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Ootsuki (大月 Ōtsuki) is a member of the Witch Hunt. He first appears in Alliance of the Golden Witch.


A professor at a certain college, well known as an authority on the subject of Western folklore.

He's also famous for his hobby, researching the Rokkenjima Witch Legend as one of the Witch Hunters.

The primary focus of the Witch Hunt is the pasting together of occult stories to try and make them match with the Rokkenjima incident, making it much more of a mental game for dilettantes and enthusiasts of the mystical than a scientific investigation into the truth of the crime.



Ootsuki has dark gray hair and wears a blue suit.


Ootsuki seems obsessed with researching the Rokkenjima Massacre and is willing to get his hands on any piece of information, no matter how expensive it may be.


Ootsuki had a great interest in magic and occultism ever since he was a child. After joining the Witch Hunt, Ootsuki has become one of the most famous Witch Hunters in Japan and claims to have the most knowledge of the message bottles, especially the handwriting.

Role in the Story[]

Alliance of the Golden Witch[]

Ange interviews him in order to learn more about the Rokkenjima Massacre. Ootsuki tells her about the message bottles and finds it strange that, even though Maria Ushiromiya was listed as the author, the handwriting didn't match hers at all. Ange pulls out Maria's grimoire and shows Ootsuki some handwriting in it, which he confirms to match that of the bottles.

Twilight of the Golden Witch[]

Ootsuki and several other Witch Hunters attend a public showing held by Tohya Hachijo, who claims to have obtained Eva's diary with the truth of Rokkenjima written inside.