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Problem Child is the twenty-second episode of the Umineko When They Cry anime adaptation and the fourth episode of Alliance of the Golden Witch.


Kinzo announces his presence at the family conference and plans to use everyone as sacrifices for Beatrice's resurrection. The survivors rush to inform the cousins as preparations are made.

Meanwhile, Maria takes revenge on her mother for Sakutaro's death.

Plot Summary[]

First Half[]

Anime ep4 kinzo conference

Kinzo agrees to appear at the family conference after giving Krauss a lesson in fortitude. At 22:05, Kinzo is gathered in the dining hall with the Ushiromiya adults and servants, much to the surprise of Eva and Rudolf. Eva nervously says that they're all relieved to see him alive and well but Kinzo smirks, saying they're just moping because they lost the bet with Krauss. Kinzo gets to the point of the meeting, where he announces his plans for the inheritance and succession. He's found it pitiful that no one has solved the epitaph thus far, and decides to stop using it to choose the next head. Everyone perks up in shock as Kinzo ponders who the inheritance should go to; he proclaims his children are unfit to have it, as they have not created anything that makes them worthy of being the successor.

Anime ep4 krauss table

Krauss asks how he's going to choose a successor, and the old man replies that he doesn't feel like passing it on anymore, and the Ushiromiya family will end with his generation. Krauss is about to protest but Kinzo presses his head into the table, calling all of his children failures for being unable to build up any wealth. Nanjo speaks up to defend them, saying that the adults have all created things that money can't buy: their families. Kinzo's grandchildren can carry his work into the future and set a great example.

Anime ep4 cheisters arrive

Kinzo understands his point, finding it interesting to see if his grandchildren really have what it takes to inherit the headship. Eva and Rosa become happy with this development, but Kinzo reminds them that the adults are barred from gaining the headship, and begins talking about the real purpose for this final family conference: they will become sacrifices for his ceremony. Everyone looks at him dumbfounded, and Kinzo commands the Pendragon Memorial Troops to arise; Chiester 45 and Chiester 410 appear, joined by their captain Chiester 00. The guests are still dumbfounded at the sight, and Kinzo grants permission to fire at six random people for the first twilight.

The Chiesters fire golden arrows that bounce around the room randomly, and Natsuhi, Hideyoshi and Rudolf are swiftly killed, the latter getting a hole through his eye as the others get half of their heads destroyed. Krauss demands to know what Kinzo is doing, but 00 grabs him and pins him to the wall. Nanjo, Gohda and Kumasawa try to leave the dining hall only to be stopped by 410. Shannon and Kanon look at the arrows in surprise, and Genji dies right next to them, his head smashed as well. Eva is crying over Hideyoshi's corpse, and her head gets destroyed too. Rosa asks Kinzo to stop this madness, but he dares her to do it herself. Rosa picks up a chair and charges at Kinzo with it, but 00 creates a small golden arrow and slits her throat. Kinzo confirms that six people have died, and the golden arrows disappear.

Anime ep4 gaap appears

00 lets go of Krauss, and the survivors bear witness as Kinzo summons more friends; Ronove and Virgilia appear, joined by another newcomer: Gaap. She admires the scenery as Kinzo asks if she's alright with helping out in the ceremony; Gaap calls him Lord Goldsmith in return. Kinzo asks her to "capture the fools," and Gaap snaps her fingers; pitfalls appear underneath Nanjo, Kyrie, and Krauss, and they fall into a void. Another pitfall swallows Shannon and Kanon, and Gohda and Kumasawa finally escape the dining hall. 00 prepares to chase them, but Kinzo stops her, as they can't leave the island anyway. He goes to the window and watches a thunderstrike, announcing his desire to revive Beatrice.

In the Meta-World, Beato is ecstatic now that the first twilight has begun, and Battler mocks her horrible taste for destroying the faces of the victims. Gretel notes that in the previous games, it's been the most ideal killing method; Beato adds that the faces were necessary for confirming a corpse's identity, even without red. Battler doesn't accept that, saying he can't just believe everything he sees. Beato cackles, knowing that no matter what theory Battler makes, she can destroy all of them with the red.

Anime ep4 rosa's hand shatters

The scene cuts to Maria crying over Sakutaro's death, with Rosa telling her to make some human friends instead of playing with stuffed animals. When she sees Maria won't stop crying, Rosa prepares to hit her, but her hand suddenly shatters into pieces. Maria says that Rosa won't be able to hit her anymore, and the scene changes from their house to the metaworld; Maria is now wearing her witch outfit. As Rosa looks confused, Beatrice appears and laments that Rosa's hand, one that was used to do so many gentle things, would've been better left on. Maria sadly states that Rosa hit her head more often than she patted it.

Maria angrily asks Rosa why she never read picture books with her or ate dinner with her, saying that Sakutaro always played with her instead. Rosa defends herself with the "always busy with work" excuse, but Maria tells her she knows about her Hokkaido trip and all her other vacations. Rosa, realizing that she's been found out, says that things never worked out because of Maria; no man wants to be with a woman whose child came from another man. She states that if Maria didn't exist, she could've been happy long ago. Rosa piles on more insults and abuse, and Beatrice laments how hideous Rosa has become because of lust, citing it as her true nature.

Anime ep4 rosa dies

As Maria grows visibly frustrated, Beato asks if her mother is innocent or guilty; Maria yells that she's unforgivable. Rosa gives one last insult before Maria uses magic to rip her apart like she did Sakutaro; black blood oozes from her wounds, and Beato sees how filthy she is inside. The Golden Witch asks Maria if her revenge is satisfied, but it's not enough; Rosa's corpse is restored, and Beato tells her that her sins cannot be made up for with just a single life. Maria then says that Rosa is not Rosa, but the bad witch who's possessing her. Rosa retorts that Maria is the witch instead, always reading creepy books and pretending to be like one, making Rosa become treated as a weirdo. Rosa yells that she's hated Maria even before she was born, and her head is then sliced off.

Second Half[]

The time is 21:20. Maria's killed Rosa over a hundred times now, but she still isn't satisfied with her revenge. Rosa is restored once again, and her arms are twisted and broken as Maria mocks her for all the times she's made promises, only to break them later. Maria then laughs cruelly, saying she feels like forgiving Rosa now. Beato congratulates her for having discovered the true world of witches; despite this power, Maria is saddened that she still can't revive Sakutaro, and his original creator won't acknowledge him or her own daughter.

Back in the guesthouse, Maria is sleeping; Battler looks out the window after another lightning bolt hits. Maria wakes up and Battler playfully calls her a kid, only for her to throw a tantrum. George sits down and tells her to calm down, but Maria's disposition suddenly changes to a creepy one. Battler apologizes for making fun of her, and Maria says she will, because she's a witch. As the cousins look confused, they hear knocking at the door; it's Gohda and Kumasawa, looking exhausted. Jessica asks what's wrong, and Gohda struggles to explain.

Anime ep4 prison

Meanwhile, Krauss and the other survivors find themselves in a prison cell. They try moving the bars, but to no avail. Shannon looks through the items within the cell and finds a telephone with the line still active. Nanjo suggests calling the police, but it doesn't work; Krauss tries another number, and discovers the internal line is still connected. He calls the guesthouse and talks to Jessica, who's heard the full story from Gohda and Kumasawa. He tells her they're in some dungeon, and warns her not to try and avenge Natsuhi's death; they need to barricade themselves in there and wait by the phone for more calls. Jessica reluctantly agrees as Krauss hangs up.

The cousins are now waiting around in the guesthouse, but Battler is itching to go and do something. George tells him to calm down, and Jessica reminds them that they need to stay near the phone for when Krauss calls again. Meanwhile, the prisoners are all sitting around as well, and Shannon wonders if they'll be able to make it to the Golden Land this time; Kanon doesn't believe in the Golden Land, calling it a lie. Shannon begins to tell him how wonderful it really is, but Kanon hears someone coming: it's Kinzo and his furniture. Shannon hides the phone with her skirt, and Ronove introduces Kinzo as Lord Goldsmith, head of the Ushiromiya family. Nanjo asks him where they are, and Kinzo tells him that he's seen it before; the old doctor realizes that they're in the hidden mansion Kuwadorian. Krauss asks his father what he's planning, and he learns that they are to be used as sacrifices for the next twilights.

Anime ep4 krauss phone

However, Kinzo tells him not to worry; if one of his grandchildren becomes acknowledged as worthy of the inheritance, then the ceremony will be suspended. Kinzo will administer a test to them, and tells Shannon not to hide the phone anymore, as he'd prepared it beforehand. Krauss is then ordered to call the grandchildren; if he refuses, Kinzo will kill the grandchildren and immediately make everyone a sacrifice. As Krauss reluctantly picks up the phone, Kinzo announces that the test is about to begin.


Gaap narrates the preview, saying that she's the new radio personality now that Lia's retired because of crippling old age. She answers the Demon Realm mailbag, reading a letter from Cacarot in Veggieland in a stylized voice:

"Yo! Cacarot here! I heard you've got a knack for instant transmission! Just like me! Wanna show me how good you are?

P.S.! Either way, you got a real nice body! My Chi-Chi is super scary, but your giant chichis are amazing!"

Gaap calls him cute and says she doesn't dislike him either, unless he was good-looking. She adds that she learned her skills from the Yardrats and can harness craisin-shooting energy. She can also use 11-dimensional absolute coordinates to teleport people's clothes and make them naked. Gaap hears someone talking about why half of her costume disappeared, and she thinks she's being compared to Jessica Rabbit. She says the next episode title, and then says she was just drawn that way.


Start End Title OST Description
0:00 1:29 Katayoku no Tori Katayoku no Tori Opening
1:30 2:02 Pursued Destination Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rose Crimson~ Kinzo plans to attend the conference
2:50 3:44 N/A N/A Kinzo declares none of the siblings are fit to receive his inheritance
4:52 6:47 Dance of the Moon Rabbits N/A Kinzo summons the Chiesters
7:19 8:40 N/A N/A Kinzo summons Gaap
9:01 9:30 N/A N/A Beatrice confirms that faces confirm the identity of corpses
9:55 12:09 The Mansion Submerged in Dark Green Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rose Crimson~ Maria takes revenge on Rosa
12:20 13:45 Miragecoordinator Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rose Crimson~ Maria kills Rosa over and over again
13:51 15:19 Overflowing Tears Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~Rose Crimson~ Maria's revenge reaches its peak
15:59 16:36 N/A N/A Maria forgives Battler
20:04 21:44 N/A N/A Kinzo comes to greet the prisoners
21:45 23:14 la divina tragedia la divina tragedia~Makyoku~ Ending
23:15 23:33 N/A N/A Teaser
23:34 24:02 Closed my Heart N/A Teaser
24:04 24:20 N/A N/A Teaser
24:21 24:34 Fishy Aroma N/A Teaser

Comparisons to Source Material[]

This episode adapts the chapters "Ushiromiya Kinzo", "The Sweet World of Witches", and "Dungeon".

  • The anime omits the first quarter of the chapter "Ushiromiya Kinzo", where Shannon escorts the cousins to the guesthouse, Battler and Jessica becoming aware of Shannon and George's relationship, Jessica and Kanon's relationship being hinted, the adults' discussion about Kinzo being the one who gave Maria the umbrella, the servants joining in the family conference and Kanon & Genji introducing Kinzo to the adults.
    • However, the flashback of Kinzo agreeing to appear at the family conference appears in the beginning before cutting into the family conference.
    • Just like in the manga, the anime also omits Battler and Ange worrying about Kinzo's appearance before deciding not to lose hope.
  • The anime Kinzo telling Krauss what a successor is, along with Eva, Rudolf, and Rosa's comments towards their rejection to being qualified as the successor to the Headship.
    • The manga does the same thing with omitting the latter.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits Nanjo understanding how Kinzo feels that he expected a lot of his children, along with how Nanjo understands how parental affection can make someone feel and Kinzo's explanation about money.
  • The anime omits Kinzo wondering if any of the cousins are worth ten billion yen, along with the parents' response to that and their decision to obey Kinzo's decision to inherit the Ushiromiya name and all of its assets to his grandchildren.
  • The anime omits mention of the ritual, along with the parents and Nanjo wondering if Kinzo saying them being sacrifices is a joke before Kinzo tells them it wasn't.
    • The manga does the same thing with omitting the latter.
  • In the VN, Natsuhi was shot first, then Rudolf, Hideyoshi, Genji, Eva, and Rosa in six different shots. In the anime, Natsuhi was shot first, then Hideyoshi, Rudolf, Genji, Eva, and Rosa. Natsuhi, Hideyoshi, and Rudolf were shot immediately during Chiester 00's first shot, while Genji and Eva were shot during the second shot.
    • The anime also omits Krauss' reaction to Natsuhi being shot, Eva's reaction to Hideyoshi being shot, Kyrie swinging the chair at Chiester 410, Kanon telling Shannon that they're Beatrice's pieces after Genji's death, and Krauss telling Rosa to run.
      • The manga does the same with omitting Kanon telling Shannon that they're Beatrice's pieces in the volume release (instead, it was only in the magazine release), along with Krauss telling Rosa to run.
  • Just like in the volume release of the manga, the anime omits Ronove and Virgilia's introductions to the survivors of the first twilight, along with Ronove feeling shame that he wasn't able to greet Genji and Chiester 45 telling him that it was an instant death from a direct hit.
    • Just like in the manga, the anime also omits Ronove and Virgilia commenting on Kinzo summoning the Chiester Sisters.
  • The anime omits Gaap questioning Kinzo if he summoned her to clean up the blood-stained room, along with Ronove and Virgilia greeting her and Gaap wondering about Kinzo's furniture being summoned.
  • The anime omits mention of Kinzo ordering Gaap to capture the others who survived the first twilight and throw them into the cage of sacrifices, along with him adding up to them to make 13 people, and Gaap's comment of a cashmere mop to the order.
  • In the VN, Gaap transports Krauss, Kyrie, Nanjo, Kanon, and Shannon one at a time. In the anime, Gaap transports Krauss, Kyrie, and Nanjo with the first portal, then Kanon and Shannon in the second portal.
    • Just like in the manga, the anime also omits Gaap admitting that she dulled and let Gohda and Kumasawa get away.
  • The anime omits mention of Kinzo testing the cousins for their qualifications, along with his furniture questioning him about it.
  • The anime omits Gaap telling Battler to remember the first game, along with her showing up to the metaworld.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits Sakutaro attempting to help Rosa escape.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits a bunch of Rosa's perspective when Maria tortures her endlessly, which includes a flashback to one of her boyfriends.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits mention of Beatrice finding Rosa's rant difficult to watch.
  • The anime omits Maria saying that she's having fun on killing Rosa over and over.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits Jessica calling Battler noisy when Maria woke up.
  • In the VN, Battler teases Maria by telling her she's half-asleep. In the anime, Battler teases Maria by calling her a kid.
    • This change also happened in the manga.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits Gohda and Kumasawa calling through the door while knocking.
  • The anime omits Kyrie wondering about the Chiester Sisters and finding out that her wristwatch reads 10:40 PM, ten minutes after the first twilight, along with Kanon and Shannon having no knowledge about the dungeon and Shannon wondering if the children are safe.
    • The manga does the same thing with omitting Shannon wondering if the children are safe.
  • The anime omits Krauss telling Jessica that Kyrie, Nanjo, Kanon, and Shannon are in the dungeon alongside him.
  • The anime omits Shannon and Kanon's discussion on being caught without being killed and how it's rare that they survived the first twilight, along with Shannon describing the Golden Land to Kanon.
  • In the VN, Kyrie tells Shannon to sit by the phone and hide it with her skirt. In the anime, Kyrie's instruction was omitted and Shannon hides the phone behind her.
  • The anime omits mention of Goldsmith being Kinzo's pen name.
  • The anime omits Nanjo retracing steps of him and the others falling through a pitfall and getting locked up in the dungeon after only a few minutes, along with him commenting that the distance is too great and impossible before Gaap finishes that it's impossible for a human.
  • The anime omits Kinzo bringing up the description of Kuwadorian to Krauss, along with Ronove & Gaap's discussion about Kuwadorian and Virgilia being disgusted by Gaap calling her "Lia".
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits Nanjo telling Kyrie not to aggravate Kinzo too much.
  • The anime omits Kinzo telling Krauss that the Ushiromiya line will end if he refuses to call the cousins.
  • Just like in the manga, the anime omits Kinzo and Ronove commenting on Virgilia telling Gaap not to shorten her name.


  • In chess, a problem child is a bishop blocked from moving by a queen.
  • In the scene when Kinzo makes his announcement about the inheritance, Shannon's hat is incorrectly colored red instead of white.
  • Gaap's narration in the preview references Jessica Rabbit from 1988 animated/live-action film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, along with Jessica Rabbit's famous line.