive
  • Eva was with you the whole time. So committing a crime was impossible for her. Of course, Battler-kun isn't the culprit. He wasn't forging an alibi for her, and he took the possibility that she was the culprit into account, watching her actions carefully. No chance existed for her to do anything suspicious! In short, at the time of the crime, only Nanjo and Jessica were in the servant room
  • Ushiromiya Jessica has not committed murder! She was not involved with Nanjo's murder!! Her eyes were completely covered. It'd impossible for her to carry out a murder like that. And here's a bonus. Neither Eva nor Battler killed Nanjo, nor were they involved
  • The culprit who killed Nanjo was neither Battler nor Eva nor Jessica
  • Jessica's eyes were completely covered, and murder was impossible for her
  • No actions caused by Jessica's body had any relation to or influence on the murder of Nanjo! This also applies to Battler and Eva. In other words, no matter how much you try to struggle and interpret it, neither Jessica nor Battler nor Eva is the culprit who killed Nanjo
  • Nanjo's death was a homicide. ...Of course, it was with a direct method of murder, not a trap. A weapon was readied, and he was killed with it from point-blank range in front of him! The culprit appeared openly before Nanjo's eyes, and as they both looked at each other's faces, the culprit killed him
  • The red only tells the truth
  • Absolutely no factors other than humans participated in this game board (In response to the suggestion that animals or robots that might have been involved.)
  • The one who killed Nanjo was definitely a human! A human, with their feet on the ground, held up a weapon and killed with it! Right before his eyes!

Alliance of the Golden Witch

Chapter 17: Cause of the Tragedy

  • Six years ago, no person called Beatrice existed for me. (Used by Battler)
  • The sin I am now demanding that you remember is not between Ushiromiya Battler and Beatrice. (Used by Beatrice)
  • Ushiromiya Battler has a sin
  • Because of your sin, people die.
  • Due to your sin, a great many humans of this island die. No one escapes, all die.
  • My name is Ushiromiya Battler
  • I am the Golden Witch, Beatrice. And I opened this game in order to fight Ushiromiya Kinzo's grandchild, Ushiromiya Battler.
  • Ushiromiya Battler's mother is Ushiromiya Asumu. (Used by Battler)
  • My name is Ushiromiya Battler
  • It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that Ushiromiya Battler was born.
  • It was from Ushiromiya......nguh, ......?!...?!?!" (The original statement reads: "It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that you were born", referring to Battler.)
  • I am Ushiromiya Battler
  • It was from Ushiromiya Asumu that...ah, ngagh, ...nnnggghh...!!!
  • You are not Ushiromiya Asumu's son (Used by Beatrice to refer to Battler)

Chapter 19: Ushiromiya Ange
Regarding Sakutarou

  • This is my Golden Land...! A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist (Used by Beatrice)
  • This is my Golden Land!! A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist!! And my magic was not able to revive Sakutarou
  • That is a special stuffed animal! Made by Rosa for her daughter's birthday, and in the entire world, the only-

Regarding Battler's lineage

  • Ushiromiya Battler is not Ushiromiya Asumu's son. (Used by ANGE-Beatrice, referring to Beatrice's red truth)
  • Beato proclaimed two red truths, 'Battler is not Asumu's son' and 'No one except Kinzo's grandchild Battler is qualified to be her opponent'.
  • Ange is..my little sister (Used by Battler.)
  • You can't trust anything, you can't trust any words that aren't red...!!
  • Come home quickly, Onii-chan!! Don't leave me all alone!!!
  • It's me, it's Ange...!! Dad and Mom and Onii-chan...no one came home!! I'm lonely!! I beg you, come home quickly!
  • That's right, I'm Ange!! The Ushiromiya Ange of a world where no one comes home...!! ......My entire family...never came home from Rokkenjima that day...!! The witch before your eyes stole away my whole family, even you, Onii-chan...! ......Only you can finish her, Onii-chan!! Finish her...!! Then, take your family back!!And then, ......come home to me...!!!

Tea Party
During Battler's Investigation

  • Kanon is dead. Among the five people in Kyrie's group, he was the first to die. In short, he was the 9th victim.

Regarding the Fourth to Sixth Twilights of the second game

  • All of the master keys were under Rosa's control!

Regarding George's disappearance in the third game

  • George did not go down the stairs of the guesthouse.
  • All windows and doors leading to the outside were locked from the inside. Furthermore, it is impossible to lock any of those from outside!

Regarding the fourth game

  • All of those who met at the family conference acknowledged the presence of Kinzo!
  • No person would mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight. No matter what disguise might be used, they would not mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight!
  • Kinzo's life or death status is the same at the start of all our games. The setup was not different for the fourth game alone...!

Regarding the number of humans

  • Kinzo is already dead at the starting time for all games!
  • Before now, I have proclaimed that no more than 18 humans exist on this island. I will lower that by one for Kinzo!! No more than 17 humans exist on this island!! That excludes any 18th person. In short, this 18th person X does not exist!!This applies to all games!!!

Regarding the Second Twilight of the first game

  • Both deaths were homicides! It is not the case that, after the construction of the closed room, one of them committed suicide after committing murder! Furthermore, the murder was carried out with both the victim and the perpetrator in the same room! No method exists for the perpetrator to commit murder from outside the room!

Regarding the Fourth Twilight of the first game

  • All of the survivors have alibis! Let us include the dead as well!! In short, no kind of human or dead person on the island could have killed Kanon!
  • Kanon did not commit suicide

Regarding the Sixth to Eight Twilights of the first game

  • Maria, who was in the same room, did not kill them! And of course, their three deaths were homicides!
  • I guarantee the identities of all unidentified corpses. Therefore, there were no body double tricks!

Regarding Natsuhi's death in the first game

  • Natsuhi's death was a homicide! There are no unidentified corpses, and all of the survivors have alibis
  • The bullet buried into Natsuhi's forehead was not fired from her gun!

Regarding the First Twilight of the second game

  • From the time Maria received her key to the instant Rosa unsealed the envelope the next day, the key passed through no one's hands!!
  • There were no doors with auto-locks other than Kinzo's study!
  • The six people were already dead by the time they were discovered! All of their deaths were homicides! All six were genuine victims, and did not take part in a mutual murder! There was no simultaneous murder!!
  • There was no one hiding in the chapel. Therefore, the shut-in murder like you say does not work!

Regarding Kanon's reappearance in the second game

  • They would definitely never mistakenly think that any other person was Kanon!

Regarding the First Twilight of the third game

  • All five master keys were discovered, each in the pocket of one of the servants! The individual keys were found inside envelopes alongside the corpses! In short, all keys related to the linked closed rooms were locked inside the linked closed rooms!! No key could be returned from outside the room using the crack of the door, the crack of the window, vents or any place of the sort!!
  • All of them had what appeared to be gunshot wounds that were fatal! Murdering them from outside the room would have been impossible!! I shall say more with the red! When the five other than Kinzo were killed, the killer was definitely in the same room as them! I already proclaimed in red at the time that there were no suicides!!

Beatrice's final riddle

  • Ushiromiya Battler. I will now...kill you.
  • And right now, there is no one other than you on this island. The only one alive on this island is you. Nothing outside the island can interfere.
  • You are all alone on this island.And of course, I am not you. Yet I am here, now, and am about to kill you.

Regarding the first game

  • ...When talking about the first game, Beato clearly declared that she guaranteed the identities of all unidentified corpses  (Used by Lambdadelta)
  • Kanon did not die in an accident!
  • Genji, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are not killers.
  • The thing that shot Natsuhi wasn't a trap, it was a real shooting murder with a gun raised and trigger pulled!

Regarding the second game

  • When the six were killed in the chapel, the culprit was inside the chapel!
  • No one else can go by Kanon's name! A different person can't claim that as their name!
  • After the master keys came into Rosa's control, never did any of them leave her hands! Except for the time when she lent one to Battler to unlock Natsuhi's room.

End of the Golden Witch

Chapter 2: A Proper Mystery

  • Kinzo is already dead, right?
  • Grandfather is dead at this point in time.
  • Unless this game is resolved, you will never be released (Referring to Battler)
  • After all, Natsuhi is drinking tea all by herself right there. (Used by Bernkastel)

Chapter 4: Furudo Erika

  • I proclaim that Furudo Erika is the detective.
  • The detective isn't a culprit. No proof is needed to show this.
  • There was an exception clause in the original, but for this game 'the detective isn't a culprit' has been proclaimed in red, so you don't need to consider the exception. (Referring to Knox's 7th)
  • Furudo Erika is not the culprit.
  • Furudo Erika had no influence on any of Beato's games before now.
  • She does not exist in the worlds before this one, nor does she influence them.
  • Furudo Erika only increases it by one person. Besides her, the number of people on this island is exactly the same as it was in the previous games.
  • In other words, the number of people in this parlor now is equal to the total number of people on this island.

Chapter 6: Those Who Reach It

  • This mountain of gold is real. All of the ingots piled up here are real, pure gold! There are absolutely no tricks such as replicas or fakes!!

Chapter 7: The Frantic Golden Drama

  • This child has nothing to gain from having someone solve the epitaph. (Used by Virgilia to refer to Beatrice)
  • In the first place, the gold of the Golden Land belongs to this child. She had absolutely no need to make you find it for her or to snatch it away herself.
  • Whether the epitaph's riddle is solved or not, this child stands nothing to gain at all.
  • Regardless of whether the epitaph is solved or not, Beato has nothing to gain.
  • Battler-kun isn't the culprit. Battler-kun didn't kill anyone. This can be said of all games.
  • Her goal is not to make someone experience fear. And it isn't to have revenge on someone either.
  • Beato never committed murder for the sake of pleasure.

Chapter 10: Morning of Tragedy

  • Detective's authority. ...The detective has the right to inspect all crime scenes. Stand back, Ushiromiya Battler. This is an official privilege of this game, which the human side has accepted. (Used by Erika)
  • Because I am the detective.

Chapter 11: Ten Wedges to Pierce Witches (Regarding Kinzo's disappearance from his study)

  • I say again, from last night at 23:00 until the present time, the study door was not opened even once (Used by Gertrude)
  • Know that the windows were all locked. (Used by Cornelia)
  • I will not allow a hidden door to exist in this ROOM. (Used by Dlanor)
  • Knox's 3rd. It is forbidden for hidden passages to exist.
  • Denial of that with the red has already been FINISHED. After 23:00, the door to the study was not opened even ONCE.
  • No such drug EXISTS. It must not EXIST.
  • Such a machine does not EXIST. I will not allow it to EXIST.
  • I will REPEAT. By the name of God, I will not let such a drug or machine EXIST. I will not allow them to exist for all ETERNITY.
  • Let it be said that when Natsuhi refers to 'Kinzo', she means Ushiromiya Kinzo and nothing else
  • Natsuhi claims to have met face to face with Kinzo in the study at 23:00
  • A check of that place has been FINISHED.
  • A check of that place has been FINISHED.
  • A check of that place has been FINISHED. Check FINISHED. Check FINISHED.
  • CheckFINISHED checkFINISHED checkFINISHED checkcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED checkcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheckcheck FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED FINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHEDFINISHED <Die the Death!> <Sentence to Death!> <The Great Equalizer is Death!>
  • Know that you cannot leave through the door without Natsuhi thinking something was odd
  • Let it be said that Natsuhi did not hear the sound of the door opening while in the room
  • Kinzo entering or exiting through the door will not be permitted.
  • Know that this window is sealed from the inside, and Natsuhi did not help Kinzo escape...!!
  • The window was locked from the inside!!
  • Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED...!!
  • When we entered the study, its structure was clearly described.
  • 'It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Kinzo's study was a small villa he had created inside the mansion'
  • 'A study. A library. A place to sleep. And a bathroom and washroom. It was divided into multiple rooms.'

Chapter 12: Reasoning and Inspection
Regarding Kinzo's disappearance

  • 'Kinzo is dead at the starting time for all games'
  • Knox's 2nd. It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective TECHNIQUE.
  • However, I gave Cornelia, who was protecting the window, the red truth that 'the window was never opened after it started RAINING'.
  • 'Kinzo doesn't exist' should already be an established FACT.

Regarding the knock and letter

  • Before the family conference, Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa left the mansion and moved to the guesthouse.
  • Of those who remain, only Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were in the second floor corridor, while all others were in the dining hall.
  • Krauss, Natsuhi and Genji did not even touch that letter!
  • Not a single person in the dining hall...no, there's a simpler way to say it. Among all those inside the mansion at 24:00, not a single person placed that letter in the corridor.
  • Neither Krauss nor Natsuhi nor Genji knocked!
  • This isn't the limited meaning of them knocking on the door, okay? It means they didn't use a pillar to transmit the sound or push the play button on a cassette tape they'd recorded or create that knock sound by any means! Of course, this applies to direct, indirect, intentional, coincidental, and unintentional means!
  • Let it be known that at 24:00, excepting Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji in the second floor corridor and all of the people in the dining hall, no Humans existed inside the mansion.
  • Let it be known that in addition to Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji, none of those in the dining hall knocked on that door. In this sense, 'knock' includes all direct, indirect, intentional, unintentional, and coincidental events that could create a knocking sound.
  • In short, this means it was impossible for any character within the mansion to be the source of a knocking SOUND. ...And 'any character' refers even to unobserved people that no one has noticed.
  • However, it was announced in red that no one in the mansion placed the letter in the hallway.
  • No one in the mansion placed the letter in the hallway. This includes doing so by all concepts, such as directly, indirectly, intentionally, coincidentally, and unintentionally.
  • At 24:00, only Erika, George, Jessica, Maria, Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa existed outside the mansion
  • The letter never existed on the ceiling of the hallway.
  • Know that the letter never touched the serving cart.
  • It was impossible for anyone outside the mansion to influence anything inside the mansion after the family conference began.
  • None of the characters misidentified a knocking sound.
  • Misidentifying a knocking sound means this: they would not mistake a sound very similar to a knocking sound for a real knocking sound. Hitting a pillar to make something similar to a knocking sound is no good. When you record a knocking sound on a cassette tape and play it back, it becomes 'the sound of the tape with a knocking sound on it', and not a knocking sound. So that's no good either!
  • In other words, every one of them would correctly distinguish a knocking sound of something truly hitting the door, and they definitely wouldn't mishear it. It's totally impossible that any sounds except hitting that door directly would be misinterpreted as a knock!!
  • 'To knock' means someone hitting a door with their hand, right?
  • And none of them misinterpreted a knocking sound. Krauss, Natsuhi, and Genji were not involved with the making of the knocking sound. No one else existed inside the mansion. And that knock refers to the action of standing directly in front of a door and hitting it with a hand.
  • So, anyone looking at George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa, or Genji's corpses could confirm at a glance that they are dead
  • That's right, at a glance, anyone could confirm that these corpses are dead, so it is absolutely impossible that they are just playing dead.

Chapter 13: Closet

  • I never told anyone except Shannon that I like autumn. (Used by Natsuhi)

Chapter 14: The Great Court of Illusions
Regarding the First Twilight

  • In other words, after Kumasawa returned to the guesthouse, she never went to the second floor until morning.
  • In other words, after Gohda returned to the guesthouse, he never went up to the second floor until morning.
  • At 24:00 in the guesthouse, George, Jessica, and Maria were alive and in the second floor cousin room. Nanjo, Gohda, and Kumasawa were on the first floor.
  • George, Jessica, Maria, Rosa, and Genji really are dead.
  • ......To go even further, at 24:00, Natsuhi, Krauss, and Genji were in a corridor on the second floor of the mansion. All the remaining people were at the family conference in the dining hall. Of course, at that point in time, no murder had occurred. Genji was also alive.
  • From 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM, Erika, Nanjo, and Gohda spent their time in the lounge on the first floor of the guesthouse.
  • After 24:00, Erika was with Nanjo the whole time until 3:00 AM.
  • Both your seal and your red truth are perfect. Nanjo had the alibi of being with Erika until 3:00 AM. And he didn't leave his room after 3:00 AM until morning.
  • Ushiromiya Battler returned to the cousin room at 3:00 AM and fell asleep. After that, until the discovery of the crime, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened in the room!
  • In other words, it was impossible for Battler to commit murder or damage the corpses.
  • It is impossible for someone to reach the second floor of the guesthouse without anyone in the lounge noticing it. ...Though of course, this only refers to reaching the second floor from inside the building.
  • It was impossible to reach the second floor of the guesthouse without passing through the lounge, and impossible to reach it at all without Erika, who was in the lounge, knowing about it!
  • At 24:00, Natsuhi, Krauss, and Genji were in the corridor on the second floor of the mansion. The rest of them were in the dining hall on the first floor.
  • Of all the people in the dining hall, not one of them left the dining hall until 1:00 AM...!
  • The red truth is simply truth, and there is no need to provide evidence, proof, or room for a counterargument!!
  • When Genji finished transferring the call, he immediately returned to the waiting room.
  • At 1:00 AM, Eva sealed Genji's waiting room, and that seal was broken by Kanon and Kumasawa in the morning when the crime was discovered.
  • During the short break at 1:00 AM, the first two to leave the dining hall were Rosa and Eva. Until Eva returned, everyone in the dining hall remained there. After seeing Rosa off, Eva went to the waiting room and sealed it. Of course, she did not enter the room at all at this time.
  • And because of Erika's scientific investigation, further red had been added, saying Genji never left the mansion after 24:00
  • Ushiromiya Natsuhi is not the culprit! (Used by Virgilia)
  • Ushiromiya Krauss is not the culprit. And he was killed long ago, shortly after you heard his voice over the phone, get it?
  • Natsuhi, when did Kinzo ever say it was okay for you to engrave the One-Winged Eagle into your heart? Those were just the words of the Kinzo from your delusions, weren't they? ...You know, the real Kinzo... Not once in his entire life did he ever trust you from the bottom of his heart, and not once did he ever consider letting you bear the family crest!
  • The real Kinzo wouldn't say that. Disappear. You, the illusion of Kinzo inside Natsuhi's mind, beautified by Natsuhi to suit her own purposes. 
  • Pitiful woman. You will now face the truth...that you never gained Ushiromiya Kinzo's trust as long as he lived.
  • Due to the above, the seals are guaranteed to be PERFECT. <Miss> Erika's seals were not broken by anyone, and deception is IMPOSSIBLE!!
  • Eva's seal was of the same type as <Miss> Erika's. That is because this method of sealing was one that <Miss> Erika and Eva conceived of together after DINNER.
  • It is impossible to tear off any of the seals by any method without leaving marks.
  • There were no suspicious marks on any of the seals...!
  • All of Erika and Eva's seals were not tampered with in any way that hindered their ability to act as seals, such as being scraped off.
  • Knox's 3rd. It is forbidden for hidden passages to EXIST! As the detective, <Miss> Erika sealed all ENTRANCES. Passages that the detective cannot find are hidden PASSAGES. Therefore, there are no entrances that <Miss> Erika cannot find!!
  • Lady Erika's lookout in the lounge was perfect.There were no small gaps or carelessness or times when she looked away for even a second.
  • Therefore, during their entire meeting in the lounge, only Rosa went up to the second floor!
  • Knox's 10th, it is forbidden for a character to disguise themselves as another without any CLUES!There have been no hints suggesting that someone had disguised themselves as Rosa! Furthermore, Erika has confirmed that she wasn't carrying any luggage large enough to hide a human IN!
  • Knox's 1st. It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the STORY!
  • Knox's 4th. It is forbidden for unknown drugs or hard to understand scientific devices to be USED!!
  • Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!!
  • Knox's 6th. It is forbidden for accident or intuition to be employed as a detective TECHNIQUE!!
  • Knox's 7th. It is forbidden for the detective to be the CULPRIT!!
  • Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!!
  • Knox's 9th. It is permitted for observers to let their own conclusions and explanations be heard!
  • Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED!!
  • All victims' deaths were homicides.
  • Know that no examination of the corpses could have been mistaken
  • Know that no corpses exist except those of characters who have appeared in the story
  • Know that the red truth is simply truth, and there is no need to provide evidence or proof
  • Ushiromiya Natsuhi is not the culprit!!! (Used by Battler)
  • Knox's 2nd. It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique.

Regarding Kinzo

  • The red truth from the previous games says that Kinzo is already dead.
  • From 24:00 until morning, Kinzo stayed in the same room.
  • Kinzo does not exist anywhere outside the mansion.
  • Kinzo does not exist outside the mansion.
  • Kinzo is nowhere outside the mansion. Kinzo isn't on the third floor. Kinzo isn't in the basement. Kinzo isn't on the first floor. Therefore, the only place Kinzo could possibly exist is the second floor.
  • Kinzo does not exist anywhere outside Natsuhi's room!
  • During the night, between 24:00 and morning, a living Kinzo could not have existed anywhere outside Natsuhi's room!!
  • During the night, between 24:00 and morning, there exists no place for a living Kinzo to exist except inside your bed.
  • From 24:00 until morning, a living Kinzo could only have existed inside Natsuhi's bed. And last night, Natsuhi also slept in that same bed.
  • The real Kinzo never once ordered Natsuhi to protect that honor.

During Battler's recollection

  • Beato wanted you to solve it, so she made this game...the riddles of this tale...solvable. (Used by Virgilia to refer to Battler)
  • Beato wanted me to solve it, so she made the riddles of this game solvable
  • Beato wanted me to solve it, so she made the riddles of this game solvable

Regarding the fifth game

  • I can construct a theory with someone other than Aunt Natsuhi as the culprit. (Used by Battler)
  • It's possible to show a different truth by using a different interpretation!!
  • Knox's 1st. It is forbidden for the culprit to be anyone not mentioned in the early part of the story! A person first introduced in the 5th game cannot be named as the CULPRIT...!!
  • Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not presented!
  • The red truth from the 4th game that I am not the son of my mother Asumu. The feeling that Dad was hiding something in both the first game and this game. In particular, in this game, it was made clear that there were some special circumstances having to do with my birth.
  • During that one hour, you were in the dining hall of the mansion!!
  • It has not been specified that the time of death was between 24:00 and 1:00.
  • From 1:00 AM until the discovery of the crime, it was impossible for the crime to occur in the cousin room!!
  • Knox's 8th. It is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED. If the crime actually was carried out in the cousin room, clues must have been SHOWN. Because clues were not given to the detective, Lady Erika, who was on the watch for any abnormalities inside that room until morning, such a crime is IMPOSSIBLE...!!
  • The death of the four in the cousin room has been proclaimed with the red text!!
  • The deaths of the four people in the cousin room have been proclaimed with the red truth!! Furthermore, those corpses were witnessed by a large number of people!! Furthermore, it's already been proclaimed in red that no examination of the corpses would lead to a mistaken result...!!
  • When this court was opened, Lady Lambdadelta made a proclamation. She said this was a 24:00 answer session!
  • ...Ushiromiya Kinzo is already dead at the starting time for all games!
  • After George's death, his corpse was never moved!
  • After Jessica's death, her corpse was never moved!
  • After Maria's death, her corpse was never moved!
  • After Rosa's death, her corpse was never moved!
  • After Genji's death, his corpse was never moved!
  • After Krauss's death, his corpse was never moved!
  • Therefore, the corpses couldn't have vanished after being discovered!! Your theory about Kinzo carrying the corpses away fails!
  • Knox's 2nd!! It is forbidden for supernatural agencies to be employed as a detective technique! If you would show that Kinzo has died with the red truth, then I demand that you display proof of a human's truth which could be used to make that point...!
  • Presentation of evidence. I'll present a corpse which could possibly be identified as Ushiromiya Kinzo's...!!
  • In this closed-off Rokkenjima, there is no objective way to show that this corpse is Grandfather's.
  • Because of this, Grandfather's absence has been verified, and the dishonorable relationship between Aunt Natsuhi and Grandfather has been removed from consideration!!
  • Aunt Natsuhi is pure and faithful! I won't permit this vulgar tale you're all so fond of!!
  • Furthermore, because we have raised doubts about the time of death for all who have died so far, the alibis for everyone besides Aunt Natsuhi go back to square one...!!
  • If you try to argue that the crime was impossible for everyone except Natsuhi oba-san, it won't work!!
  • However, in the cousin room, you witnessed corpses which were impossible to MISIDENTIFY...! Are you trying to say that was a LIE?! ...Knox's 7th, it is forbidden for the detective to be the CULPRIT!!
  • Furudo Erika is the detective, and the 'me' in this game isn't one!! And by Knox's 9th, it is permitted for observers to let their own conclusions and explanations be heard...!!
  • Knox's 8th, it is forbidden for the case to be resolved with clues that are not PRESENTED! Until now, you have been the DETECTIVE! Was it ever shown that you were not the detective this time, and that you were an observer capable of inserting his own personal IDEAS?!! Unless it was, you do not have the right to falsify your point of VIEW!!
  • In this game! When I figured out the device of the epitaph's riddle, I witnessed Grandfather. ...As has already been shown in red, Grandfather doesn't exist. It was impossible for me to witness him! Therefore, it has already been shown that my viewpoint wasn't objective!!
  • There's the red truth which Beato showed during the 4th game!! No person would mistake Ushiromiya Kinzo by sight!
  • In other words, on this island, all illusions which might lead someone to mistake something for Grandfather, including someone else pretending to be Grandfather, 'most certainly cannot work'.
  • Because of the right granted by Knox's 9th, anyone is allowed to mistake a sheet in the wind for anything else and tell about it. ...However! Mistaking it for Grandfather in particular is not permitted in this game due to the red truth!!

Dawn of the Golden Witch

Chapter 2: Game Master

  • Therefore, ...that Beatrice will never revive again. (Used by Featherine)

Chapter 3: True Feelings

  • I was born for Father's sake. (Used by Chick Beatrice)

Chapter 4: The Source of Magic (Regarding the candy-cup incident)

  • This is a story of something that really happened!! (Used by MARIA)
  • They had no such tricks like that!! It was just an ordinary table and an ordinary cup!!
  • Your so-called candy magic is nothing more than a sleight of hand!! Just a sleight of hand that the fake witch calling herself Beatrice or whatever claimed was magic!! (Used by Erika)

Chapter 12: About the Crime Scene (Regarding the First Twilight)

  • [Request: 'The rooms with the six people in them are all closed ROOMS'] Acknowledged. Of course, that's only until Gohda and the others severed the chains and destroyed the closed rooms.
  • [Request: 'The definition of closed room implies that it is impossible to construct from the OUTSIDE'.] Acknowledged.
  • [Request: 'The definition of a closed room implies that all forms of interference that pass between the inside and outside of the room are PREVENTED'.] Acknowledged. However, I won't deny the kinds of interference that you'd expect from a normal room, such as knocks, voices, and the extension telephone line.
  • [Request: 'At the time of the deconstruction of the closed rooms, none existed within the rooms except the VICTIMS (Natsuhi, Eva, Kyrie, Rosa, Maria, Battler)'.] Acknowledged.
  • [Request: 'After the deconstruction of the closed rooms, then excluding me, only Krauss, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, and Gohda entered the rooms'.] Acknowledged. However, this only applies to the current point in time. It's possible that some later development in the game will cause more people to enter.
  • Krauss, Rudolf, Hideyoshi, and Gohda...were not involved in the murders of Natsuhi, Eva, Kyrie, Rosa, Maria, and Battler.
  • [Request: 'the victims did not die by any method other than HOMICIDE'.] Acknowledged.

Chapter 14: A Small Contradiction

  • [Request: 'The six first twilight victims are located at the places where they were discovered. Natsuhi is in her room, Eva is in the VIP room, Kyrie is in Krauss's study, Rosa and Maria are in the parlor, and you are in the guest room!'] I acknowledge it.
  • [Request: 'Hideyoshi, George, Shannon, Kumasawa, and Nanjo are in the next room over!'] Acknowledged. ("The next room over" refers to he barricaded room next to the cousin room)
  • [It has already been shown that Kinzo no longer exists, so please remove him from the word 'everyone'.] I acknowledge that everyone else is in the cousin room.
  • By the seals on the doors and windows, the complete sealing of both the cousin room and the next room over has been GUARANTEED.

Chapter 15: Logic Error

  • We have confirmed that the seals to the guest room are UNDAMAGED. Since the time Lady Erika confirmed Battler's presence, this closed room has been PRESERVED.
  • I swear that I am impartial in my judgments. (Used by Lambdadelta)
  • Ushiromiya Battler is not on the bed.
  • Knox's 3rd. It is forbidden for hidden passages to exist.
  • No hidden places that are impossible for Erika-san to find exist inside the guest room.
  • Except for one location, there is no one to be seen in the BEDROOM.
  • No one was seen in the BATHROOM.
  • Now we've confirmed that, except for one location, Battler does not exist in anywhere inside the guest room.
  • Ushiromiya Battler does not exist within the guest room. ...There are no exceptions, including the closet.
  • This occurs back in the very beginning, right after I broke the seals and entered this room. ...At that time, I immediately closed the door, reset the chain, and sealed this room.
  • Erika repaired the chain lock.
  • Erika used that packing tape to join the two cut ends of the chain together, 'sealing' them. In other words, the chain was repaired by the packing tape, and this room once again became a closed room locked from the inside.
  • The use of the duct tape wasn't limited by the number of strips, right? It was by the number of rooms. ...The only restriction was to limit it to only three rooms. ...Erika chose this guest room to be one of those rooms. So, Erika has the right to seal as many places as many times as she wants within this room.
  • I proclaim that the chain lock has been repaired by the duct tape seal and has regained its original functionality. And, thanks to that, I locked the room upon entering it and made this guest room a closed room from the inside once more.
  • Battler does not exist within the guest room.
  • The lock caused by the chain is intact.
  • Ushiromya Natsuhi cannot save Battler.
  • Ushiromiya Eva cannot save Battler.
  • USELESS. Rosa and Maria can't save him EITHER. ...DEATHDEATHDEATHDEATH DEATHDEATHDEATH <Die the Death>! <Sentence to Death>! <The Great Equalizer is Death>!!
  • Knox's 7th. ......It is...forbidden for the detective to be the culprit.
  • So, I dashed through the chaos-filled mansion, visited all the crime scenes, and...I re-killed all of them.
  • The manner in which they were each killed differed, ...but afterwards, she completely severed the heads of all those she killed.
  • All five people I killed...were very much alive until the moment I killed them. ...Everyone faithfully played dead as best they could until the moment just before I killed them, okay?
  • Please, allow me to speak. Know that neither is broken. (This and two truths below refer to the seals on the cousin room and the next room over doors).
  • Know that an unbroken seal proves that there are still none who have entered or exited.
  • It needs no second telling, but know that entry or exit without breaking the seal is impossible!!
  • ...First, this room is a closed room created from the inside. The seals on the windows are intact, so there can be no escape through there. Of course, there is no way to escape by leaving through the bathroom. ...I'll make it simple. There is no exit to escape from except for this door. However, the chain lock on this door is set. You can unset and reset it all you want, but you can only do so from the inside. Furthermore, you are free to go out through the door, but you cannot leave or escape while the chain lock is unset.

Chapter 16: The Demon Wedding Ceremony

  • IMPOSSIBLE. The window seals were also INTACT. Of course, this is at the time of the logic ERROR. (Referring to the cousin room windows.)
  • Know that it is forbidden for blue truth to be used if based on the argument that the window seals of the next room over were torn at the time of the logic error.
  • Know that the opposing side is under no obligation to respond to the aforementioned blue truth...!

Chapter 18: Red and Blue Truth
Regarding the First Twilight

  • The one who rescued Battler was, without a doubt, Kanon.
  • Battler and Kanon are different people.
  • The cousin room is guaranteed to be a perfect closed room until the end.
  • It is true that the next room over was sealed, but at the time of the logic error, only the doors were checked to see whether the seals were preserved.
  • At the time the next room over was sealed, Hideyoshi, George, Kumasawa, Shannon, and Nanjo were in it. And, the number of people in the next room over was five. No one existed there except for those to whom those five names referred! All people can only use their own names!!
  • At the time Battler was rescued, only Kanon entered the guest room.
  • I acknowledge it. From the time you entered the room to the time of the logic error, you, Battler, and Kanon were the only ones who went in or out of the guest room.
  • I acknowledge it. It refers to three people: you, Battler, and Kanon.
  • [Request: Can I accept 'three people' to mean to the number of bodies? You're saying that three bodies went in or out of the room, right?] Of course. Three people--in other words, three bodies--went in or out. Only you and Kanon entered, and only Battler left. It has already been said in red that all people can only use their own names. Therefore, the names Erika, Battler, and Kanon can only be used by those people.
  • [Request: 'I am not the rescuer.'] Of course! You are the detective, are you not? Don't worry, I will respect that!
  • I'll define 'rescuer' to mean any person who reset the chain lock after Battler unset it. This definition applies whether said person intended to rescue Battler or not.
  • [Request: 'Going in or out refers to when someone crosses the boundary between the guest room and the area outside it.'] I acknowledge it.
  • [Request: 'By the guest room, we're referring to the entirety of the bedroom, the bathroom, and the closet.'] I acknowledge it.
  • [Confirming definition. The inside of the guest room is divided into three sections: the bedroom, the bathroom, and the closet.] I also recognize it as such. Furthermore, you have already confirmed with the red truth that two of those sections, the bedroom and the bathroom, had no one hiding in them.
  • The game ended while I was inside the guest room, so I did not undo the chain lock that I had previously set. So, it can't be that he escaped behind my back after I left the room. Furthermore, the chain lock was set at the same time I entered the room. No one could have left the room during the few seconds between the time I entered and the time I set the chain lock.
  • The guest room was sealed at the time that Battler's 'corpse' was examined, so until I came again and broke the seals, it was absolutely impossible for anyone to go in or out. Therefore, when I entered the room, it is certain that Battler was hiding somewhere inside the guest room.
  • The only chance Battler had to escape was after I broke the seals. To be even more specific, he had no chance to escape except for the time I was in the bathroom.
  • Kanon does not exist in the bedroom.
  • Kanon does not exist in the guest room. ......Of course, this includes all parts of the closet, the bedroom, and the bathroom.

Regarding the number of humans

  • Hi, pleased to meet you! I am Furudo Erika, the detective!! I may be an uninvited guest, but please, welcome me!!
  • I am the visitor, the 18th human on Rokkenjima!!
  • "...Sorry, but..." "Even if you do join us-" ""That makes 17 humans.""

Requiem of the Golden Witch

Prologue (Regarding a separate mystery)

  • It is forbidden for a servant to be the culprit! ...Van Dine's Twenty Rules, Rule #11. (Used by Will)

Chapter 1: The Murder of Beatrice

  • Van Dine's Twenty Rules, Rule #7. It is forbidden to have a crime without a corpse.
  • Rule #1. It is forbidden to have a crime without all clues presented.
  • Don't worry. Everything is gathered here.

Tea Party (Regarding the events presented)

  • That this is all truth- (In Twilight of the Golden Witch, Bernkastel claimed that she anticipated Ange cutting off her red truth, and that the full statement would have been "That this is all truth...isn't necessarily so.")
  • Rule #1. It is forbidden to have a crime without all clues presented.


  • I won't give this game a happy ending. (Used by Bernkastel)

Twilight of the Golden Witch

Chapter 7: The Bern Puzzle

  • All doors can only be locked or unlocked with a master key.
  • Of course, it is possible to lock or unlock the doors from inside the room even without a master key.
  • We'll consider master keys to be the only keys that exist.
  • There are five master keys total. One is held by each of the five servants.
  • The servants keep master keys on their person at all times, so it is impossible for them to be stolen, handed over, or used by any human other than themselves.
  • All of the windows had steel bars on them, so it's impossible to enter or leave by them.
  • Therefore, we'll say that they can seal the whole mansion by sealing the two doors, the front one and the back one.
  • The culprit of the first twilight really did kill six people.
  • The group sealed the room at the same time they left. No culprit joined the group as they left. Also, all of the seals on Natsuhi's room, the dining hall, and the mansion itself will not be broken.
  • From now on, Kanon is treated as being killed. Also, Kanon's master key is treated as being destroyed.
  • ......Besides that, I guess there's only 'the Reader will tell no lies'. In other words, outside of spoken statements, there are no lies in the narration.
  • I guarantee that it is possible to pinpoint the culprit with this information.

Chapter 9: The Visitor Who Came Late
Regarding Bernkastel's Game

  • It's possible to form a logical explanation other than the Rudolf's family culprit theory. (Used by Erika)
  • No, it is possible. A 'culprit' is defined as 'one who murders'.No one ever said they have to murder someone who appears in the story. ...In other words, if George committed murder outside the island, sometime before this crime, he could be a 'culprit' without killing anyone on the island, and it would be possible for him to lie.

Regarding Eva's diary

  • Ushiromiya Eva's diary, the Book of the Single Truth, has the truth of Rokkenjima during October 4th and 5th, 1986, recorded within it. (Used by Featherine)

Chapter 10: Black Cat Scratch Marks
Regarding Battler and Erika's duel

  • It wasn't a suicide, it wasn't an accidental death, it wasn't a death by illness! I really was killed by you, Battler-san!!!
  • There was no poison gas, there was no drowning, there was no death by suffocation!!
  • Ushiromiya Battler was stabbed to death!! Let's say the weapon was a knife, stuck right into his back!!
  • Furudo Erika was stabbed to death! The weapon was a knife, stuck right in her back!

Regarding Beatrice's challenge to Ange

  • I killed you inside a perfect closed room, with windows, doors, and all other methods of entry and exit blocked!!

Chapter 11: Hachijo Tohya
Regarding Battler and Erika's duel

  • My closed room doesn't involve anything being repaired!!
  • I deny all of your blue wedges with the red truth. None of the methods you suggest could defeat my closed room!!

Regarding Beatrice's challenge to Ange

  • It's useless. You cannot break this closed room. This closed room is perfect...! And yet, I will kill you in this closed room!!

Chapter 12: The Book of the Truth

  • When the seal on the Book of the Single Truth is dissolved, you, Ange, will be the first to read it.
  • The truth is written in this diary.
  • This is...the truth of the Rokkenjima incident!!
  • After all, *********, ******************!! *********************************!!!
  • Whether you accept it or not, that doesn't change the truth!! After all, this is the Single Truth, proven in reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddd!!

Chapter 15: Ange Makes a Choice

  • Beatrice died in October of 1986. Therefore, the Golden Land she created was completely destroyed. Your family that was kept alive in the Golden Land was destroyed along with it. Your father, mother, and of course Battler...will never return to you again...and will never speak your name again.
  • Battler died!!!
  • I've used the red truth!! I've announced that Battler died, right?!
  • You can't open your heart to anyone who exists!
  • I announced your death with the red truth!!
  • The red truth is absolute!! A perfect truth, which no one can overturn no matter how hard they try!!
  • Ushiromiya Kinzo is dead.
  • Ushiromiya Krauss is dead.
  • Ushiromiya Natsuhi is dead.

Twilight of the Golden Witch (Manga)

Only red truths that are not in the original visual novel will be listed in this section. Some red truths may be rephrased, but if their meaning is similar, they will not be listed.

Chapter 2: Six-Year-Old Ange

  • Kinzou Ushiromiya died before the family meeting of 1985! He cannot host a Halloween party in 1986!!!

Chapter 5: Ceremonial Return

  • The relatives all got along peacefully.

Chapter 11: Bern's Question

  • Purple statements have the same power as red truth.
  • Only the culprit can lie in purple statements.

Chapter 15: A Late Visitor 3

  • However, if it was my game, I had "Battler is not the culprit in any game" stated in red, so that would've caused a logic error! (Referring to Virgilia's red truth in End of the Golden Witch)

Chapter 18: Black Cat's Claw Marks 3
Regarding all the games

  • Knox's first commandment! The culprit must be introduced at the beginning of the story!!
  • Knox's fourth commandment! No unknown poisons or tools requiring scientific explanation!!
  • No non-human life has any bearing on this game. (This is referring to EVA-Beatrice's red truth in Banquet of the Golden Witch)
  • Van Dine's first rule: All clues must be plainly stated and described.
  • Van Dine's sixteenth rule. There shall be no descriptive passages beyond what is necessary for the story.
  • Knox's third commandment: There shall be no secret passages or doors! Eight commandment: Every clue used in the solution must be declared!

Regarding the second game

  • Natsuhi's room was locked. The lock on Natsuhi's room was declared active by Battler, the detective at that time. Knox's seventh commandment: The detective must not be the culprit. Battler cannot be an accomplice—he cannot repeat someone else's lies. Miss Beatrice's locked rooms cannot all be explained away as matching stories!
  • Kanon died along with Jessica in Jessica's room!

Regarding the third game

  • All keys involved in the circle of locked rooms were locked within the circle! The discoverer of a body cannot have any key beyond one recovered at the time the body was found!!
  • The ones who found the bodies of the first night have no connection to the murders or arrangement of the locked-room circle
  • Before Nanjou's murder, Kinzou, Krauss, Natsuhi, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, Maria, George, Gouda, Kumasawa, Genji, Shannon, and Kanon were all dead!
  • Knox's first commandment! The culprit must be introduced at the beginning of the story!!

Regarding the fourth game

  • Van Dine's twelfth rule: There can only be one main culprit.
  • Van Dine's seventh rule: There cannot be a crime without a body.

Chapter 19: Black Cat's Claw Marks 4
Regarding the sixth game

  • Only Kanon himself can use his name! Kanon is the rescuer!

Chapter 20: Battle in the Chapel 1
Regarding the fifth game

  • Through the fourth game, you were the detective. On this island, where it was stated that Kinzou is dead, and Erika Furudo makes only seventeen, your pawn in the fifth game counted an eighteenth person who should not be there and claimed everyone was present. (Referring to Battler)
  • Battler Ushiromiya is not the culprit in any game.
  • Until then, Battler had been the detective and could not be culprit or accomplice. But the fifth game onward is a different matter!
  • After getting his help in the act, the culprit killed Krauss after the call with Natsuhi.
  • I searched the mansion later but was unable to find them. It was also said that their six bodies were not moved at all after death.

Chapter 21: Battle in the Chapel 2
Regarding Beatrice's challenge to Ange

  • Ange: The possibility that the culprit who killed "me" locked up the room and is still inside it! The possibility that they inflicted a fatal wound and locked the door from outside so that it was properly sealed at the time of my death! The possibility that I locked the room on my own and was killed by a trap placed inside the room! The possibility that through the machinations of someone from the outside, I killed myself after locking the room!
  • Beatrice: I rebuff all your blue wedges with the red truth. None of the blue truths you have described can conceptually break my impregnable barrier!!
  • Ange: The possibility that poison gas from outside was used to kill me! The possibility that slow-acting poison caused me to die after I had locked the door to the room! The possibility that I was shot, stabbed, or strangled through a hole to the outside too small for a person! The possibility that some animal, insect, or bacterial weapon was introduced through said hole to kill me!
  • Beatrice: I reject all of your blue.

Regarding the fifth game

  • In the fifth game, the call to Natsuhi on the morning of the fifth was not from Battler. There was indeed a threatening phone call. But the caller was not any of the eighteen: Not Kinzou, Krauss, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Kyrie, Rosa, Jessica, George, Battler, Maria, Nanjou, Genji, Shannon, Kanon, Kumasawa, nor Gouda. Of course, it was not Erika Furudo either!

Chapter 24: The Book of the One Truth

  • This is the truth (Referring to the contents of Eva's diary, which are shown in the manga)
  • Ange Ushiromiya will die within the year 1998.

Chapter 25: Cage of Constraints (Note: The previous four chapters are unnumbered)

  • It is my fault. I stole your family from you. (Said by Beatrice to Ange)

Umineko no Naku Koro ni Tsubasa

  • I will never ever, from this day forward, get you something for White Day! (Used by Battler in Beatrice's White Day.)

Forgery of the Purple Logic

This is a spin-off, so these red truths may not apply to other games.

  • The absolute truth that does not require evidence nor argument. The red truth is also valid in this game (Explanation of red truth on this game)
  • Head of Ushiromiya family, Kinzo. First son Krauss, his wife Natsuhi, their daughter Jessica. First daughter Eva, her husband Hideyoshi, their son George. Second son Rudolf, his wife Kyrie, Rudolf's son Battler. Second daughter Rosa, her daughter Maria. Doctor Nanjo. Head of servants, Genji, Servant Kanon, Kumasawa, Gohda (When asked to list all 18 people on the island.)
  • Shannon is not in this game as she was not on the island.
  • The strayed girl on Rokkenjima, Erika replaces her. A total number of 18 people.
  • There are none. This time there is no magic or anything related to it. (When asked about the possibility of Kinzo being dead since the beginning of the game and the witch of Rokkenjima, Beatrice, appearing.)
  • During the crime, other than the six victims, there is one female in the study.
  • This is just a game of REASONING. Knox Ten Commandments is VALID.
  • The steel cutter can only be used by the servants, Kinzo, Krauss, Natsuhi, Jessica.
  • The master keys can lock and unlock any doors while the study and garden shed each have a special key.
  • A key other than the key to the study, the key to the garden shed and the master keys do not exist.
  • Of course the door can be locked and unlocked from the inside of the room without a master key.
  • There are a total of four master keys. Each of the servants is holding one in the beginning of the game.
  • No magic exists in this game
  • A game guaranteed to be solvable.
  • As long as there is a key hole, the master key can unlock any lock.
  • Ushiromiya Battler is killed by the culprit.
  • Ushiromiya Battler is not the culprit.
  • Other than that, the detective Erika is also not the culprit.
  • The culprit might be lying.
  • The definition of the culprit is 'one who murdered'.
  • The culprit might be lying.
  • The culprit might lie even before commiting murder.
  • Characters who are not the culprit can only speak the truth.
  • Characters who are not the culprit will not help the culprit.
  • All the crimes are commited directly, by the culprit's own hand.
  • The culprit will not commit suicide.
  • The culprit is among the people in the story.
  • The purple declarations are as absolute as the red truth.
  • However, the culprit may lie using the purple declaration.
  • I guarantee you can find the culprit using the information above.


  • In the manga version of Twilight of the Golden Witch, it was revealed that there are two kinds of Red Truth. One of them applies to all games and maybe the real incident while the other only apply to certain games. Therefore, it is possible that some people survived even though the Red Truth state that everyone is dead as it might be referring to a particular game.
  • It is possible to deny a Red Truth, as Ange did in the 8th game with Bernkastel, even if it is the truth.